We’re down to one week before the first elimination. Tonight’s main event is David Otunga vs his pro R-Truth. In addition, the rookie challenge is an obstacle course.

Whover thought of this obstacle course had to much time on their hands. They have to go over moneky bars, up a rope to ring a bell, run out to the concession to drink a drink, run down, juggle, do the dizzy bat challenge and then push a cart over the finish line. Whoever wins gets an immunity challenge. Bryan is up first.

Cole is actually dickish enough to admit he enjoyed Batista beating Daniel Bryan up. He takes about two minutes and 45 seconds. Miz comes out and berates him. Then he says he’s up against Tarver next. If he doesn’t win, then Miz doesn’t see how the pros won’t eliminate him next week. Personally, I still expect him to be number 1.

Tarver has an nWo style nXt shirt. Cole wonders if Tarver will participate in the challenge tonight. Tarver goes to work on the ribs.

Bryan locks his knees and slams them into the mat. Tarver with a hard whip. He runs into boot. Flying kick by Bryan. Kick to Bryan’s ribs. Elbows to the back. Bodyslam. Cole talks about Tarver’s rough past life.

Bryan elbows out of a submission, but gets T-boned. Matthews calls out Cole for saying Tarver is giving it his all. Bryan with a hard series of kicks. Running corner forearm. Snap suplex. Armbar. Tarver pulls him up and slams him down. Powerslam for the win. Tarver can’t believe he won.

He grabs Bryan and Carlito delivers the backstabber.

Replay of Darren Young’s selling last week. It shows Young trying to get the crowd to support him.

Punk is pissed off. He chews out Young and says he needs to decide who he is and says he needs to win the obstacle course or Punk will decide for him.

Slater up next, he shaves a minute nine off of Bryan’s time. Young has some trouble. Matthews points out the thing they’ve had the hardest thing anyone is doing is drinking the drink. Matthews wonders if it’s not soda.

Young fails to surpass Slater’s time.

Justin Gabriel is up next, he stops to show off to the crowd, and then juggles one handed. He shaves about 8 seconds off of Slater’s time.

Otunga is up next. He complains the soda isn’t diet. Otunga fails to beat the time.

And Otunga’s match is next, which annoys him. And so does Truth rapping his way to the ring. He should be grateful. Gives him more time to catch his breath.

Truth slaps him. Backed into the corner, but he reverses out. Otunga with a kick to the gut, and tosses him out. Flying shoulderblock. Knee’s to the gut.

Kick to Truth’s ribs. He slaps Truth. Knee to the gut and an abdominal stretch. Truth reverses. Kick to the gut. Truth over the top in the corner, splits, sidekick and he hits the Lie Detector for the win.

Wade Barrett is next on the competiton. He can’t get the monkey bars and quits. Skip Sheffield is up. Matthews tells Barrett if you’re going to quit in the WWE you may as well pack it in. Skip has trouble with the climb, drinks the drink faster than anyone.

He ends up falling a couple seconds short, but Striker is mistaken and congratulates him.

Tarver is up next and falls off the monkey bars. He fails to make it. In fact he looks like he’s going to get sick while doing the drink. He quits. Gabriel is happy to win the challenge. He tells the crowd he’s glad Otunga didn’t win. Otunga’s ego outways his talent. Otunga says ratings are up when he’s on TV.

Tarver says he should be eliminated, so everyone is safe. Skip Sheffield agrees. So does Slater. Gabriel and Otunga are still in each other’s faces. Barrett agrees on Tarver. Bryan points out he hasn’t won a match, so if anyone should be eliminated it should be him. Darren Young tells everyone that he wants it more than any of them, which leads to a brawl with Barrett.

Damn, what were they drinking, Undertaker’s tobacco juice? Overall an excellent show. It really built up stuff for next week.

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