We’re onto our second week of the second season of NXT with half of the roster yet to wrestle. Last week we had two tag team matches, pros teaming with rookies.

This week Kaval being “mentored” by Lay-Cool should break up that streak.

We open with Matt Striker in the ring. He talks about unanswered questions after last week. So they bring everyone back out to answer those questions.

The Pros come out in civvies except Kofi. Zack Ryder is wearing a very loud yellow shirt.

The pros explain what happened last week. WHat happened last week was an initiation. No one will give them the priviledge of being in the WWE.

And he admits that they paid for the actions of the first season NXT rookies. That may not be fair, he admits. But they’re going to be doing things right this season.

The fans do not want the rookies to let bygones be bygones. But the pros and rookies shake hands and hug.

Striker calls Alex Riley and Kaval forward and says they’re going to be facing… each other in this seasons first one on one match

Lay-Cool tell the crowd that Kaval is cute and cuddly. They then show his interview. He talks about growing up on an army base and seeing all the disciplined recruits. He also gives some detailed history of his pro career.

Riley backs Kaval in the corner and slaps him. Riley with a few forearms, a headlock and a shoulderblock.

Laycool on the mike and says he’s to serious.

Kaval with a serious of kicks. Kaval is just kicking him around the ring. Front facelock, but the get tot he ropes. Riley reverses. Kaval gets a headscissors when going over the top and kicks him away.

Wheel kick. Chops to the shoulder. Snapmare and headscissors. Riley hotshots him into the ring ropes.

Riley has an armbar and chinlock on. Kaval kicks out of it. Riley with basically a high impact proto-plex. Back to the submission hold. More kicks for Kaval. Sunset flip, then he gets up and stomps him in the gut.

More kicks. Riley with a punch. Kick to the back of the head while Riley is bent over. Dragon sleeper in the ropes. Springboard kick . Rolling kick by Kaval.

Riley avoids the Warrior’s Way then gets TKO for the win.

Striker interviews Riley. Mention of the Miz gets little to no reation. Miz isn’t there because of his win last night.

Laycool gives Kaval a hand.

Jon Morrison gives his worst promo every insulting Miz and praising both rookies. Zack Ryder only cares about his rookie, but thinks the new announcer is hot.

We get a look at Eli Cottonwood. He’s also from a military family and grew up on a farm. His father was constantly away so he had a lot of chores and time to himself. He played basketball but it wasn’t physical enough. He sometimes scares himself because he doesn’t always know what he’s going to do next. He wants to inflict pain more than win NXT.

Replay of the attacks by the NXT season 1 crew last night.

They mention that Titus O’Niell actually threatened Ryder last week. So this week they show them trying to work things out backstage, with Ryder bacically explaining himself.

Husky Harris does his interview. He’s a third generation guy. He’ll play any contact sport he can to prepare himself for this.

Next up a tag team match. Kofi teaming with Michael McGillicutty against Mark Henry and Lucky Cannon.

Strange match. Both teams seem to be faces.

Kofi wants to start against Henry but Henry wants McGillitcutty. Henry shoves him down out of the collar and elbow. Headlock, but McGillicutty is shoved off and shoulderblocked. Press slam.

Lucky Cannon in with a bodyslam. Hip toss and an armdrag Michael. Armbar. Kofi in with a shot to the arm off the top. Cannon reverses into his own armbar. Kofi sweeps his leg and splashes him.

McGillicutty with a back elbow. Apparently his last name is his mother’s maiden name. Dropkick to Cannon and he goes out. Kofi and McGillicutty with a double dropkick to Henry.

McGillicutty wrestling circles around Cannon, before locking in an armbar. Cannon fights out and hits a big boot. Headlock takeover by Cannon.

Henry in. Shot to the ribs. Knockdown. Henry avoids a corner splash. Henry tags out to Cannon. Headlock takeover. Kofi wants the tag. Michael fights out. Cannon with a shoulderblock. And again.

Back to the headlock. Shoulders in the corner. Cannon misses a flying crossbody. McGillicutty hits a neckbreaker for the win. Instead of falling to the mat under him like a normal spinning neckbreaker, he spun so he lands on top with his weight.

Kofi has nothing but praise for McGillicutty.

Henry says Lucky has lots of potential.

Cody says Lucky has a real dumb look on his face. He also criticizes him for shaking his hand. The winners of the match make more than the losers. He wonders if someone he played football with told him he should be a wrestler and he believed him?

Mark Henry challenges Cody on behalf of Lucky. Cody accepts for the challenge… for next week. Striker wonders what we can expect given a week to prepare. Cody decks Striker to give an example.

All the other pros check on Striker.

Hopefully we’ll see more than than two matches on next week’s show.

The opening match wasn’t bad, but I question having the internet darling start off with a loss. Trying to play around with Daniel Bryan’s storyline is what ended up being responsible for his firing.

As for the tag team main event, McGillicutty and Cannon wrestled a very basic match in there. And McGillicutty often seemed a couple step ahead of him, ducking under moves well before Cannon executed them.

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