Hey look I’m actually watching the show when it’s on, so I’d figure I do some real time thoughts.

Highlight’s of Jeff Hardy becoming psycho.

We start out with R-Truth.  This guy is awesome. I love the thru the crowd entrance.  He teams up with Matt Hardy (also good) to face Shelton Benjamin (also good) and Mark Henry (meh).  An actual wrestling match to start off instead of talking for a change, yay!  Good match, with Hardy and Truth winning. Truth pins Benjamin.

A Cena returns promo, enough already.  At this point I wish I could fast forward it.

Eve interviews HHH.  Whoa he’s speechless  because of Eve’s cleavage.  Lame!  Then he talks about great he is (zzzzzz).  Kozlv comes in and mumbles something and walks away.

Festus is in love with Maria, how sweet.  Miz & Morrison interrupt and insult Festus.  Where is Jessie?

Commercial break:  Guitar Hero World Tour, JT wants. (hint: if anyone wants to but it for me for christmas)

In case you missed it, we get a RAW recap of Miz & Morrison’s win over HBK & Rey Mysterio.

Speaking of Miz & Morrison, we get them in tag action against Jessie & Festus.  Morrison rings the bell duting the match, brilliant.  Miz & Morrison pick up the win and leave with the ring bell.  Good match.

Commercial Break:  The Eddie Guerrero DVD is out.  I think I’ll pass right now.  I have too many wrestling DVD’s to watch at the moment.

Recap of WWE’s tour of Europe.  I don’t live in Europe so I didn’t attend.  🙁

It’s Game Time.  HHH vs Psycho Jeff Hardy.  Hardy got a lot of cheers from the fans, but not as may as HHH.  Did I mention that I hate HHH.  “The Game” is a cool song though.  Really good back and forth match between the 2.  Hardy hits 2 whisper the winds, awesome!  Of course Kozlov gets involved.  HARDY ROLLS UP HHH FOR THE 3 COUNT!!!!!!!!!!! YES!  But then Kozlov goes and kills both HHH and Hardy.  🙁

WWE.com is revamped.  Maybe I should check it out.  But not now though.

Commercial Break:  The Whopper Jr. is still $1.  And we still have the same 10 year old commercials for it.

Carlito spits in the face of people who don’t want to be cool.  I’m cool so I don’t have to worry.  Hurripop mocking The Brian Kendrick as he walks to the ring.  Tag match  Primo & Carlito vs Kendrick & Jackson.  Jackson is freaking huge compared to the other 3 in this match.  Thank god Carlito grew his hair back out, the shorter hair wasn’t working for him.  Not a bad match, fairly even when Kendrick was in the ring, Jackson dominating when he was in the ring.  Kendrick & Jackson win.

Commercial Break:  Cavemen still selling car insurance & Drugs are BAD, mmmkay!

Alright Kizarny is already lame and he hasn’t even debuted yet.

Recap of Undertaker/ Big Show feud.  yawn (not about the feud, but the recap)

Oh yeah there’s a PPV this Sunday, a pretty important one too Survivor Series.

Psycho Jeff Hardy is awesome!!!!!

Commercial Break:  Buy Smackdown vs. RAW 2009 or else.

AC/DC has the theme song for Survivor Series.  Their new CD “Black Ice” is awesome go buy it.

MVP is facing some jobber, guess the losing streak is over tonight.  Oh great, The Great Khali, he causes MVP to lose, LAME!  I miss the scary giant Khali, I HATE the babyface Khali.  BTW where is Smackdown’s so called highest rated segment, The Khali Kiss Cam?  Another Hurripop, he has nothing more to say about MVP.  I say “STOP BURYING MVP!”

Commercial Break:  I want a $199 Xbox 360.

RAW rebound. Damn, I really miss being able to fast forward thru these things.

Oh no a Diva’s match.  I need to check on the laundry, be right back. What, I come back ant this is still on?  Yawn.  LOL, the crowd is so quiet you can hear the lone fan chanting “We want puppies!”

Up next, the main event: talking.

Commercial Break:  Next week on Smackdown, the fallout from Survivor Series.

Dong, Dong, as we hear Undertaker’s music as he head’s to the ring to give Big Show his last rites.  He does his usual Big will rest in piece talk, then Big Show comes out and says that he will put taker in the casket.  Light’s go out, then come back on with Undertaker choking Viki, then he chokeslam’s her into the casket.  Big Show then throws Chavo into the ring, who takes a beating from Taker.  While Taker is occupied with Chavo, Show goes and saves Viki, while doing so, we find out that Show is either scared or grossed out by the casket.  Undertaker then tombstoned Chavo and we fade to black with both Taker and Big Show staring at each other.

All in all, a really good show, a lot of werstling with almost no backstage segments. Definateyly the best show of the week.  Well that’s all for now, thakns for reading and I should be back this weekend with a look at the Survivor Series.

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