After making the clean tag with G, Im back with another edition of Stampede Wrestling classics. This time around I am bringing in someone one BIG. How big you say? How about the legendary Andre the Giant?  In order to showcase his amazing size and skills, the big hearted giant made several appearances in the Stampede promotion over the years often appearing in gimmick matches like handicap matches and “tug of wars” . If you don’t think that Andre had skills, think again. He was man who once lifted a massive Arnold Schwarzenegger off his feet so he couldn’t pay the bill at a restaurant, while only using one arm . Andre had incredible strength. Thus, not accidently killing his opponents in the ring while preforming required great skill on his behalf. Skills that I assure you the other wrestlers were praying for. This week, I bring you a match taylor made for Andre, the battle royal. While its almost impossible to NOT center your attention completely on the giant in this encounter from Stampedes past you will find other wrestlers in the mix that are worth noting as well. At least 2 of the Hart brothers are partaking in the chaos, Bruce and Keith can be seen slugging away at their opponents. Also, a young Stampede Wrestler who would later become the Junk Yard Dog in WWF considers his chances against Andre as well.  Im off to to check out our video game podcast and  also my retro PC game for the week , see you there if your interested! But, “In the meantime and in-between time.” enjoy this old school battle royal and I will be back with another ” ring a ding dong dandy ” next week!

[youtube XFVfh9dvz4Y]

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