What’s up professional wrestling fans? Here is another installment of the goodness that is the Power Poll! We had some interesting movement this week, and as we kick off the Royal Rumble weekend… well much of it makes total sense. As per usual, I will chime in on each competitor briefly. Also included in this installment, is a neat little Rumble factoid not included in the WWE’s awesome “numbers” advertisement…

It’s going to be a sweet weekend with the Royal Rumble PPV (possibly the best and most reliable match of the year being the Rumble itself). Also, for those in the NHL-universe, it’s the All-Star weekend! While the All-Star game is kind of a joke in that nobody plays defence, Saturday night will feature the skills competition. Even if you’re only a fringe hockey fan, I highly advise you checkout the Shoot-out competition. It’s like the Slam-dunk competition during the 1990’s for the NBA (until they ruined it with stupid rules like no props).

Hey kids! Did you know this year’s official Royal Rumble theme song is “Living In A Dream” by Finger Eleven? You did? Oh… well perhaps you didn’t know that the original name of that band was the “Rainbow Buttmonkeys”? It was, look it up!

1. The Miz

I’m sure Vince McMahon would LOVE my choice of animated gif for the Miz this week. He made an impressive appearances on both SD and RAW, and felt the need to address his domination of Orton on RAW on SD just to put a little salt in the wounds of the Viper. He’s awesome, and deserves to be somewhere near the top.

2. CM Punk

You can’t deny how much Punk dominates in his role. Punk has a unique ability to capture the attention of the audience in any segment, and generates heat is a unique way exclusive to natural talent. CM Punk is a favorite to win the Rumble as well. Personally, he was the best part of the 2010 Rumble with his microphone work betweenm eliminations before HHH finally made his way down.

3. Edge

The current Smackdown champion had a fun showing on RAW earlier this week to kick off the show in which he not only set up his title match with Dolph Ziggler on the weekend, but also reminded us about how fun his bits with the laptop/anonymous RAW GM were. Then he vanished into thin air as the “New Nexus” appeared. Speaking of which, the “New Nexus” need a New name. Not Edge though, who continues to stay relevant, popular, and powerful unlike that dude in U2.

4. Wade Barrett

This week in consideration contained the official revealing of the Corre faction, adding a significant change to the SD landscape. While the name of the group is kind of lame, their arrival as an official team and their showing on the last RAW makes the Rumble look to be rather interesting. Barrett, although not claiming to be the leader, is clearly running the show.

5. John Cena

Cena has been booked lately like a jerk…. well at least in the eyes of the IWC (who is right by default… always). His reign of bully-tactics continued this week when he couldn’t pull off a simple referee gig. Nonetheless, Cena is the face answer to win the Rumble from the RAW brand… therefore impossible to ignore in the Power Poll. Hating him is too easy…

6. Dolph Ziggler

Ziggler has jumped leaps and bounds over the last few months. He had a big match on RAW, and this Sunday competes at his first PPV title match. Big times for the former Spirit Squad member, and considering his track record as of late, deserves to be considered a legitimate contender to carry the title.

7. Randy Orton

Orton certainly looks poised to give the Miz a run for his money this weekend. While Orton still seems to be limited in some capacity in how he’s booked lately, he doesn’t need to dominate the show to be a legit star. Love him or hate him, Orton has cemented his place in the WWE and seemingly the power rankings this week. Personally I don’t think he even needs to win the title anytime soon. Dude is over.

8. Alberto Del Rio

Honestly, I can’t believe how he is ranked this low. Although I mentioned Punk being a favorite to win, Del Rio has been pushed on all shows numerous times to be the so-called favorite from Smackdown (well, AND RAW lately) to win the thing. Possibly a Red Herring, possibly not. If Del Rio does indeed win, I won’t complain in the slightest. What a fantastic heel!

9. Kofi Kingston

Kofi flips up and down in the Poll, but continues to entertain at the highest level. Expect him to soar around the ring in the Rumble and entertain on all levels. Also, expect his high flying antics to cost him the match ultimately… in fact, here’s a guy who I expect to see climb to the top ropes, only to be pushed off by someone.

10. Daniel Bryan

THANK GOD they ended the bullshit that is the Bella Twin’s “vegan” angle, revealing his relationship with Gail Kim. Maybe the American Dragon can get back to doing what he excels at, wrestling. I won’t be shocked to see this guy enter the Rumble at number 1 or 2, and go for at least 45 minutes… he’s proven he can do this a many times during his independent career.

Guess who get no animated gif’s? These losers:

Fallen Out of Top 10 From Last Week:
Mason Ryan, John Morrison


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  1. Of all the guys on the roster who could surely do the iron-man marathon character in the Rumble right now…. it's him. We'll see tomorrow, I suppose. I love the fact that this year really seems to have no obvious winner. Also, it better not be HHH returning from injury. The Game, if he indeed shows up, needs to cost Sheamus the match and set up the culmination of the "King of King's" matchup at Mania we do expect.

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