What’s up folks? I guess this will be a little different than your normal Power Poll installment. Yes, there will be animated gifs (I made three of them just for you)! But, I did not receive any results from our ringmaster. So… these are only my own rankings, as biased as ever!

Note: The use of animated gifs will possibly take a minute or so to load in order to see the animations within.

BONUS NOTE: I initially wrote this wondering if I’d ever get the results. I did, but after I completed the article. I am not rewriting it, rather pulling back the curtain and letting the readers see the whole operation for what it is. Kayfabe has been dead for well over ten years. First I will publish the results from the internet, then you will see what I wrote under the impression I would never receive the results. No hate on the gentleman who runs the show… I realize how much work this can take waiting on people (plus implications of real life).

“The Results”

1. Edge

2. The Miz

3. John Cena

4. Alberto Del Rio

5. CM Punk

6. John Morrison

7. Rey Mysterio

8. Drew McIntyre

9. Jeff Hardy

10. Christian

“The Original Article”
I’ll be frank, I try NOT to editorialize as best I can in Power Polls of the past. This is because they are normally a group-based vote, and so I tend to try and explain why the contributing IWC voters leaned the way they did. Yes, there have been exceptions to that objective approach.

Well sir, or ma’am…. NOT THIS TIME! See, since this is a one man show this week (and possibly the last Power Poll, from what I know), this means I have to try and justify why I picked who I did. I always vote based on two things. First, who entertained me the most this week…. it’s my vote, right? Second, who I felt contributed the most to the overall programs they’re involved with. Obviously this becomes very subjective, so feel free to disagree with me in the comments section. I don’t mind healthy communication about the spectator sport that is professional wrestling/sports entertainment… after all, we are the spectators.

1. Edge

I’ve never voted Edge this high in the poll… ever. Not that I don’t dig the guy, actually, I think he rules. The thing is that since I’ve become involved with the project, his programs haven’t been that great… until the best match of the week… the Smackdown Elimination Chamber. He was the first champion to enter an EC match to retain, and started off the the match in the ring. On top of that, his performance was great. Don’t forget all the swerves from last week’s Smackdown with his title, which was both significant and shoddy all rolled up into one. Mysterio just barely was left off of my list (sorry folks).

2. The Miz

The Miz has been booked REALLY strong over the last week. He retained his title at the EC PPV, and that’s important. There was no Rock on RAW last Monday, but Miz burnt him pointing out how weak his verbal bashing of the Miz was, AND he completely screwed over Cena in the main event with the tag team titles on the line… twice. First he single-handedly won them, then he single-handedly cost them the same titles. Now that’s the pure definition of heeltastic last time I checked.

3. C.M. Punk

There’s so many reasons I rank Punk very high on my list. But what entertained me more than anything I saw in the entire week, was his performance in the RAW EC PPV match. The way he toyed with the heads of every single competitor before and after entering the pod was brilliant. Furthermore, the whole getting-trapped-in-the-pod aspect of that match literally made me believe it was real for a brief moment, just based on his acting alone. Kudos for that. Also, I just fucking love the guy.

4. John Cena

I know… I know… But seriously, we got a taste of the old Cena on RAW this week with a fun rap rundown of the Rock. This kept the fire going on that angle, and reminded me of when I liked to root for the man with a PHD in Thuganomics. Also, he won the EC match which means he is going to WrestleMania. While predictable, this is pretty important. And guess what? Fruity Pepples is going to be a sponsor of WrestleMania! Crazy.

5. John Morrison

While Punk’s charisma was the highlight of the RAW EC match, Morrison’s high-flying and parkour skills were amazing. Just see the animated gif above as one mere example. He sold a knee injury throughout the match, as well as on RAW the following Monday. He belongs in my list without a shadow of a doubt.

6. Alberto Del Rio

Del Rio and Kofi had a fantastic performance in the curtain jerk match at the PPV. Del Rio rose to the top, and I feel shut up a few critics of his in ring abilities (not me, though). However, he also dominates appearances on both shows every week. Needless to say, I’ve been on the bandwagon since his first vignette, but I saved anyone a spot who wants to jump on…

7. Kofi Kingston

Kofi might not be getting the push people want to see him get, but he still gets some time in the ring to show off. We got some decent television action out of him last week, but like Morrison, he was just great at the PPV. I’ve always tended towards the highfliers anyways. Kudos for the move I made into an animated gif for you all above.

8. Jerry Lawler

There was a short moment where I actually though Jerry was going to win the damn thing… I actually wanted him to beat the Miz so badly, even if we got a 24 hour title reign. In hindsight, that would have made the Miz look weak going into WrestleMania, and I suppose possibly not the best idea. However, I will give him the nod and put him in the Poll. Also, if nothing else, his interaction with Cole on RAW in that interview has me really wanting to see him kick the ever loving shit out of Cole at WM… and I know I’m not alone on this one.

9. HHH

While it was rumored to happen, when it did, I marked out a little bit. The fact that neither he, nor the Undertaker, needed to say a word to tell a story on RAW makes the Game a must-have on the Poll. But since he wasn’t in a match, this is high as I can justify ranking him.

10. The Undertaker

Since the WWE decided to shut up the rumors of Sting by showing the Deadman’s face in the mystery promo’s, there is no way I can rank Taker higher. Sorry, but it wasn’t a surprise at all. As a result, the whole build was completely ruined as far as I am concerned. At least with HHH, there was some possibility that he wouldn’t show up… But, the segment was very significant for building the road to WrestleMania…

Well kids, this may or may not be the last Power Poll. I don’t know much more at this point, so if it is… hey, it was fun! I hope you enjoyed the ride!

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