Another week. But this is the first week of the New Year, and let’s see how things round out to kick off 2011. Hopefully, we’ll be able to compare this next year to the rankings to start off 2012… but until then:

1. The Miz

To all the haters and people who questioned whether the Miz could pull off a long match of top caliber, these people were shut up after Monday night RAW’s opening match. The Miz and Morrison put on a PPV quality match, which featured a number a nice spots by both men. The Miz, thus, earns the top spot in the Poll this week. No question.

2. CM Punk

Punk’s manipulation of Nexus and Wade Barrett’s tenure of leadership via the steel-cage match on RAW, puts him in a position of power. He might not have been able to top the significance of the Miz’s successful defense of the World Title, but there is not a doubt in my mind he’s a solid number 2.

3. John Morrison

A great match requires two great wrestlers. Morrison might have gotten the short end of the stick this week, losing to the Miz in the title match, but damn he looked bloody awesome in the process. He showed off a number of spots that were rather amazing. And this gives me an excuse to use this custom-made animated gif from last Monday.

4. Randy Orton

Your new number one contender will be lining up to face the Miz next. I am glad that Morrison is ranked higher than him, however, at least for a week. Orton plans on no longer being a nice guy, “because nice guys finish last.” Just ask a heterosexual woman.

5. Edge

I’m a little surprised how very little changed on Smackdown. It was likely due to the fact it aired on New Year’s Eve, so it makes sense that the same people who were on top in last week’s poll would more or less remain in the same spot. Edge never really disappoints in the ring, so I’m cool with him at number 5.

6. Wade Barrett

In a Cena-free world, Barrett returned to a RAW in style… only to be bamboozled by CM Punk into putting his leadership of Nexus on the line in the steel cage match. Then, due to Punk’s interference (and forgetting he could exit the steel cage via the door… sheesh), he lost the match and his faction. But damn, didn’t he have a great performance in these accomplishments.

7. Alberto Del Rio

When he’s not bringing the charisma up a notch on Smackdown, he’s doing the same on RAW. Del Rio pulled double duty and barely missed a step over the week.

8. Sheamus

Despite losing the number one contendership steel cage match on RAW, Sheamus was booked strong and retains his title as king with honour, fella.

9. Dolph Ziggler

I don’t know why he’s here. Personally I wasn’t that impressed by last Friday’s Smackdown involvement, but clearly others were involved in the poll. He’s not terrible, just seems to be more hit or miss… partly a result of who he gets to tango with… sort of like our number 10…

10. Daniel Bryan

Bryan continues to rise to the occasion, no matter what he is given to work with. While his presence was not as dominant this week due to the booking of the Curtain-Jerker title match, and the steel cage main event, Brian retains fans amongst the IWC… and for good reason.

Fallen Out of Top 10 From Last Week:
John Cena, Rey Mysterio

And per usual, if you don’t make the list… YOU GET NO ANIMATED GIF! In all seriousness, I won’t be doing animated gifs every week as they are hard to find, but just because I’m feeling like I can run with this format for now…

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