In the week following the Royal Rumble, all eyes in wrestling certainly would be on the winner of that said event. While amongst the dirt sheets, there is much argument about the value of a Rumble win in lieu of the Elimination Chamber PPV hurting it’s credibility. But that, is an argument for another day. There was also a RAW rumble match of significance this week, with the winner going on to face the Miz for the title. These two events will have significantly influenced this weeks poll.

1. Alberto Del Rio

As aforementioned, I am not getting into the debate over the Elimination Chamber, and the Royal Rumble. Del Rio had a great showing on Smackdown and RAW, but he won the Royal Rumble! There is no doubt that he belongs in this position as a result. If I have to say anything more, you likely don’t know wrestling, nor are reading this anyways.

2. Jerry “The King” Lawler

In what proved to be an interesting way to set up the elimination chamber AND determine the number on contender for the WWE championship title, the RAW Rumble provided us with a satisfying winner. Yes, Jerry Lawler actually won! The WWE has not been able to ignore the massive crowd reaction for Lawler over the last couple of months, and this culminates into them conceding and placing him in the title hunt. It will be interesting to see how this develops and if indeed leads to a grudge match between Lawler and Cole at WrestleMania.

3. The Miz

While I felt that the title match at the Rumble was not that special, it wasn’t horrible. The Miz remains our RAW champion and thus in a position of power accordingly. Interestingly enough, Orton did not even come close to making our poll.

4. John Morrison

Of all the moments over the last week, nothing comes close to the parkour stunt Morrison pulled off in the Rumble. I could only make this animated gif 15 seconds long, but it more or less captures the amazing move that easily shoots Morrison up our rankings.

5. Edge

Edge had a great match at the PPV, unlike his counterpart, and continues to shine at the top as the Smackdown champion. While Ziggler may have come up short, this program was far better than the one we suffered through with Kane over the last while. Depending on how it plays out with Alberto Del Rio, we are likely to be in for a treat on the road to WrestleMania.

6. CM Punk

The first half of the Royal Rumble was the CM Punk show. He lasted the longest, after entering at the first spot… tore it up with Daniel Bryan for the first ten minutes before the rest of the Nexus began to fill up the ring. He also outlasted all of them to almost top his performance in last years event.

7. Dolph Ziggler

Dolph continues to impress with his performance in his match with the Miz. While his stock might take a wee dip considering Del Rio’s win, I expect to see him continue to excel. His program with Vickie is an instant heat generator, but in the ring he’s able to take it to a level that the WWE needs from their younger talent.

8. John Cena

I suppose it’s impossible to deny the significance of Cena over the last week, much to my chagrin. However, I was not a fan of his antics with Hornswoggle in the Royal Rumble. I felt it devalued the match to bother with this type of comedy segment. Nonetheless, the people have spoken. So, to retort I’ve chosen an appropriate animated gif.

9. Daniel Bryan

Entering at number 2 in the Royal Rumble allowed for the American Dragon to show off his skills for almost twenty minutes. A future feud with Punk in the top promotion is anticipated, and I can’t see how it would fail to deliver. Also, there were no Bellas at the Rumble match itself, only the one backstage segment. Thankfully…

10. Diesel

If you want to talk about big pops at the Royal Rumble, Kevin Nash in his old school “Diesel” persona certainly ranks right at the top of the card. Booker T as well is another who may have topped Big Sexy, but they don’t display the decibel levels so I’ll let you decide. The stare-down between Diesel and the Big Show also garnered attention from the crowd, so on merit of that, it seems appropriate that Diesel gets a spot here over Booker T.

Fallen Out of Top 10 From Last Week (who get no animated gifs… NONE!):
Wade Barrett, Randy Orton, Kofi Kingston

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  1. Thanks Robert! I kind of made a gimmick of it in my asinine TNA iMPACT reviews and figured I'd carry it over until I run out of animated gifs I can find. The results, of course, are courtesy of all of the participating websites listed. Loves me some IWC!

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