Oh how things can change in one weeks time! Once again I return to bring you this week’s power poll. Sadly, I am a little strapped for time and this will not be an animated gif version of the article. However, it will still be a nice look at the IWC’s perception of the top stars amongst the contributing websites.

1. Edge – Edge launched from the middle of the pack to the top after a fun and intense match with Kane. He’s the champ, and it appears this was the blow off to the polarizing Kane/Edge feud.

2. CM Punk – On RAW this week, the diabolical CM Punk not only began a change of culture within the Nexus by forcing all members to a trial by fire… or hazing, if you will… He cut a fantastic promo atop the Tron in which he heelishly captivated my attention, and likely yours if you saw it.

3. The Miz – The Miz was limited in his appearances on RAW this week, only appearing in a few mini vignettes and a tag match. He remains the RAW champion regardless, so it should come as no surprise he stands tall in this list.

4. Randy Orton – Orton has slithered his way back into the top challenger position of the card, pointing his attention at the Miz and his title just like a gun. Orton’s trigger finger is getting itchy, and we can await their bout at the Royal Rumble unsure if the Miz will retain or not.

5. Dolph Ziggler – It’s impossible to deny that losing one’s I.C. title can hurt your standings in the power poll. On the other hand, it’s also impossible to deny that winning a number one contender’s match for Edge’s title helps your standings. Dolph is precisely where he should be in the rankings as a result.

6. Alberto Del Rio – What can I say? Alberto is on every single show these days, you’d think his name is Chris Jericho. The reality is, Alberto is not too far off from Y2J in with his charisma and execution in the ring. Clearly the WWE has a lot of confidence in the guy, and so does this smark. Alberto was also awesome on NXT this week (not that anyone really watched that show).

7. Mr. Anderson – I voted him very high personally, and it’s hard to dismiss the new TNA World Heavy Weight Champion. Jeff Hardy may very well be going to jail having plead guilty to some of the charges he is facing in court. As a result, TNA was likely to ensure their champion was not incarcerated. With that being said, Ken Anderson had two PPV matches at last Sunday’s Genesis PPV. First, he defeated Matt Morgan to claim the number one slot, then was granted that opportunity immediately after to take the title from Jeff Hardy.

8. Kofi Kingston – Just like I mentioned with Dolph, if you win a the I.C. title during the week, it’s hard to dismiss. Actually, he did it twice as Vickie’s use of her booking powers failed to allow Dolph to reclaim his title he had literally just lost seconds before. Kofi’s stock is clearly rising, and the high flier will hopefully get more of a push as a result.

9. John Morrison -Morrison sinks lower as his recent push against the Miz has been fading in favor of Orton. While this may be the WWE’s focus, it is clear that the IWC wanted to see another epic matchup between Morrison and the Miz like we did two weeks ago on RAW.

10. Sheamus – Sheamus may have lost the steel cage match last week, but he was back Monday to face Morrison in a singles match. It was a decent match, but the palest King lost, hence deserving in a spot just below the victor.

Fallen Out of Top 10 From Last Week:
Wade Barrett, Daniel Bryan

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