What’s up wrestling fans? It’s that time of the week for another power poll update. There was much movement amongst the ten rankings this time around, as four grapplers fell out of contention. You might be surprised to see one particular entry, perhaps…

1. The Rock

Unless you’re dead, stopped watching wrestling, or just ignorant… finally… the Rock has returned to the Power Poll! Actually, he’s never been in this list and debuts at the top. You might be wondering how a guy who didn’t even wrestle a match is eligible? Well, fine reader, the point is who makes the biggest impact in the world of wrestling regardless of how. The Rock closed RAW last Monday with one of the best promo’s we’ve seen in years, running down both the Miz and the WWE’s darling John Cena. Epic.

2. CM Punk

He’s booked strong, and maintains his small army of the New Nexus behind him. Not only did he have a decent match on RAW, in a dark match after, is reported to have dropped a People’s Elbow on John Cena after running the ropes approximately 50 time! That moment of hilarity in itself just shows how charismatic and smarky the Straight Edge one is.

3. The Miz

Still champion, still obnoxiously awesome AND gets name dropped by the Rock which only puts him over further. While the Miz was not able to further his program directly with Jerry Lawler going into this Sunday’s Elimination Chamber (due to Lawler’s mother’s passing), he did have a brief moment of sincerity acknowledging Jerry’s loss. Kudos to that!

4. Edge

While Edge had notable moments on Smackdown, probably the most significant character development occurred on RAW when Vickie announced that Edge’s use of the ban-hammered spear will allow her to relinquish his title this Friday. Whether that happens or not remains to be seen, but until then, Edge is our World Heavy Weight Champion… and won’t be retiring in Toronto at WrestleMania next year… since T.O. lost the bid to host said event.

5. Alberto Del Rio

Del Rio continues to be a license to print money, as he appears regularly on both RAW and Smackdown. Without missing a step, his charisma and in ring ability provides great entertainment for this smark. Fortunately he hasn’t had his program ruined too much with the announcement by Vickie stating Edge may be entering the Elimination Chamber without the title. We’ll have to see what goes down on Smackdown and at the PPV to better gauge what who his opponent will be at WrestleMania.

6. Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan was involved in an excellent little match on RAW this week, and continues to stand out as the best worker in the company. Just for the latter statement, he should be in the poll for many moons to come…

7. Jeff Hardy

This seemed to be an appropriate choice of animated gif for Jeff’s appearance in our poll. Taken from next Sunday’s WWE PPV, Hardy recaptured his bizarre heavyweight title on last Sunday’s TNA PPV. Also, announced today, his court hearing was delayed AGAIN until March 16th. Hardy may very well keep the title for a little longer and possibly be in our poll as well. Some Internet Guy, Hardy’s brother, doesn’t seem to have a shot.

8. John Cena

Cena, admittedly, plays an essential part of the WWE program whether old smarks like me continue to be turned off by his poo-poo jokes and the like. However, after the Rock’s pinnacle promo, he was called out for comments he made about the Rock being a sell out (or along those lines). The Rock instantly divided the crowd and potentially will make SuperCena a heel for most viewers at WrestleMania if he enters the fray between the Miz and Cena.

9. Kofi Kingston

Another one of G’s original animated gifs! How could I not make sure this made the poll? Seriously, what a cool moment to led to a down right fine bout with Alberto Del Rio later in the evening. This time Kofi looked strong, unlike last week in the poll where I questioned whether he belonged in the list… not a problem with me this time around.

10. Sheamus

Sheamus came out and made a statement on RAW by destroying the Kool-Aid Man, Mark Henry. It was a revenge angle based on the week prior, and brought our King back to the poll in strong fashion. All hail the king!

Fallen Out of Top 10 From Last Week AND will receive nary an animated gif…:
Jerry Lawler, AJ Styles, Dolph Ziggler, Wade Barrett

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  1. Is that animated gif of Sheamus from his RAW debut or the week after? I can't remember, but I was there for his RAW debut, much like I will be on the 28th of this month!

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