We’re hot off the heels of a much-hyped WWE Draft… So let’s see how the new faces on the blue brand fit in, shall we?

Before I begin, a big thank you to Drowgoddess for filling in last week and doing an awesome job as always. The last couple of weeks have been pretty taxing on my family, and I appreciate the support from the BWF family. GROUP HUG!

As for SmackDown!…

Randy Orton kicks off tonight’s show. I’m glad Orton was drafted;he was becoming a little stale over on RAW. Orton grabs a mic and mentions his unfinished business with CM Punk, but is interrupted by Drew McIntyre. The (much-improved) Sinister Scotsman gloats about “moving onwards and upwards” to Monday Night RAW, then tries to catch Orton off-guard with a Futureshock DDT. Orton counters, however, and plants an RKO. He picks up a mic again, but is interrupted once more – this time by a generic rock track (how I love those) as Alex Riley appears. Riley doesn’t even get a chance to start talking before he’s also laid out with an RKO… I don’t really see the point in this. All it does is make McIntyre and Riley look inconsequential. Alberto Del Rio’s music is next, and he makes his way to the ring, flanked by Brodus Clay and Ricardo Rodriguez. They look to gang up on Orton, but Christian appears to even the odds. Of course, Teddy Long follows and books a tag match for tonight’s main event. What a huge surprise!

Kofi Kingston appears for a match, but Sheamus jumps him from behind and spends a good few minutes annihilating him.

Jack Swagger vs. Sin Cara: We come back from a break, and a bruised Michael Cole is in the ring. Add my name to the long list of people who think this program with Cole has run its course. Yawn. Cole makes some fat jokes about JR. Again, yawn. He introduces Jack Swagger, who is facing Sin Cara tonight. I’m glad this guy’s come over to the blue brand. This is your standard high-flier-versus-big-man fare, but Swagger does look pretty impressive. Why he’s been dragged into this Cole/Lawler feud, I do not know. Waste of the guy’s talents. Cole passes a belt (I think?) to Swagger, but the distraction allows Sin Cara to get a quick pin with a modified Victory Roll. Does anyone still call it that? Your winner: Sin Cara

Another hype video for Awesome Ko—err, Kharma. What do we make of the name? I think it’s pretty cool; it’ll grow on me. Coulda been a lot worse!

WWE Tag Team Championship – Big Show and Kane vs. Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater: I’m guessing Show and Kane won the belts last week purely to give them something to do? I really wish the WWE would invest in a proper tag team division, but ho-hum. This match drags on a little long, but Kane and Big Show eventually chokeslam Gabriel and Slater. Kane covers Slater, and the big men retain their titles. Your winners: Big Show and Kane

Backstage, Khali and Ranjin Singh bump into FCW’s Jinder Mahal. They seem pretty awe-struck to see him, for some reason. Interesting… Is Jinder’s gimmick going to be that of a famous Indian movie star, or something? We’ll see.

Rey Mysterio vs. Mark Henry: Looks like Mark Henry’s back to being a big, bad heel. Good. He was excellent during his ECW run, and maybe now he’ll finally get a long-overdue title run. I say give him a shot, even as a transitional champ. This match is exactly how you’d imagine it, so let’s skip to the end. Rey hits the 619, but before he can climb the turnbuckle, Cody Rhodes attacks and forces the DQ. He beats on Rey outside for a while, then throws him back into the ring. Mark Henry gets a little revenge of his own, and lands a World’s Strongest Slam. Rhodes grabs a paper bag and puts it over Rey’s face. Meh, The Beautiful People did it better. Your winner: Rey Mysterio via DQ

Michelle McCool vs. Layla: I liked Layla’s breakdown over on RAW. I don’t think anybody expected her to take out Michelle so viciously. This match spills outside almost immediately, and the Divas brawl to a countout. Referees eventually separate the two, and Layla grabs a mic. She challenges Michelle to a match at Extreme Rules. Michelle accepts under one condition – Loser Leaves WWE. Your winner: Um, nobody. Double countout.

Matt Striker is talking with Christian backstage. There’s nothing about this scenario that I dislike. Christian vows to climb a ladder on Sunday and take the World Heavyweight Championship. It’s about time he gets a shot, but I don’t much fancy his chances.

Randy Orton and Christian vs. Alberto Del Rio and Brodus Clay:  Del Rio and Clay spend the majority of this match beating down Christian, leading (predictably) to an eventual hot tag. Orton takes care of both men in a matter of minutes, which only makes Christian look second-rate. Way to treat your No. 1 Contender… Orton hits an RKO on Brodus Clay and gets the pinfall. Your winners: Randy Orton and Christian

Welp, that’s it for another week! Enjoy Extreme Rules, and I’ll see you all again next week.


  1. I agree completely that Randall Keith Orton RKO'ing everyone including the popcorn vendor, ushers, and that sweet old lady in Seat B-23 was overkill. While I laughed at how Alex Riley walked up with a microphone about to say something only to eat an RKO, this type of stuff is self-defeating.

    I enjoyed the Sin Cara match.

    Why was everyone still wearing their brand's T-Shirts? I know it's the fallout from the draft, but that seemed awkward to me as a viewer. There's some WWE propaganda out there claiming that 70% of viewers of either brand do not watch the other show. Really?

    Jinder Mahal is an FCW guy? I was wondering what that was all about. Do you think they will pigeon-hole him into a Bollywood character? I guess I shouldn't be shock(master)ed if they do.

    A BOO to the bookers for making Christian look second rate, I concur.

  2. Agree completely with the RKO sentiment.

    When Sin Cara's lights stayed on for his entire match, I was reminded of New Jack in the original ECW, and "Natural Born Killers" playing for his entrance, the entire duration of the match, and after the match. Hey, it was funny!

    It would be expecting far too much from WWE in terms of character development, but consider this. The Great Khali has been the dancing and lovable "Punjabi Playboy" for ages now. Jinder Mahal could turn out to be a dastardly heel who views Khali's fun-loving nature as a Bollywood stereotype and a disgrace to the Indian people and men like himself who have worked so hard to get past such stereotypes. It's a thought.

    Layla! Layla! Layla!

    Someone help me locate the ninjas who kidnapped Samoa Joe and held him hostage for weeks. I want to persuade them to take Cole.

  3. I read somewhere online that Jinder had a dark match as the face at that taping, but I dunno if there's any truth to that. I like your idea for him as a heel, though, DG. That'd be cool. If only to have an ethnic heel that didn't resort to stereotyping…

    The brand t-shirt thing was a bit odd, aye…

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