We had some movement amongst the regular top dogs this week, and some drop out… as per usual. Unlike most weeks, TNA gets a little love from the smarks involved in this IWC project. Let’s get to it, shall we?

1. Alberto Del Rio

I initially made this animated gif for my buddy Richard Flynn of the Bored Wrestling Fan, but it more or less sums up the current reigning Royal Rumble winner’s power. He belongs at the top, and until someone truly makes my television draw my complete attention in such fashion, I’m standing by him being at number 1… well, there is one other guy, and he clocks in at number 2…

2. CM Punk

If you haven’t been watching RAW for the last while, they might as well call it the CM Punk show. He’s been brilliant, and this week was no exception. From his intro with Orton citing waiting for revenge since 2008, which was something out of Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Cask of Amontillado“… which ended with Punk rallying up Nexus and breaking his nose, then wiping the blood across his straight-edged taped hands (which stayed as a part of continuity the whole night). He would continue his reign of terror by spraying John Morrison in the eyes with hairspray (or something akin). By the end of the night Punk more or less had taken all his competition down a peg.

3. The Miz

One of the more interesting bits on RAW last Monday, was the dialogue between him and Lawler. The Miz completely put over the King by recognizing his career and influence on the Miz. The key thing he mentioned was Lawler’s mouth, and how he was able to incite riots with it. As a result of this promo, and being the WWE champion, it’s hard to see how he can’t rank in at least at third.

4. Jerry “The King” Lawler

When you’re the number one contender for the biggest promotion’s biggest belt, you are going to get some love. And when you can stand toe to toe with the current champion and potentially draw sincere interest in the upcoming PPV in the form of charisma and deadly microphone skills, you earn a spot in the top ten. Well done sir!

5. Edge

While he currently holds the Smackdown Heavy Weight Championship, he’s a likely candidate to lose his title in the Elimination Chamber with 5 other grapplers making the odds looking bad for the Canadian. Whether or not he retains at the PPV, remains to be seen. But he’s been booked strong for a while now…

6. AJ Styles

On iMPACT during the week this was tallied, “They” was revealed to be Fortune. In the absence of Ric Flair, Styles has emerged as a clear leader of the faction of four. While this swerve was clearly a fallback to make up for the Main Event Mafia botch, Styles came off looking very strong and powerful within the entity that is TNA. While another episode has already aired (and a PPV this Sunday), it is quite possible that Styles may remain in our Poll next week.

7. Dolph Ziggler

Although he was booked in a ridiculous intergender handicapped tag team match for the Heavy Weight title (yes, it is as silly as it sounds), Dolph’s sugar mommy keeps pulling the strings for her trophy boyfriend. Dolph is a good wrestler, and continues to get better in a rapid succession. Also, he gets a shot at the title again with Vickie as the referee on Smackdown (airs February 11, 2011). AND even if he loses that match, he will be in the Elimination Chamber match anyways.

8. Wade Barrett

With a little help from his buddies, the Corre, Barrett picked up a win over the Big Show thus earning a spot in the Elimination Chamber. Barrett’s crew certainly did not have the same brutalization of their respective Smackdown roster than that of their Nexus counterparts. Nonetheless, with his henchmen behind him, Barrett makes Smackdown a much better show. But we will need to see a bigger showing than last week to justify him climbing higher in the rankings.

9. John Cena

When the IWC is made up of adults, and not 12 year olds, it’s pretty hard for us to take Cena seriously. He comes across poorly with his poo-poo jokes and whatnot. He makes the poll here due to his perpetual placement at the top of the card. I realize he is a true fan of wrestling, and you know he enjoys himself out there. But you know what? So does CM Punk.

10. Daniel Bryan & Kofi Kingston (TIE)

Daniel Bryan’s run in to help the King set up a decent tag match on RAW against the Miz and Ted Dibiase. Bryan certainly carried the face team here, and now out of the clutches of the Bella storyline (I hope), maybe we’ll see the United States Champion get a new angle?

Nothing against Kofi, but I have no clue why he’s here. Yes, he is still the I.C. Champ, but he lost to Drew McIntyre on RAW. Then, after he attempted to save Hornswoggle from the attack by Del Rio (shown in the delicious animated gif at the top of the page), he received a beating from Del Rio via a kendo stick. Drew McIntyre should have this spot.

Fallen Out of Top 10 From Last Week (GET NOTHING):
Diesel & John Morrison

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