Time for the live finale of NXT. We get to see some of the best moments of the show so far plus the eliminations.

We start off with Striker in the ring. And it doesn’t seem that many are leaving.

We’ve got the eliminated NXT rookies sitting at ringside. Striker introduces the Pros next.

Jericho’s shirt is unbuttoned and he’s not wearing a tie, looks like he’s chewing gum. Hardy is here despite bring suspened. Punk has his mask on.

Justin Gabriel is the only rookie with any energy as he comes out.

Striker tells them only one of them will win the show. We have two pro polls.

They’re in a Triple Threat next. Which is disappointing since that means only one match.

We’re introduced to Husky Harris, the grandson of Blackjack Mulligan and son of IRS. He says he’s been waiting for someone to let him off the leash. His pro? Cody Rhodes.

Next we see the Monday Night Delight, Jon Morrison. He says his rookie is like a redwood tree. And if he opens his mind Morrison will allow him to burn down the rest of the forest. Cottonwood says he’s mainly interested in pain and carnage.

We’ve got the Triple Threat Elimination match.

Otunga clotheslines Barrett and knocks him out of the ring. Otunga with shoulders in the corners and a clothesline. Josh Matthews actually calls him a one trick pony.

Barrett in. He tosses Gabriel and headbutts Otunga. Elbow to the back of the head. Otunga blocks a suplex. Gabriel hits a springboard sunset flip.

Otunga goes to work on Gabriel. He backdrops him outside onto Barrett. Running powerslam on Gabriel.

Barrett snaps Otunga’s neck on the rope. Gabriel gets a knee on him. Gabriel 450s Otunga, Barrett pulls him out and steals the pin.

Otunga is gone, leaving only Gabriel and Barrett.

Kick to the gut by Barrett. Elbow to the back of the neck. Abdominal stretch with only one arm. We’re shown a replay of Barrett pressing Gabriel up and slamming him down.

Hiptoss out. Elbow by Barrett. Barrett misses int he corner.

Spinkick by Gabriel. And a big one to the face. Crossbody in the corner. Springboard crossbody.

Barrett sets up his finish but Gabriel gets a sunset flip. 450 attempts hits knees. He then rolls him over into a small package for the win.

Now we’re getting the first Pros poll.

Striker says it’s time for the Pros Poll.

MVP is a pro next season. His rookie is from South Beach, a party destination. His rookie is Percy Watson. Who’s coming to see us real soon.

Zack Ryder is a pro on season 2. All that matters is what he teaches his rookies, not what he’s like now. Titus O’Neill. He’s in it to win.

Striker asks the eliminated rookies who they think should be elimianted. Tarver just repeats his answer from the last time he was asked. Bryan is asked who should win. Otunga can’t wrestle. Gabriel can’t talk. So that leaves Barrett. Sheffield doens’t care. Young says Barrett will prove the haters wrong. Slater says Barrett as well.

Barrett remains number one. The polls remians the same and the fans are pissed. Gabriel says he will keep coming back until he makes it in this company.

Matt tells him that one thing he has seen in his soul is that Justin is much like Matt. He will not die. Matt tells him to kick another door open

LayCool are the pros for Kaval. Apparently they kept him off TV a little after his latest injury healed. I guess this also means Laycool will be sticking together for a while.

Mark Henry’s rookie think’s he’s lucky. Lucky Cannon. Apparently he’s had a couple of close calls in his life and the nickname stuck.

Barrett and Otunga are having a rookie face off. They have sixty seconds to tell the other why they should be eliminated.

Otunga tells Barrett he has a nose as crooked as his pro. He has a face that only a mother could love and the only PPV match he would watch with Barrett is a triple threat with him vs Aquafresh and Listerine.

Barrett says he thinks that had the viewers turning off in droves. He doesn’t know how to use his great physique. Great Khali moves with more balance and grace than him. He insinuates that Otunga has a Shit factor rather than an it factor

Kofi Kingston is the pro for Michael McGillicutty, the son of Mr. Perfect. He says his in ring style is best described as what they used to call Ruthless Agression.

The fans will have a vote on who wins for next year.

In the crowd Young kind of seems to have turned heel.

Miz steps up. He will be back for season 2 of NXT. He says next season he will have a winner. Alex Riley. He says call the show Alex Riley and the seven dorks.

William Regal starts to congratulate Jericho. Truth says he hasn’t won yet. Regal and Punk says the only reason Otunga was on the show was his wife. Regal calls Miz Kermit and Matt Eugene.

Truth does his little dance. Punk walks away. Christian tells Regal to sit down, he hasn’t win a fight in a year. Jericho says any rookie would have won no matter who it was.

Barrett is indeed the winner. Otunga says it can’t be real. He wonders if he’s being Punk’d. He says he’s the breakout star of NXT.

Barrett talks about how great he is. He says it’s the era of Wade Barrett.

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