So tonight we get eight new rookies. And nine new pros.

Of course last night all eight former rookies came out and took apart John Cena, the Straight Edge Society and the announcing crew as well as the ringside area.

While it’s pretty popular, overall I’m against it. I have no interest in them as a group, instead of as individuals.

Our Rookies this time are Eli Cottonwood, mentored by John Morrison, Kaval, who has two pros Layla and Michelle McCool, Lucky Cannon with Mark Henry, The Miz is mentoring Alex Riley.

Matt Striker talks to the crowd, reminding them of what the last class did and wondering if they’ll follow in the first season’s pros.

Michael Cole calls the Miz the Vince Lombardi and Phil Jackson of NXT. Yeah.

He introduces Alex Riley. Jon Morrison calls out Eli, who’s over seven foot tall. Cody Rhodes can’t find the word to introduce Husky Harris. In southern terms they’re practically family. Layla and Michelle are looking good and say Kaval is the rookie they’ve all been waiting for. THey hand him their belts. Mark Henry asays Lucky isn’t the world’s strongest rookie, but he’s Lucky. Lucky Cannon. Kofi Kingston tells the crowd to get to their feet to make some noise for Michael McGuillicutty. MVP is in the building and so is Showtime Percy Watson. He can’t stop dancing. Zack Ryder accidentally introduces Titus O’Niell to the Zack Pack as his new PRO.

This time around the fans can vote for the rookies. Season 2 is only 12 weeks long. In three weeks time there will be a Pro Poll, same for the fans. First elimination is at six weeks.

Husky Harris says he’s next when Striker says they’ll be in action next. That starts a lot of arguing between everyone.

Cole talks about the attack last night.

First match is a tag match featuring Morrison and Eli against Ryder and Titus. Ryder is floored with a forearm by Morrison and Eli comes in. Ryder tags out. Titus is kicked in the gut and is grabbed in a headlock. Ryder distracts him and he’s knocked down with a shoulderblock. Titus does some show boating after that and gets kicked in the gut.

Eli with a corner clothesline. Morrison tags in, leaps over the top rope and hits a low dropkick in the corner.

Ryder has a chinlock on Morrison but he fights out then hits a leg lariet. Titus O’Niell is the victim of a Pele. Cottonwood tosses an interfering Ryder and Morrison hits Starship Pain for the win.

Striker asks for Morrison’s opinion of Eli. He says the big man held his own. The fans mostly agree. The Miz asks if they think they impressed anyone. He was not entertained. They failed.

Cole is ranting, Matthews is annoyed.

Alex Riley is interviewed. His mother was Miss VA. His father was a New York Jet and an ESPN announcer. He mostly brags about himself. He makes an autograph on the screen. He says Alex Riley has arrived an he’s running the show.

MVP and Watson team up with COdy and Harris. Cody and Watson start off. Cody with a headlock. Cody with a shoulderblock. Watson wrestles in glasses. Hammerlock and a headlock by Rhodes. Backed intot he corner. Cody hits a couple forearms. He goes over the top on a whip and gets a clothesline. Cody quickyl gets back in control. Harris in. Corner splash. Suplex. Cody in. Suplex after taunting MVP.

Watson is still being dominated. Harris in and he’s being pummelled still. Bodyslam. Senton backsplash. Watson gets the tag and MVP punches away.

Back elbow. Asiatic thrust. Facebuster Knee. Ballin Elbow. Cody jumps into a big boot. Percy Watson tags in and gets a sort of Maivia Hurricane DDT for the win. Floatover DDT as Josh Matthews calls it.

Cody tells Harris he looks like everyone in the crowd. He calls Watson an already developed athlete and says he’ll do the harder task and mold Harris. MVP says Watson got himself into and out of trouble. Showtime is ready for Primetime.

Michael McGuillicutty talks about his family and his style of wrestling. It’s up to him to continue the Hennig family legacy.

Everyone is brought back into the ring so we can see the attack from last night.

As I said above, I hated it. The only rookies I felt should be heels were Barrett, Otunga and Tarver so the five most entertaining guys in there went completely against type to me.

Someone on Wrestlecrap Forums said Gabriel looked vaguely guilty after the 450 to Cena. I can see it.

Kaval says it was unbelievable, but that’s how you make a statement. Lucky Cannon says it was cowardly. Husky Harris doesn’t agree with what they did, but he doesn’t really care. Alex Riley is asked and he sneezes. He thinks he’s allegic to Striker. Percy Watson says if you want to fight a man you go mano a mano but that’s just him. He gets cheered. Eli says Cena deserved every shot and is booed. Titus O’Neill is also against it. You want to fight make it a fight. Michal McGillicutty chews out Riley and says season 1 made an impact.

Striker talk about some feelings in the locker room about the safety of the WWE roster. He then welcomes the rookies to the WWE. In the form of a beatdown.


Overall, a decent show. Didn’t like the end. I would have liked to have seen Kaval and Cannon in the ring. I’m wondering if “Lucky” will actually be booked as lucky.

I mentioned Cody and Harris almost being family in Southern terms. Well that’s because his mother is Barry Windham’s sister. Windham of course has a long history with the Rhodes family including teaming with Dustin in WCW. Harris’ uncle Kendall Windham also teamed with Dustin.

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