We’re at the final four, but apparently that’s not a key moment as it was originally supposed to be, since we’re getting another elimination tonight.

Also Daniel Bryan should be on the show, having another confrontation with Michael Cole.

Once again we start off with the pros coming out. CM Punk is absent. R-Truth brings out the US title. Maybe he and Miz can have an impromptu rematch/

And then we get the rookies.

Turns out next week is the season finale.

Wade Barrett says the Justin Gabriel isn’t man enough to win the show. David Otunga reminds him of the Benny Hill Show. And Heath Slater, the Ginger Ninja, well he hates his hair. Justin Gabriel says the David Otunga doesn’t know what he’s doing. Otunga says Gabriel can’t talk. Give him the mike and he’s deer in the headlights. And Heath Slater says he doesn’t know how someone as ugly as Wade Barrett is still on TV, insulting his nose.

Next the pros and rookies team up.

First team is R-Truth and Otunga.

Against Christian and Heath Slater. Truth and Slater start. They begin with some chain wrestling and Slater hits a flying shoulder, but then gets hiptossed and an armdrag.

Otunga is in working the arm. Slater over the top and gets an arm drag. Christian in with an axhandle off the top rope. Hammerlock. Slides under and decks him, the dropkicks him.

Truth in and gets rolled up. Christian runs into a side kick. Backelbow by Otunga. Chinlock. Christian elbows out but eats a knee, then runs into a shoulderblock. Back to the chinlock.

Christian with a couple of right hands. Otunga runs into a boot and he gets the flying euro uppercut. Slater with a couple of running forearms. Clothesline in the corner followed by a low dropkick. Neckbreaker but Otunga gets his foot on the ropes. Slater gets a crossbody off the top, but Otunga rolls through and gets the pin.

Regal has the mike in hand but for some reason they cut away.

Daniel Bryan standing backstage or Cole sues him.

Cole shows a replay of Bryan’s attack. Who thinks Bryan’s attack gets him back on the show? Then they can have a Fatal Fourway at Fatal Fourway to determine the winner of the show.

Bryan tries to convince Cole he doesn’t need the security. Kick his head in chant. He tells Cole he’s sorry. It’s all over. They shake hands.

He’s sorry that Cole is by far the worst announcer in WWE history. He says WWE management has held him back. Miz was the worst pro. Cole never earned the job.

Cole says Bryan didn’t deserve it. Cole says Bryan was the only guy in the compettion to tap out and calls him a loser.

Bryan attacks him and slips away from the security. He manages to kick Cole in the head. Later he decks Miz as he’s being escorted out.

Matt Striker is sitting in for Cole. Striker says that he was taught you need to respect the people who were there before you. Matthews is firmly on Bryan’s side.

Gabriel vs Barrett is next.

Barrett sends Gabriel hard chest first into a corner. Face first suplex. Jericho won’t shut up. Barrett with a kick to the face.

Forearms to the chest and an abdominal stretch on the mat. Gabriel with a spin kick and a roaring elbow. Crossbody in the corner, follwoed by a springboard crossbody.

Barret hits a slightshot backbreaker.

Barrett tries a superplex. Gabriel fights out with a sunset flip powerbomb. And then he hits the 450 for the win.

Time for the pros poll.

Number 1 is Wade Barrett and Otunga is number 2. How boring. And Justin Gabriel is number 3, eliminating Slater.

Christian is asked what the pros said. He basically blames the heels. And he says Slater still has a future. Miz says he never really let loose. Truth wishes him better luck next time. Jericho says it doesn’t matter when he was eliminated because Barrett would win so he had to be.

Slater says he’s the first rookie to beat a pro or win a challenge. He reminds Jericho he beat him. The pros may have pulled the plug on the one man rock band but get ready for the encore.

The lack of change in the poll the last few weeks has been pretty annoying and making the whole thing pointless. I see no reason why Matt or Truth would rank Barrett high.

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