We open with the NXT rookies being brought out. Tonight is the Pros and Fans Poll.

I’ve voted but unfortunately you only get to vote for who will be the next breakout star. You don’t get to rank them.

Ashely Valence reminds the rookies that last years winner was never ranked below number 2.

Also they’re going to eliminate the person who ranked last today.

But there is one way to avoid elimination. She sends it to Striker.

They’re doing the rookie challenges. And we start with the Keg Carry. Winner can’t be eliminated.

Michael McGillicutty is DQed for dropping it.

Lucky Cannon gets it done in 12.7 seconds.

Cole says Percy seems more like a wine than a beer drinker. Percy Watson gets it done in 13 seconds. Eli Cottonwood has 13.3

Kaval says that it weighs as much as him. He’s not putting his body on the line unless it’s in the ring for the WWE universe. Striker risks his health by saying that sounds like a crock.

Titus O’Neil falls as he tries. He turns it into a don’t drink and drive thing. We get a replay.

Husky Harris drops it. He then tells Striker he seems pretty brave for even saying a word to him. Back off and let him worry about what happens to him.

Alex Riley has 13. 8 seconds.

Cannon says he feels awesome. He makes up for what he lacks in size and speed with heart.

We get Percy Watson’s interview. He’s the biggest entertainer ever. He was in the NFL, a commodity’s broker and own a limo company but at heart he’s an entertainer. He’s a superior athelete. He’s got it all. He is “Showtime” Percy Watson, oh yeah.

Our opening match is MVP vs Husky Harris.

Porter ducks under a tie-up, Harris gets on all fours for a second. MVP with a headlock. Pushed off. Shoulderblock gets nothing. Back to a headlock.

Another shoulderblock goes no where and Husky pounds his chest. Schoolboy by MVP. Double leg takedown, jackknife cover.

According to Cole Harris isn’t sure he likes his pro. He also want’s to be his own man. He’s tired of all the talk about him being about his family.

Armdrag by MVP. Harris backed into the corner. Decks MVP but MVP fights back. Goes over the top and Harris hits the corner. Running boot in the corner by MVP.

MVP with an armbar and chinlock. He misses in the corner. Harris with a nice Uranage. Three straight covers. Stomps at MVP. Body scissors. Punches to the kidney. He tries a nip up. Doesn’t quite work. Elbow drop and a big splash. Vertical suplex. Bodyslam. And another.

Waistlock. MVP elbows out. Forearms by Harris. The announcers wonder if MVP would vote for Harris if he loses. Harris misses the running senton. Clotheslines by MVP. Thrust to the throat. Facebreaker and the Ballin’ elbow. 305 for the win.

Harris won’t shake MVP’s hand.

Six man tag match. Kaval, Lucky Cannon and Michael McGillicutty against Eli Cottonwood, Alex Riley and Titus O’neil

McGillicutty faces Eli, gets a brief advantage but Cottonwood comes back. Both men tag out. Cannon with forearms to Titus. Alex Riley grabs his hair. O’Neil gets a clothesline. Riley in with a shot to Cannon’s gut. Pounding Cannon in the corner. Hardwhip to the corner. Riley lures the faces in. Tag to Cottonwood. Beal. Choke’s Cannon on the ropes.

Titus in with a punch to the gut and a forearm to the back. Bodyslam. Riley in. Rear chinlock. Elbows out. Cuts off the tag attempt/ Catches a boot but runs into an elbow. Cannon rolls through when Riley grabs his leag sending Riley into the second turnbuckle and then he tags out.

Kaval with two running forearms and some kicks to the legs. Cartwhell kick, the Tidal Crush, in the corner. O Neill and Cottonwood break up the cover and toss him outside. McGillicutty runs in and hits his finisher. Cottonwood and McGillicutty go out. Cannon dropkicks Titus out. Kaval hits Warrior’s Way for the win.

Laycool is extremly happy for him.

Stirker says it’s time for the vote. Which is strange with almost 15 minutes left.

Oh, that’s why. They do the Raw Rebound next.

Time for the elimination. I bet Titus O’Neil.

Kaval is number 1. Cole mentions the Internet voting.

Percy Watson number 2 which is a small suprise.

Michael McGillicutty number 3.

Alex Riley at number 4.

Lucky Cannon is at 5 which stuns me.

6 is Eli Cottonwood.

Husky Harris and Titus O’Neil step forward. Husky is 7.

Titus is 8.

He talks to the crowd and says they’ve had to deal with more than he has in the ring. he tells them to make their lives a win.

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