As we enter the final week of hype and promotion leading up to WrestleMania 27, it’s time to see where the Power Poll ranks our beloved wrestlers. It’s been an odd week in wrestling, and much like the past few weeks, there has been lots of movement. While the power poll is a regular feature here, this smark is getting even more excited for A Celebration of Professional Wrestling that will be going down at both the Bored Wrestling Fan and Wonderpod-Online. Stay tuned for more details… but until then…

Note: The use of animated gifs will possibly take a minute or so to load in order to see the animations within.

1. The Miz (1)

Regardless of Cena’s dismantling of his fired pupil/aid/whatever, the Miz was stellar in promo and delivery this week. He belongs at the top, and the IWC has spoken.

2. Christian (6)

I’m sure everyone expected Del Rio to go over Christian in the cage match last week. Well, I know I did. Fans everywhere were delighted to see Captain Charisma get the win… and potentially be placed into the Del Rio/Edge match as a third combatant? Hmm…

3. CM Punk (NR)

Punk is awesome, sorry Miz. And while Orton has dealt with home invasions by WM threats in the past, Punk made this one original and innovative. Also, Orton’s fake wife seemed to be drooling over the guy during his beat down of her fake husband. I don’t know if any of you caught that part, but it was rather epic, if I do say so myself.

4. Randall Keith Orton (4)

Randy started his Monday on a lovely roadtrip with his family aboard a WWE bus. His kayfabe wife and child were innocently enjoying their day until the dastardly, yet lovable, CM Punk attacked Orton in the parking lot. While Orton didn’t present much offense this week, the fact that he single handedly punted the entire New Nexus back to developmental has not been forgotten.

5. John Cena (8)

Finally… Cena cut some serious interviews this week. No inane raps, no homophobic remarks, and no bullshit. Well, except for maybe pretending to be broadcasting from home via satellite. That ruse was a nice jab at the Rock, actually. He also murdered Alex Riley ironically, whose firing was a sham. Cena knows a lot about firing-sham-gimmicks.

6. Triple H (NR)

The Game made his presence known on Monday, and declared that he wants to discuss the same things he said to the Undertaker’s face. Then he destroyed Ted Dibiase. However, the highlight hype package that interviewed various old school wrestlers about the Mania matchup surely brought HHH’s stock up and back into the Power Poll

7. Edge (5)

While Edge has been in a program that has been ongoing for months, he still manages to stay relevant and appear strong. It’s funny that smarks tend to complain that there are no slow builds in wrestling anymore, and yet when we get one, they forget that this guy is a world champion. I guess I am guilty of this too.

8. Alberto Del Rio (9)

While the earliest announced (not built) matchup for Mania has seemed to detract from Del Rio’s push, it is apparent he is still considered a significant threat in the world of professional wrestling. All the nay-sayers can go home now.

9. Sheamus (3)

After weeks of being booked pathetically, Sheamus finally looked strong in his confrontation with Daniel Bryan. And guess who is being booked at WrestleMania to defend his newly won title? This guy

10. Eddie Edwards (NR)

Eddie Edwards captured the ROH championship this past week… and deserves praise and recognition in our poll. In fact, he should have ranked higher seeing that ROH treats it’s title belt as more than a prop… they remember how to make it mean more than that. And as a result, a tip of the hat is deserving to this hard working grappler. I couldn’t find an animated gif, and decided I’d break my theme to present to you a fan cam video of him winning the title instead.

Fallen Out of Top 10 From Last Week (therefore will not be animated via gif, nor broadcasted via video):
The Rock, Cody Rhodes, Sting

(last weeks standings)
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