We’re hot off the heels of an… interesting WrestleMania, to say the least. And we already have our main event for next year! What’s in store for this week’s SmackDown!? Let’s find out, shall we?

Alberto Del Rio’s music kicks off the show. Del Rio appears on the ramp with Ricardo Rodriguez and Brodus Clay in tow. No car this week – guess he’s still pissy about what happened to his Rolls Royce at ‘Mania. Destiny seemingly turned its back on Alberto, but he’s adamant that it has merely been “delayed,” and he will still capture the World Heavyweight Championship. Edge’s music interrupts Del Rio mid-rant, and the champ appears on top of a tow-truck which has Del Rio’s smashed-up car atop it. Edge pulls out a can of yellow spray paint, and writes ‘WHOOPS’ on the bonnet. Del Rio demands a rematch, but Edge insists there are other Superstars worthy of a title match – such as Christian, who’s beaten Del Rio on more than one occasion. Edge and Christian make their way down to the ring, but Teddy Long interrupts before anything happens. He sets up a match between Del Rio and Christian for tonight, with the winner facing Edge at Extreme Rules in a Ladder Match. Sweet.

2 out of 3 Falls – Big Show/Kane/Kofi Kingston/Santino Marella vs. The Corre: This is a WrestleMania rematch which The Corre demanded, apparently. Their match at ‘Mania was such a throwaway – it did little but make The Corre look inconsequential. Although, we did get one classic moment – the slow-mo replay of Big Show knocking out Heath Slater. You know the one I mean? Best. Replay. Ever. The Corre’s music has changed! It’s the same song, but seemingly by a different band. A kinda Nine Inch Nails wannabe band. Still, it’s a bit better than the original track. The first pinfall in this match comes after Kofi Kingston takes out Justin Gabriel with a huge flying crossbody. Wade Barrett soon takes advantage of a distracted Santino, and scores the second pinfall with a Wasteland. You know what it’s time for? Yes, it’s Obligatory Tag Match Breakdown Time™! All 8 men get involved as this match completely breaks down. Kane grabs Barrett’s throat, but the rest of The Corre attack and force a disqualification. The Good Guys eventually take The Corre out with their finishing maneuvers and celebrate their victory. Your winners: Big Show/Kane/Kofi/Santino

Cody Rhodes vs. Trent Baretta: I’m always happy to see Trent Baretta get a match. Even though I’m pretty certain he’s gonna get destroyed here. Baretta gets a few impressive moves in, but this match is Cody Rhodes’ for the taking. The Cross Rhodes is soon hit, and this match is done. Rhodes starts attacking Baretta with his mask after the bell, but Rey Mysterio runs down and makes the save. Your winner: Cody Rhodes

LayCool vs. Kelly Kelly and Beth Phoenix: During LayCool’s entrance, we get a totally unnecessary slow-mo replay of Snooki’s handspring at WrestleMania. There goes my plan for sleep tonight. Beth throws McCool against the ropes, inadvertently knocking Layla to the floor in the process. Michelle tries to make a tag, but her partner is incapacitated. Later in the match, Layla tries to tag Michelle back in, but Michelle fakes an injury and falls off the apron. A confused Layla is rolled up by Kelly Kelly, and the match is over. The end of LayCool is nigh, folks. Your winners: Kelly Kelly and Beth Phoenix

We’re shown a replay of Michael Cole attacking J.R. with his BBQ sauce this week on RAW. Back to SmackDown!, Cole is in the ring, laughing and shouting “Who shot J.R.? I did!” Talk about your cutting edge pop culture references… Cole introduces his mentor and trainer, Jack Swagger. Swagger spends his mic time putting over Michael Cole, which is bizarre, to say the least. Cole thanks him, and says there is nobody backstage who could defeat Swagger. Famous last words. The two morons perform a “victory lap” round the ring, but their celebration is cut short by Sin Cara’s music! Swagger pounces for Sin Cara, but he’s soon on the receiving end of an impressive beatdown.

Backstage to LayCool, as Layla hands Michelle an appointment card for couple’s therapy. There’s potential for some good comedy segments here – let’s hope the writers do it justice!

No. 1 Contender’s Match – Alberto Del Rio vs. Christian: Edge comes out to provide commentary for this bout. I have a feeling this will go to a ‘no contest,’ and the match at Extreme Rules will be Triple Threat. With Brodus Clay, Ricardo Rodriguez and Edge at ringside, there’s too many combustible elements present. This match is back-and-forth all the way, with both men inching towards a victory. After a series of counters, Del Rio eventually manages to lock in the Cross Armbreaker, but Christian manages to wrap his feet round the bottom rope. Brodus Clay looks set to interfere, but Edge puts a stop to that by Spearing him in front of the announce desk. The small distraction is enough; Christian hesitates to climb to the top rope, and once he’s there, Del Rio leaps up and kicks him in the back of the head. Del Rio makes the cover, and gets the 3-count. So much for my theory of a Triple Threat! Your winner: Alberto Del Rio.

That’s it for this week’s SmackDown! coverage. See you next week!

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  1. I've got to give credit for his selling of Big Show's punch at Mania. It really did look awesome. He also seemed to take most of the bumps in the SD match too. But I don't like that the tag champs and I.C. champ are being buried. Cart before the horse, if you ask me. Bury them after you get the titles off of them. I know, I know, titles don't mean that much anymore. Does it have to be so blatant?

    All of the twelve-year olds must have been stoked to hear Cole refer to their current favorite show, Dallas… ha ha! Good call!

    We'll have to wait and see where the Edge/Del Rio program goes from here. Probably we'll get a tag match next (again)?

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