Oh man… so stoked… The Royal Rumble is this Sunday, and tonight’s Smackdown is the last show before the best event of the year. Let’s just skip the crap, and see what the WWE has in store to build on their final show towards this magnificent event, shall we?

One more thing… 1993, January 27… we lost one of the most notable professional wrestlers of all time. I’m going to grab a cold one in his honour, and hope you do too…

RIP Andre.

I watch, write, suffer, and succumb to this show, yet have to remind myself of what happened only minutes after each episode. That is how G’s Smackdown reviews work. This is not a play-by-play recap, there’s enough of those online. This is a highly-opinionated take of the show in question.

– The show starts with Big Show coming out and talking about possibly retiring after the Triple Threat match at the Royal Rumble due to his accident running over AJ. Bryan comes out and calls BS, says he grew up watching the WWE as a place for athletes, not genetic freaks… and that Show is no Andre the Giant… Bryan slaps Show, who tosses him to the ground. Then Mark Henry comes out calls Show a crybaby and Daniel one with Napoleon complex. Cue Thuggin’ and Buggin’ Teddy Long who makes a bunch of matches. My computer crashed multiple times during this awesome segement.

Peter Parker has spoken.

– * Non-Title Match: Cody Rhodes {C} vs. Justin Gabriel. Why a non-title match? Shouldn’t it always be on the line? I say this all the time, sorry. Just a pet peeve. Gabriel lands a modified Code Breaker into a flip on Rhodes that looks very cool. The man with the best Shining Wizard in the WWE (IMO), lands two splashes on Rhodes, but a missed third attempt allows Rhodes to land his own modified jump kick off the middle of the top rope, Cross Rhodes finisher, pin and the win.

Charles Barkley @G: “This show is fixed… what a scam”

G @Charles Barkley: “Hmm. Speaking of scams, BWF’s J.T. wanted me to ask about about your comments concerning Weight Watchers last week. It’s a scam?”

– Santino and Yoshi Tatsu are tagging now, and argue of their potential name with Teddy Long… enter the often fired, never really though, Drew McIntyre enters… Babe Ruth metaphors, etc. McIntyre “has to knock one out of the park tonight” to keep his job for the 349,073,275,290,375,690 time.

My favorite is Larry. But regardless, I’m bringing the whole posse with me. You’ve been warned. Also, I don’t care that one of them is gay. That is irrelevant.

Charles Barkley @G: “I meant that it works, for me. As long as the dollar bills keep rolling in…”

G @Charles Barkley: “So it works? Long term?”

– * Drew McIntyre vs. Sheamus. This doesn’t look well for the former “Chosen One.” McIntyre and the Great White exchange blows… McIntyre desparately attempts numerous pins, which is great psychology for the story! Too bad it’s not enough as the Highlander eats Irish Stew via a Brogue Kick. Sheamus wins. McIntyre is fired again.

Ahh… she think’s she’s AJ…

– * Non-Title Match: Epico & Primo {C} vs. Yoshi Tatsu & Santino Marella. You already know what I’m going to say about the titles. I guess I should be more forgiving as the tag division is at least getting some growth. Rosa cuts a promo in a mini box, old school style… but in what I assume is Spanish. Not being fluent, it might as well have been Martian. Good people, those Martians, especially that Marvin guy. Cole rips on Rosa for this as well. Whatever… Santino is AWESOME in this bout, and Tatsu holds his own. The Colons come off strong, and I have no complaints. Since Lagana has become quiet having signed on to work with TNA’s Ra Ka King promotion in India… I’m bringing Sexy Back… #IWantTAGTEAMWrestling

Charles Barkley @G: “You keep your nose out of my business honkey. I’ve thrown enough elbows under the boards, you’ll just be another number.”

G @Charles Barkley: “Shit, sorry Chuck. Hopefully this helps your tee-off…”

– Your American Dragon (The Canadian Dragon is actually Steve Corino) and whispers poison in Mark Henry’s ear about hurting Big Show as he will be the bigger threat in the PPV match on Sunday. Total Grima Wormtongue move, if you ask me. Awesome heel Bryan move as well.

GWT666 @G: “Shh… listen… you need to express your sentiments and show yourself as strong by presenting me as a face.”

G @GWT666: “Hmm…”

– * Randy Orton vs. Wade Barrett. Grima Wormtongue is a really classy guy. Barrett comes out and runs down Orton on the microphone. That’s right, the man who emits stoic boredom to me, is back. No surprise entrance at the Royal Rumble!! I think Grima Wormtongue should be considered a pure genius. I’m guessing he might enter at number 27, and the announcers can talk about the St. Louis hometown boy getting a lucky number. He won’t win though… you’ll need to tune into BWF Radio this Sunday to find out my pick…Hold on, I’ve got an urgent incoming call from my consolatory, Mr. Wormtongue. Orton is seen walking from the parking lot down to the ring for about an hour. Orton goes to attack Wade Barrett outside the ring!! My role-model and decision maker, Mr. Wormtongue, is your new god. For whatever reason, Teddy Long sends out the NXT D-Listers down to help restrain Orton? WTF? This allows Barrett to escape, so Orton RKO’s Tyler Reks, Curt Hawkings, Trent Baretta, and the Usos. I guess Orton is back to being HHH v.2 a la 2002 – 2006?

Lasers are my current favorite meme. Simply based on the fact that lasers are just plain fucking awesome, unless you are equipped with them as weapons on the 1980’s G.I. Joe cartoon.

– Why was Kaitlyn on Smackdown tonight? Well, she is apparently AJ’s best friend, according to Daniel Bryan, who Wormtongue’s (best adjective ever, I’m told) her into telling the Big Show that Mark Henry is planning on trying to injure Big Show tonight. I bronze my marionette strings onto a belt and call it Daniel Bryan Heel Turn Championship.

– * Ted DiBiase vs. Hunico. DiBiase is working with a broken wrist in a wrap. I’m sure his former Legacy leader, Randy Orton, told him it was a great gimmick for his Dad… but Teddy must have missed the point that he used a cast, not tensor wraps. This is a short match, and Hunico wins. Then the Comacho guy joins him and they beat down DiBiase post match. They isolate and work his broken wrist.

– Aksana and Teddy are interrupted Calgary’s own, Natalya. It ends up in a booked match. Since Beth Phoenix is relegated to Superstars because of soap opera fun with her relationship with CM Punk (according to the dirt sheets and a mildly vague tweet from Punk), I suppose I can’t complain. Actually, yes I can. She’s fucking wrestling fucking Aksana. Miss “Let Me Entertainment You.” Fuck.

Pretty much my take on much of prowrestling… and likely some dude named ZaH from a long long ago time.

– * Brodus Clay vs. Alex Riley. Just prior the match, Randy Orton mocks Brodus stating, “You only get to squash ONE jobber? I just took out five of them… glass ceiling M&M Peanut!” Wow, what a dick move by Orton! I swear that part happened, in my mind. It was the best part of the show!! Ok, Brodus gets his usual entrance with the Funkette’s announcing him once again. I am still not even remotely sick of this. His entrance is tweaked again to include new moves, which is likely part of it. A-Ry actually starts dancing too, in the background!! HA HA HAHAHAHHA! Nice. Riley does a little respect thing with Brodus, which is great… then Brodus “My Bad’s” him by leaving a bro hanging for a fiver, with a slam, splash and a quick pin.

Reason number 2,747 why I hate buses. I hate taxis more… assholes are the worst for distracted driving trying to get a fare. Yes, I realize this has nothing to do with wrestling. I have nothing against the concept of efficient public transportation. I loved Vancouver’s set up when I lived there. But in Calgary, it’s the Middle Ages equivalent of public transportation, and the dick moves the opporators of said vehicles do. They called our most notorious wrestling school the Dungeon for a reason…

– I would imagine something was screwed up on the show. We are reshown pretty much the entire match between Kane and Ryder from RAW. Broken back via going through the stage, etc. Since Ryder was used as an accessory, like a toy poodle, to Cena’s abysmal program with Kane… well… FFW.

I think the lesson here is actually to NEVER sit beside that guy.

– Break taken… go get laundry (totally violated the apartment building’s hours, I have a trick. MWUH HA HA!!! (Spoiler Alert, tune in to Wonderpod Episode #96 next Friday for the return of “Evil G”).

– * Aksana vs. Natalya. I just realized Aksana’s entrance theme is a remix of Val Venis’ entrance. Sans, “Hello Ladies!” and the rest. But because the WWE can go to hell, and die. Aksana gets an immediate schoolboy reversal, pin and win. Fuck you WWE. Natalya goes to submit her post match, but Tamina interferes and lands her poppa’s frog splash to end the segment. Booker T calls Tamina the Warrior Princess. Wasn’t that Beth Phoenix’s one time title? Or something very similar? Either way, neither are Lucy Lawless portraying Xena, so fuck all of this.

Facial expressions are over-rated… Actually, no. Way to be stoic, Mr. Future Endeavored.

– * Mark Henry vs. The Big Show. Great hype… terrible delivery. I expect this to be like watching two cement trucks fill up, then leave for work early on a Monday morning. Boring. As. Fuck.

I want one of these in every room. All it needs is a DVR so I can FFW through all the bullshit.

– Daniel Bryan made his way to ring side to observe and manipulate. Bryan attacks a prone Show outside the ring with a steel chair as the referee looks helplessly on. He nails him like 90 times. Then, rolls into the ring and locks a Labelle Lock on Show while Henry is off getting popcorn from the vendors, I guess. The latter part of this was good for building the Royal Rumble. I don’t care that this final segment was kind of weak, the Rumble will make up for everything.

I criticize because I care. I did enjoy the show. I wouldn’t watch if I didn’t love this shit.

The WWE logo comes up, and I’m out.


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  1. The Cody Rhodes/Justin Gabriel match was fun. Gabriel shall now officially be referred to as "The Man with the Best Shining Wizard in WWE." Cody's line about Gabriel being a "Wish-Troll meets Japanime loser" was awesome. I'm a huge fan of the guy, but his hair does fit that description at the moment.

    Alex Riley trying to dance with Brodus Clay was really fun. Less fun, however, is the introduction that the two Funkettes have been giving him lately. It's too long and drawn out, and neither woman has a solid grasp of effective enunciation. Yes, I've taught Speech (among other things) for 13 years, and that sort of thing annoys me. The opening of Clay's music is good enough to get the audience going.

    I got put in my place on last week's podcast over the Drew McIntyre thing, but once again, I'm saying it. What's the point of any of this, aside from certain people getting off on punishing and humiliating him? Who benefits from this angle in any way? The audience hasn't been presented with much reason to side with him and want him to keep his job. They might if some manner of video package had been done detailing his previous in-ring successes and some in-character personal commentary. Likewise, the audience hasn't been presented with much reason to hate him and want him fired, either. Replaying his most vicious moments and portraying his attempts at redemption as insincere would have helped. It just looks like no one has the slightest idea of what to do with McIntyre, so they're doing this "just because." Usually, I'm just happy to see the wrestlers that I really enjoy on tv at all, but in this case, I'm not so sure.

    A broken back for Zack Ryder is now a herniated disc. Nice save, WWE. I had time to change into pajamas and use the bathroom, and when I came back in the living room, the were STILL replaying the Kane/Ryder/Cena stuff from RAW. Too much.

    When did Yoshi Tatsu get so much bigger than Santino? He's been on Superstars for so long that I haven't seen him wrestle in ages, but I did not remember him being that big.

    Tamina is awesome, but Natalya deserves so much better than this.

    Everything that you said about Mark Henry, Daniel Bryan, and Big Show. I thought that Kaitlin turned heel on AJ. Hmmm….

    • Some great points DG! Since we probably will need to focus on the RR on this Sunday's BWF Radio more than the week that was… I hear you about the Funkette introduction of Brodus. I love the dancing out to the ring at this point. The announcing, not so much. I think there is a novelty to it since it is different, but agree the execution and delivery is off. Just plain off. I wonder which one is doing to voice over, the NXT wannabe, or the one SCSA destroyed on the first elimination of Tough Enough 2011.

      I missed the herniated disc aspect on Zack Ryder. I totally agree, that is a good save!

      I don't mind seeing Tatsu tag with Santino, but your point made me laugh.

      While the show was decent (sans a complete replay of the Kane/Ryder match), the treatment of Natalya and McIntyre was kind of pointless. Natalya is in the doghouse, and lord knows why. Guilty by association? And with McIntyre… I don't get how this is helping get him over. It reminds me of what they did with MVP and his losing streak. Reverse Goldberg angles do not help.

      • FWIW if I had to guess, replaying the entire Kane/Ryder deal was likely to make up for the fact that the main event got cut short when Mark Henry re-injured himself. In fact…

        "PWInsider.com is reporting that former World Heavyweight Champion Mark Henry suffered what is believed to be a hyper-extended knee at this week's Smakcdown tapings. The injury occurred when Henry was throwing a punch, and his knee moved forward before he completely planted his foot. Henry had been working through a groin injury over the past few weeks.

        The finish of Smackdown had to be changed on the fly due to the injury. Originally, Daniel Bryan was going to attack Big Show with a chair after Show got Henry down. Henry would then make a comeback, chokeslam Bryan and leave him in the ring. The show would of ended with Henry splashing Bryan, leaving his ability to defend his championship in doubt on Sunday."

        Also, I'm glad I'm not the only one that noticed Laurinaitis no-selling the fact he was about to have his skull caved in.

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