Once again G has invaded your regularly scheduled PatMan Picks Saturday throw back to the Stampede Wrestling article. Yep, and once again I am here to screw it up by referencing a promotion that is not the one from Calgary. This week, we go way back to 1994 and the fallout from WrestleMania X.

This event was notable in that Owen had beaten Bret at Mania, and this was a culmination of the feud between the brothers. The feud became even more intense as Bret’s former partner in the Hart Foundation, Jim Neidhart, would interfere at the King of the Ring to cause an DQ finish allowing Bret to retain his title against Diesel. Afterwards, Neidhart would leave Bret to be beaten by HBK and Diesel… and Owen would win the King of the Ring tournament and begin his tenure as “The King of Harts.”

Fast forward to Summerslam, where the two Hart brothers were booked to settle their ongoing feud in a blue steel cage with Jim Neidhart in the crowd to support Owen, and Davey Boy Smith in support Bret (both brothers-in-law of the Harts). Talk about a family feud, huh?

Clearly much of this program is tied to Stampede Wrestling, and the past experiences of all grapplers listed in the previous paragraph. And since Summerslam goes down tomorrow, and this is a great classic bout from a historical SS match, it seems appropriate that this is PatMan’s G’s Stampede Classic pick for this week.

This one’s just over 40 minutes folks, so get comfy and ready to watch an epic classic.

[myspacetv 6403015]

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