Straight to the intro tonight

We have out first Pro vs Rookie match tonight as Cody Rhodes take’s on Mark Henry’s rookie Lucky Cannon.

We open with the new announcer Ashley Vallence, a rather generic new diva. She tells us about the Pros Poll next week and when voting will open.

The Pros come out. Mark Henry is wearing a shirt the says I Got Lucky.

The first match is a tag team match, Alex Riley and the Mizand their opponents are MVP and “Showtime” Percy Watson.

Thes guys really do look right together.

Riley wants to start and wants to face Percy Watson, instead of MCO. Watson dancing around. He eats a knee and a headlock and is run over with a shoulderblock.

Headlock by Riley. Another shoulder. A leapfrog by Watson then he gets a dropkick on the reboud. Followed by a second. Front facelock and MVP comes in. Double hiptoss.

MVP tosses Riley, even saying “Annnndddd Out you go,” as he does it.

Miz yells him, then tags in. Watson comes back in. Suplex. Watson loses his glasses. Forearms by Miz. Riley in with a shot to the gut. Hard whip to the corner and a corner crush. Miz chokes him on the ropes.

Riley with a rear chinlock. MVP chant by the crowd. Jawbreaker by Watson. MVP in. Belly to belly throw. Asiatic thrust. Facebreaker. Ballin Elbow. Riley with a kick to the hamstring and he tags out.

Watson in. Flying clothesline. Leaping splash. It’s like he dropkicks the air then turns over as he falls.

Hotshot by Miz. Skull crushing finale for the win. By the way we learned the Riley calls himself the Varsity Villain.

We get Titus O’Neil’s promo. He talks about his troubled youth and his twin sons. He’s in the University of Florida’s Hall of Fame.

He’s up next.

Cole mentions NXT season 1’s attack on Vince.

His opponet is Michael McGillicutty. He was interviewed earlier. He called his mother last week after his first win. It’s a moment he’ll never forget.

Tie up. Titsu throws him to the corner and hits a choulder. Mike with a kick to the knee and a headbutt. He hits the ropes but is caught. They’re just fighting it out.

Big clothesline. Rear chinlock. Fights out but there’s a botch and he gets dropped to the mat. Bodyslam by O’Neil but Mike McPerfect gets hits knees up on a splash. He hits his neckbreaker finish for the win.

Next up is Kaval vs Eli Cottonwood, which gets a tale of the tape. Matthews says it’s a Porche 911 vs a Mac Truck along with other superlatives.

Laycool comes down to ringside with Kaval. Morrison with Cottonwood.

Kaval with kicks. Gets backed up but hits a double kick to the chest and a rolling kick.

Cottonwood throws him to the corner and then stomps him. Bearhug. Rams him into the corner. Chokes. Kaval gets an armbar to the rope. Kick to the chest.

Springbaord kick to the chin. Eli throws him over the top. He lands on the apron. Double stomp to the back of the head. Two count. Front chokeslam by Eli for the win. And the crowd doesn’t mind.

Lucky Cannon promo again. In 2004 he got hit in the back of the head with a lead pipe helping a friend and he talks about the rehab.

Next up is the update about the attack.

Laycool is giving some support to Kaval. Michelle says thrid times the charm. They give him a pink shirt that says property of LayCool and he tries very hard to be polite.

Next we get a replay of the setup for the Rhodes/Cannon match. Striker just wants to put Rhodes smacking him behind him.

I really don’t have anything to say about the replay of the beating. No comment on Vince’s health. AnonGM says these actions will be met with appropriate consequences.

Hucky Harris accompanies Cody to the ring.

Henry accompanies Cannon. Both are wearing the I got Lucky shirt.

Cody on the mike. He says he said Lucky would be lucky to last five minutes with him. So this is a five minute challenge.

Cannon into the corner and Rhodes points at the clock. Armbar. Slaps Lucky. Headlock takeover.

Michael Cole won’t stop praising him. Dropkick to Lucky who roles outside. Punch by Rhodes. Double leg takedown by Cannon. Rhodes grabs a facelock and rolls over. Rhodes with a knee to the side of the head. Elbow to the back of the head.

Rhodes sets up an upside down Gorybreaker. Cannon slips out and gets a rollup. Lucky ducks a punch, hits a flapjack. Kick to the face by rhodes who then runs into a big boot.

Matthews points out he’s doing it to a former tag champ as Cole kept talking about that.

Cannon over the top, Rhodes with a kick to the face. Crossrhodes with 1:02 minutes left.

The rookies now get a chance to talk before the poll next week. Each guy gets 45 seconds.

Alex Riley does a stereotypical jerk jock. Kaval apparently tried to get in WWE ten years ago but was told he was to small. Titus O’Neill had to work just like everyone else in the audience. Always told what he wouldn’t do. But he will make it. McGillicutty possesses no weaknesses and he’s undefeated. And he times his promo PERFECTLY. Cottonwood is the baddest and meanest. He’s patient. He’ll lie in the weeds and hide in the shadows until he can strike with a vengeacnce. But this means nothing because his actions speak louder than his words. Percy Watson likes to have a good time just like the WWE Universe. He’s getting better and better and he’s got two words for us. Oh yeah. Lucky is lucky because he stands on his own two feet and he knows and appreciates everything he has. Hucky Harris doesn’t need 45 seconds. He beats down Striker.

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