Tonight, the odds have rarely been stacked higher for Edge, as the World Heavyweight Championship is up for grabs – and Vickie Guerrero is the special guest referee. Yikes!

We start the show with Alberto Del Rio. I swear, his cars get more ridiculous every week. The ring is set up with flowers and red balloons and such – maybe Del Rio plans on making a romantic gesture to Kofi as way of apology for last week’s attack? He says if there’s one thing he loves more than anything, it’s destiny – and destiny loves him back. Del Rio then takes a jab at Superbowl champion Aaron Rodgers – he says that, unlike Rogers, he won’t have to pretend to be World Heavyweight Champion; he’s going to win the belt at WrestleMania.

Kofi’s music hits, and the Intercontinental champ has his serious face on tonight. He grabs a kendo stick from under the ring and slides in to confront Del Rio. Kofi looks like he’s going to relent as Del Rio begs for mercy, but…

Thanks to our very own G for this hilarious GIF!

Alberto Del Rio vs. Kofi Kingston: This match was set during the commercial break., apparently. In truth, this match is overshadowed by some heated exchanges between Michael Cole and Booker T. Cole seems to get more agitated and petulant on a weekly basis. Kingston hits his flying crossbody, but it’s not enough to put Del Rio away. He shortly follows up with an SOS, but Del Rio grabs the bottom rope before the ref counts to 3. The action briefly spills outside, and Del Rio slams Kofi’s arm into the steel steps before rolling him back inside. A few seconds later, Del Rio has the Cross Armbreaker locked in and Kofi is tapping. Del Rio whistles the ref over to raise his hand – nice touch! Your winner: Alberto Del Rio

Backstage to Todd Grisham, who is with Edge. Careful, champ. Don’t look him in the eyes! Grisham asks if Edge believes Vickie will call the World Championship match down the middle. Stupid question, and Edge lets him know it. He also chimes in with a ‘Vickie is fat’ joke. Yawn.

Vladimir Kozlov vs. Justin Gabriel: Am I right in thinking that, Barrett aside, Gabriel is the only Corre member who has received a singles match since the group emerged? Heath Slater trips Kozlov, and Santino Marella gets a little payback with THE COBRA! Gabriel counters an elbow drop by the Russian, then hits his 450 Splash for the win. The rest of Corre slide Santino into the ring and perform a beatdown. Jerks. Your winner: Justin Gabriel

Chris Masters vs. Drew McIntyre: The bell rings, and Drew slides under the ropes. He grabs a mic and announces that he holds Edge personally responsible for Kelly Kelly being fired. The commentators make a big deal about McIntyre’s head not being in this match, but he still manages to get the win in a quick match-up. Your winner: Drew McIntyre

Wade Barrett vs. Rey Mysterio: The action keeps rolling tonight! I tend to tune out a bit during Rey Mysterio matches, so let’s skip to the end. Rey sets up the 619, but Justin Gabriel appears to cause a distraction. Barrett plants a big boot square in Mysterio’s face, and follows it up with Wasteland. The rest of Corre appear again, and yet another beatdown ensues. Gabriel climbs to the top rope, but Big Show’s music hits. The giant takes out The Corre single-handedly, but the numbers game soon catches up. Ezekiel Jackson finishes the job by suplexing Big Show! Your winner: Wade Barrett.

JTG vs. Kane: I wonder who’s going to win this bout? Place your bets now, folks. Your winner: JTG

…Just kidding. It was Kane. In less than 2 minutes. Of course.

Layla vs. Eve: There seems to be some dissention within LayCool – not only did Layla get pinned by Eve at the Royal Rumble, but she was also defeated by Kelly Kelly last week, which stopped Dolph Ziggler becoming champion. The crowd starts chanting ‘GO PACK GO!’ during this bout – the WWE Universe clearly cares a great deal about the Divas… Eve sets up her top-rope Moonsault, but Michelle McCool gets involved. This gives Layla an opening, and she sends Eve tumbling to the canvas. Layla goes for a cover, but Eve quickly reverses it and gets the 3-count. Your winner: Eve

World Heavyweight Championship – Edge vs. Dolph Ziggler: Vickie Guerrero grabs the mic from Tony Chimel during his introductions to remind everyone that the ban on Edge’s Spear is still in effect. The bell rings, and Dolph goes for a roll-up – Vickie counts very quickly, but Edge kicks out in time. Vickie’s unfair refereeing is obviously a common theme throughout this match – at one point, Edge covers after an Edgecution DDT, but Vickie places Dolph’s foot on the ropes. Soon after, both men are down and Vickie starts impersonating Edge, in what is one of the most bizarre sights I have ever seen. She tries to Spear Edge, but it’s like running into a wall and she falls to the canvas. It seems she’s tweaked her ankle – a trainer appears to escort Vickie to the outside to tend to her injury. With Vickie out of the picture, Edge hits a Spear on Ziggler – but there’s no referee to make the count! Edge hits another Spear, and this time Vickie sees him, although she’s still helpless outside of the ring. All of a sudden, Clay Matthews of the Green Bay Packers appears at the top of the ramp, wearing a ref’s shirt! Matthews is a big WWE fan, so this is pretty cool to see. Matthews slides into the ring and counts to 3. Your winner: Edge

Well, that’s it for this week. What will happen next Friday? Edge was caught in the act, but remains champion. I’ll see you next time, for the last SmackDown! before the Elimination Chamber. Cheers!


  1. Justin Gabriel may have been the only guy (prior tonight's Barret/Ray match) from Corre to do so…. unless it happened on Superstars. I'm not completely sure as sometimes all this wrestling becomes a blur for me… He is also the one of the bunch aside from Wade, who I think has the best chance at a singles run after the Corre is done. He seems to have the babyface style, and might even eventually defect from the group first…

    I was shocked Eve looked pretty good tonight. Albeit, DG pointed out something about her training that makes me watch her closer than I have in the past. I had written her off until this came to light. Not a bad Diva's match, which is a novelty in itself.

    I too kind of enjoyed the Packer guest referee. Yeah, it lacks logic and so forth within the kayfabe…. however with the relevance of the Superbowl and being in Green Bay, the WWE was smart to capitalize on this coincidence for the live show if nothing else. I'm sure there are fanboys/girls whining elsewhere about anyone from the crowd being able to don a referee shirt and run in. But it's not worth getting into though.

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