One of my favorite battle royals in Pro Wrestling history must be the classic at WM4. And as mentioned in our Stampede Wrestling podcast, as kids growing up in Calgary that match was extra special for the likes of G and myself. There were several Stampede Wrestling alumni in that big match including Junk Yard Dog, Danny Davis and Jim“The Anvil” Neidhart.  The final two competitors in this famous WWF battle royal ended up being Bret Hart & Bad News Brown. The chemistry they displayed in the ring as they teamed up to eliminate their other opponents was no fluke, however. They had, of course, worked together many times before in the past back in the days of Stamped Wrestling. I can recall many great matches between the two back in the day, including ladder matches and no disqualification matches which aired on TV and entertained fans in countries all over the world well before  both men ended up in the WWF. I bring you today one such classic match between Bret Hart and Bad News Allen in Stampedes famous past. Its for the North American heavyweight title, held by a young Bret Hart facing his challenger, one mean looking Bad News Allen. Worth noting is, as always, the heels in Stampede wrestling getting away with all sorts of mischief, which also as always, is driving the crowd absolutely nuts. Also worth noting are the post interviews by both Bret with his brother Bruce and the hilarious ending of Bad News Allen’s post interview with his entourage of heels as they insult Ed’s tie? Its both interesting and entertaining to watch these future wrestling superstars in their younger years. Bret truly is in the learning stages of how to become the best there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be. And what better place to hone his skills than right in his home city of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. See you all next time for another edition of PatMan Picks ,Stamped Wrestling classics! Oh and for those who dont know who I am, I am on Wonderpod Videogame podcast over at and have other PatMan picks and Patman plays articles over there, if you want to check them out!

[youtube Hm6tlFWuyTk]

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  1. Enter stage left: The PatMan!

    I love the retro wrestling on my weekends! I am secretly rooting for Bad News here. I'm totally all in making this series a regular. All and any retro promotion videos would make for good stuff from the staff? 🙂

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