We open up with a replay of last weeks Keg carry and the elimination of Titus O’Neil.

Honestly, I’ve heard nothing about another elimination, so I think that week’s elimination was just them realizing he was to green and needed to go for more training.

Striker brings out the WWE pros, starting with Jon Morrison, “Dashing” Cody Rhodes, Mark Henry, Zack Ryder, MVP, The Miz(MVP slides his chair forward away from him), Laycool and Kofi.

Zack Ryder doesn’t get why people would vote for Titus O’Neil. He had all the potential in the world. he was robbed and everyone knows it.

Morrison thinks it’s cool the WWE Universe gets some say. But he also disagrees about the elimination of Titus. He would have voted off the Miz.

Rookies come out. Alex Riley grabs a clipboard from Laycool. Lucky Connon, Husky Harris, Michael McGillicutty(Matthews thinks he’s the most focused rookie), Eli Cottonwood, Kaval(Laycool goes nuts), “Showtime” Percy Watson(the most entertaining according to Matthews.)

Striker observes that the pressure must be getting to them? Is the pressure on Husky Harris? Harris says he’s the most dangerous guy in NXT.

Riley can’t believe he’s fourth. Why would the fans put the future of the WWE in the hands of a guy who can’t even ride the bumper cars at six flags

Kaval tells Riley if he thinks it’s a fluke listen to the WWE universe.

Talk the talk challenge time. Whoever wins will get to host their own talk show next week.

Percy Watson’s challenge is glasses. He wears his glasses because you have to have vision. To be able to see where he’s going. He times his “Oh yeah,” right at the buzzer.

Kaval talks about chickens, something that can’t exist in the WWE. He has nothing

Eli Cottonwood’s topic is mustaches. He says mustaches are for real men. No one here really has a mustache. He’s got the closest to win and in just a few days he could have one, no one else could.

McGillicutty talks about breath. The grandson of a legend, son of a hall of famer. By the end of NXT he’ll take out breath away.

Husky has to talk about doorknobs. He used a doorknob to get in, but the fans don’t deserve to hear him talk.

Cannon’s is deodorant. People need deodorant but deodorant has no purpose without someone who stinks. He’s like the deodorant and the WWE is the stinky guy. He’s getting lucky, who’s getting lucky with him?

Alex Riley’s is pigeon. There’s a lot of animals int he WWE. He’s dealing with six pigeons.

Watson gets a big cheer. Kaval, almost equal. Eli gets booed. Micheal gets a little cheer. Harris is booed. Cannon gets a nice cheer, Riley is booed. Watson wins.

Henry and Cannon are taking on Harris and Rhodes. But that’s later.

The opening match is Watson vs McGillicutty. The pros are on the apron. The two men run the ropes, Watson leapfrogs and hits a kick then grabs a headlock.

Michael knees out, leaps of a backdrop attempt and hits a dropkcick. Backed in the corner, he hits an elbow then goes to a rear chinlock.

Watson elbows out, ducks a clothesline, but eats one to the back of the head. Hart style backbreaker by McGillicutty. Back to the chinlock.

Dropkick by Watson. Sunset flip by McGillicutty gets the pin. Kofi congratulates him, while MVP coaches up Percy.

We get some comments on Titus O’Neil. Cody Rhodes tells him to brush his teeth.

Next up we have the Miz.

He’s wrestling Kaval. Laycool come downt to the ring with him and are offering advice, and rubbing his head.

Kick to the leg by Kaval. And another. Miz backs him into the corner, but switches. He’s backed up by the ref, but Miz kicks him in the head.

Matthews complains about Cole complementing Miz constantly. Choke on the ropes. Shots to the stomach by Kaval, Miz slams him into the turnbuckle then chokes him in the corner. Leaping clothesline in the corner.

Reverse chinlock. Kaval turn a suplex into a cover. Miz tosses him outside.

Miz with the chinlock again. During the break Miz rammed him stomach first into the apron. Sunset flip into a stomp to the chest by Kaval. Clotheslines. Kick to the back of the head.

Tidal Krush. Kaval caught on the top. Miz attempts a super plex. He’s knocked off. Miz sweeps his legs then hits the Skull Krushing finale for the win.

Talking about Eli Cottonwood. He’s scary. He’s not all there. But he’s clumsy and if you get him down he’s in trouble. He has to learn to dominate.

Some comments on Husky Harris. Mark Henry says he’s made for the business. He’s decievingly athletic accoding to Kofi.

Nexus comes back to NXT next week.

Time for the main event. Harris and Rhodes vs Henry and Cannon.

The rookies start. Armbar by Lucky. Fireman’s carry takeover. Henry in but Harris backs away and tag out. Henry press slams Rhodes. Misses a sitting splash.

Double team. Cody just pounding away. They’re constantly in and out. Shoulder in the gut and a corner splash.

Henry explodes out with a clothesline.

Tags out. Cannon run into an elbow but gets backdropped. It’s breaking down. Crossrhodes while the ref is distracted.

Decent talking by the rookies during the opening segment. And Watson vs McGillicutty was a good match. I liked that they’ve got some new reviews of the rookies by the pros, because it seemed like they just kept using the same old interviews during season 1.

But the rookies were to over matched by the pros during their matches.

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