This one’s a little late, although I might start shaking up when I put these out as a result of that… see, being a community project by many IWC voters, quite a lot of things create delays. I like to refer to them as “life.” Speaking of life, I’ll animate the gifs for you fine folks…

Note: The use of animated gifs will possibly take a minute or so to load in order to see the animations within.

1. Charlie Sheen (NR)

Ha ha… obviously not. This was too easy. Tiger blood and stuff. Best heel in Hollywood? Tweener?

Ok, for real this time. HAXOR!

Are you ready?

I said…

…. fuck that.

1. The Miz (2)

Really? I guess the fact that he lost Alex Riley in a steel cage match versus John Cena, and he looked strong over Cena to finish RAW was a significant shift in his character. His promo work was almost as good enough as well. Whether he gets to the level of the other two in the program, remains to be seen. I am shocked he made top spot, to be honest with you.

2. The Rock (NR)

I share TSJ’s annoyance that he didn’t show up in Buffalo this week, rather opting for the pretaped promo that aired on RAW. It was a good segment, and I did really enjoy it. Whether or not it was as good as his debut or not, I guess is debatable. However, the contrast between this and Cena’s retorts are miles apart. And, the way the Rock called him out for “rapping” at him… the disdain and emotion in his voice as he said this… wow!

3. Triple H (NR)

While I wasn’t thrilled with HHH throwing the entire roster and youth movement under the bus when he noted he was at a level beyond them all… nothing left to do. Yes, there is a kind of truth to that… but as Ron Simmons would say…
Regardless, HHH cut a promo that did help solidify the staredown between himself and the Deadman. Also, he managed to point to the WrestleMania sign at least three times during his promo!

4. John Cena (3)

Whether or not for the right reasons, or not… Cena remains very relevant in the plans for bringing in the buyrates for the WWE. His program with the Rock is likely the most talked about thing in professional wrestling. Last week’s RAW was quite a let down from the previous week, as Cena sunk back into his so-called usual PG self…. And had a steel cage match where he essentially sent A-Ri/A-Ry back to developmental.

5. Edge (1)

Edge holds tight in the poll due to his good work in all areas. As champion, he eliminated his biggest adversity in Vickie by having her fired due to Drew McIntyre’s loss to him on Smackdown. Now all he has to do is worry about Del Rio…?

6. CM Punk (5)

How the mighty have fallen! But realistically, Punk’s microphone skills were top notch on Monday. Other than that, he’s on simmer mode in his program with Orton and Nexus. He’s not going anywhere too soon, and in a place where he can rest a bit and yet further his storyline simultaneously.

7. Alberto Del Rio (4)

Del Rio is where he needs to be to stay strong after declaration of going after Edge.

8. “Dashing” Cody Rhodes (NR)

The feud between Rhodes and Rey took a massive step two Smackdowns ago. Rhode’s dad, the son of a plumber, Dusty, helped his son take out Mysterio. Even more importantly, Cody demasked the lucha hero to children everywhere. Heeltastic!

9. Randall Keith Orton (NR)

When not punting skulls, Orton spends a lot of time redefining the role of heel/face. He’s finally made our list after a long absence with his role in the feud with CM Punk and the Nexus, beginning a series of matches where he will face each member of the Nexus to determine if any of them will be present at WrestleMania.

10. Jack Swagger (NR)

Swagger should be happy to be used after his abysmal plummet from the top to the bottom. Now as Michael Cole’s personal trainer, he adds the necessary punch to the Lawler/Cole program.

Fallen Out of Top 10 From Last Week (which equals no animated gif’s.):
John Morrison, Rey Mysterio, Drew McIntyre, Jeff Hardy, Christian

(last weeks standings)
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I smoked some Charlie Sheen once…

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