When you’re on the road to WrestleMania, things are going to get shaken up on a weekly basis. And it should come as no surprise that this is what indeed happened this week.

Note: The use of animated gifs will possibly take a minute or so to load in order to see the animations within.

1. The Miz (2)

Promo mastery is slowly emerging out of our RAW champion. While at the start of the Rock/Cena feud, smarks were critical of whether Miz could “hang” with the big boys, with each passing week the Miz takes it up a level. His swerve as running down at the conclusion of RAW dressed as the Rock also helped elevate him into first place.

2. The Rock (NR)

It’s telling that even with a pretaped segment, you find the Rock almost at the top of the poll. He was quite entertaining with his rundown of Cena, and using a child to represent his nemesis was hilarious. I can’t say that we’ll see him in our poll for long, as all things considered he’ll likely end up back in Hollywood post-WM. But for old and new fans alike, we should just sit back and enjoy the ride.

3. Sheamus (NR)

Finally the palest superstar to grace the squared circle has picked up a win. And a title as he defeated Daniel Bryan for his U.S. title last Monday. It’s about time too, as his depush was rather unsettling for the two time former champion and King of the Ring. Where this leaves him for Mania, appears unknown. Perhaps a rematch is something they can squeeze into the four hour PPV?

4. Randall Keith Orton (4)

One by one, Orton has eliminated Punk’s New Nexus. It’s like he’s practicing to become a kicker in the NFL or represent Team USA at the next FIFA World Cup in Brazil. Either way, Orton looks very strong going into WM to face CM Punk in a grudge match…

5. Edge (10)

Edge is in an interesting position. He’s been in a program for so long with Alberto Del Rio for his title on Smackdown, one tends to forget he is the champion. Lately, you could redub Edge Mr. Consistency as he remains recognized by the smarks’ votes comprised in this poll.

6. Christian (5)

It’s nice to see Christian remain represented in the poll for another week. He is looking to be an enhancement to the Del Rio/Edge build at this time, but has played this angle well. It’s notable that while Christian has run to the aid of his former tag partner multiple times, that Edge hasn’t really returned the favor. Whether or not this is a hint that Christian might use this point as a reason to become a third grappler in the title match at Mania is questionable at this time.

7. Cody Rhodes (6)

No other wrestler has elevated himself into an interesting heel character recently than Cody Rhodes. He’s been despicable, disrespectful, and downright dirty in his program with Rey Mysterio. As a result, it’s build an undercard match to a level where the fans are beginning to clamor towards seeing him get his comeuppance.

8. John Cena (8)

Love him or hate him, Cena has remained quite relevant on RAW. While his promo’s have been lackluster over the last couple of weeks, they got the job done keeping his feuds with the Rock and the Miz notably interesting, to say the least.

9. Alberto Del Rio (NR)

Amidst all the returns of superstars, Del Rio has not diminished to the point of being forgotten. Although he has not continued to appear on every single WWE program as he did in the period surrounding the Royal Rumble through the Elimination Chamber PPVs, he has established himself as capable of taking Edge’s title from him at Mania. Therefore, he deserves praise and a spot in our poll. Also, I never tire of this particular animated gif… so I used it again.

10. Sting (NR)

This one is a thinker. See, upon his return and win of the TNA title a few weeks ago, you’d expect to have seen Sting in our poll. But this was not the case. However, his refusal to work with the allegedly stoned Jeff Hardy on last Sunday’s PPV snowballed into an avalanche of momentum ultimately leading to Hardy being sent home. While the match was abysmal, as was possible the worst wrestling PPV of all time, the significance of those events is likely why the Stinger made this weeks poll. This is all about the impact of the wrestlers’ appearance and actions on their shows, not who had the best match. Although with that argument, I guess Jeff Hardy should be number one this week? I’m not sure, but that’s my best explanation as to why the results are the way they are.

Fallen Out of Top 10 From Last Week, and receiving no animated gif love:
Stone Cold, Colt Cabana, Dolph Ziggler, The Undertaker

(last weeks standings)
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