Welcome again to another fun trip back in pro wrestling history. Today we will visit a match involving one of Stampedes biggest stars at this point time, Dr. D David Shultz. Although a star in places like AWA, WWF, Japan and Stampede Wrestling , Dr. D is probably most famous for his big mouth both inside and outside the wrestling ring. It was his “open had slap” assault on a network reporter who mentioned that “Wrestling was fake” that is what most people remember Dr. D for. Ironically, it was that very event that put a halt on his career in the big wrestling organizations as his actions were rumored to result in a costly law suit that followed. Dr. D’s opponent in this classic match is the AWA World champion Nick Bockwinkle who, like other AWA world champions, would venture to the Calgary promotion several times per year to take on who ever was at the top of the card at the time. I am not sure where this match took place as it is not in the usual Stampede pavilion venue that the majority of Stampede Wrestling events were televised , but appears to be a smaller venue. Stampedes territory stretched across western Canada and even into north western US, so it could have been anywhere really. The crowd was pretty hot for the match and that’s all that matters for the Wrestlers putting on a show and Ed Whalen was there for the TV taping. Worth noting this time around is the fans chanting Nick “Bullwinkle”. Enjoy the match and decide for your self if it was a 2.5 count or a 3 count at the end !  And if you like videogame podcasts, feel free to check out wonderpod episode 79 on i Tunes and also at our website www.wonderpodonline.com where you will find all sorts of fun stuff! See you next time !


[youtube -DFgM4bMk3o]


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  1. Dr. D and Bockwinkle had two of the best promos in the business, hands down. Nice classic match PatMan! I'm going with it being a 3 count and a result of human error. If it can happen in pro sports, it can happen in pro wrasslin'.

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