I was far too lazy this morning to actually do a review of last night’s iMPACT, but since the WWE packed up and moved all the way from the CW to MyNetwork TV, the least I could do is SmackDown in Real-Time!  You know how it works; quick results up here, full details after the jump.

SmackDown is on MyNetwork TV right now!  Check your local listings to find out where you can watch in your area, and keep refreshing every few minutes for the latest updates!

Jeff Hardy, Rey Mysterio, Finlay, & Batista def. MVP, JBL, The Brian Kendrick, & Kane when Hardy pinned MVP.

Intercontinental Champion Santino Marella def United States Champion Shelton Benjamin by pinfall after a distraction from R-Truth.

Mark Henry & The Great Khali def. Chavo Guerrero via submission when Khali locked in the vice grip.

CM Punk& The Colons def. Team Priceless when Punk pinned Ted DiBiase.

WWE Women’s Champion Beth Phoenix def. WWE Diva’s Champion Michelle McCool via pinfall after The Glam Slam.

WWE Champion Triple H def. World Heavyweight Champion Chris Jericho vs. ECW Champion Matt Hardy by pinning Hardy in a triple threat match.

Detailed results after the jump!

Keep clicking refresh for the latest updates!

SmackDown kicks off with it’s new opening video, the pyro goes off, and we are ready to go on MyNetwork TV from Green Bay, WI!  All the champions in the WWE are in the house, every major superstar, and tonight’s main event features Triple H taking on Chris Jericho and Matt Hardy in a Triple Threat Match!

Speaking of Hardys, the first superstar to make his entrance on MyNetwork TV is the number one contender for the WWE Championship, Jeff Hardy!  He’s seconded by Rey Mysterio, followed by Finlay, and then RAW’s Animal, Batista.  They’re in 8 man tag action, if I heard Justin Roberts’ match introduction correctly.  MVP makes his way out and we get our first “Pop-Up Hurricane” of the night, saying that MVP is the highest paid superstar on the SmackDown roster, and that Helms wants a raise.  MVP’s followed out by JBL, The Brian Kendrick, and The Big Red Monster, Kane.

Jeff Hardy, Rey Mysterio, Finlay, & Batista def. MVP, JBL, The Brian Kendrick, & Kane

Finlay and The Brian Kendrick start things off here, and leave it to the WWE to throw me a match that’s going to be fast paced and chaotic to kick off a real-time review.  Finlay takes control and tags in Batista, who gets a huge pop as he comes in to work over the much smaller Kendrick.  Finlay gets tagged back in and maintains control, manhandling Kendrick.  MVP tries to come to Kendrick’s aid on the outside but is cut off by a Hornswoggle clothesline from the apron, which sends us to…


We come back to Finlay clotheslining Kendrick to the canvas and tagging in the high-flying Rey Mysterio, who works over Kendrick for a second before taking a moment to glare at Kane.  Jeff Hardy gets tagged in and continues the all out assault on The Brian Kendrick.  When Jeff tags Finlay back in, Kendrick starts to mount a comeback.  He starts to show off, but Hornswoggle distracts him by taking his jacket and mocking Kendrick.  Finlay clotheslines Kendrick when he chases Hornswoggle, and then Finlay caught a clothesline from Ezekiel Jackson on the outside.  JBL rolls Finlay back into the ring and then accepts a tag from The Brian Kendrick.  He takes control over Finlay, and then tags in Kane, who continues the offense.  The heel team cuts Finlay off from his teammates and start to use quick tags, as MVP comes in and starts to work over the Fighting Irishman.  JBL gets the tag in, continuing the assault, and Kane dishes out a few cheap shots behind the referee’s back for good measure.  JBL telegraphs a backdrop, and gets DDT’d for his trouble.  Finlay crawls over to his corner, and Batista gets the tag in as JBL tags MVP.  The Animal starts cleaning house, even breaking a Kane chokeslam attempt.  He drops MVP with a spinebuster and sets of up for the Batista Bomb, but it’s broken up by Kendrick, who gets a backdrop for his trouble.  Batista tags in Rey Mysterio, allows him to climb on his shoulders and jump off onto MVP.  Mysterio sets Kendrick up for the 619, but MVP is the legal man.  He then gets MVP set up right next to Kendrick, and as he bounces off the ropes to go for the 619, he’s pulled out of the ring by Kane, which sends us to another…


Kane takes Mysterio down as we come back, then locks him in a chinlock.  The commentators talk about the stipulation in Rey and Kane’s upcoming match as if Rey had never been unmasked before, which we all know isn’t true.  Anyways, Kane tags Kendrick, who locks in a Camel Clutch on Mysterio before tagging in JBL, who continues working over Rey, hitting a fallaway slam, getting a one count before Batista broke up the pin attempt.  JBL tags MVP, who continues the beating of Rey Mysterio before tagging in The Brian Kendrick, who stomps Mysterio from the top rope, only getting a two count.  Rey finally starts to battle back, taking Kendrick over with a headscizzors.  Rey tags in Jeff Hardy, who goes for a Twist of Fate, which is reversed, but Jeff hits the Whisper in the Wind.   All hell starts to break loose, as predicted, and in the chaos, Mysterio drops MVP with a 619, which is followed up by a Swanton Bomb from Hardy, who picks up the victory for his team!

We get a recap of the events that have taken place since Unforgiven surrounding The Undertaker, The Big Show, and Vickie Guerrero.  Guerrero is apparently not here tonight according to JR.

Speaking of The Big Show, he’s walking backstage!


Mike Adamle is in the back with Teddy Long and Tiffany.  Big Show wants to know why they’re in Vickie’s office.  They’re here to represent their respective brands.  Tiffany asks how Vickie is.  Show tells them to get out of his office.  Chavo comes in and says he made it and that his back is killing him from what ‘Taker did to him last week.  He says they need a plan to stop The Undertaker from getting him again.  Show tells him to shut up, he’s in charge and everything will be fine.  Chavo says that because he’s a Guerrero, he should be in charge.  Show says screw that.  Chavo’s got a match.  Chavo calls shenanigans.  Show says that if Chavo doesn’t wrestle in his match, he’ll have a match with The Big Show.  Chavo backs down and says it’s cool.

Santino Marella makes his way down to the ring with The Glamazon, Beth Phoenix.  We get another “Pop-Up Hurricane,” and Helms says that if Honky Tonk Man saw Santino, he’d be turning in his grave.  Wait, he’s not dead?  Oh.  Helms is just saying.  Anyways, Santino says it’s great to be here as a part of SmackDown’s all-star kickoff.  If you didn’t know, he’s the Intercontinental Champion and the most feared man in the WWE.  He’s got numbers to back it up.  He calls for the Honk-A-Meter.  Honky Tonk Man was champion for 64 weeks, and Santino has been champion for 6.71 weeks.  Tonight he’s going to beat Goldylocks, who is only champion of the United States.  Santino is the champion of all the continents, which makes him champion of planet Earth!


Shelton calls Santino “Beth Phoenix’s Girlfriend.”  He tells us not to blink because… I don’t know, he’s going to win pretty quick or something.

Intercontinental Champion Santino Marella def. United States Champion Shelton Benjamin

The two men start off comparing championship gold.  Marella hooks in a headlock, but Benjamin powers out of it and kicks Marella in his face.  From there, Benjamin goes on the offense.  He drops Marella with Pay Dirt as R-Truth’s music starts.  He’s up in the crowd rapping his theme song.  Benjamin takes a moment to stomp Santino before turning his attention to Truth.  He tosses Marella into the buckle for good measure before durning his back to Marella and allowing himself to be powerbombed and pinned by the Intercontinental Champion!

Truth dances his way back up the aisle as Shelton sits fuming in the ring.  Truth looks back at him from the stage and simply says “What’s Up!”


Weelllllllllllllllllllllllllllll it’s The Big Show!

The Big Show is angry and marching down to the ring.  Show says he wants Vickie to rest easy, he’s got it all under control on SmackDown.  Everybody knows why Chavo is going to be in action.  Show’s arranged for a very special match to make Vickie feel better.

Oooooooooooooh, Chavo!

Chavo makes his way to the ring, looking confused as to what Show could possibly mean.  It turns to a look of disgust when his opponent is announced… Mark Henry.

Oh yeah, and his tag team partner, The Great Khali!

Mark Henry & The Great Khali def. Chavo Guerrero

Henry and Khali argue about who’s going to start.  Apparently Henry won the argument.  Big Show is standing ringside as The World’s Strongest Man takes Chavito down.  He tags in the Punjabi Giant, The Great Khali, who hits a move before tagging Henry back in.  Henry drops Chavo with a World’s Strongest Slam, then tags Khali back in.  Khali locks in the vice grip as The Big Show applauds.  The referee calls for the bell, and Chavo has lost this match.

Khali throws Chavo out to the floor and at the feet of The Big Show, who picks Chavo up and nails him with a huge right hand.  Show calls for the microphone.  He says that he hopes The Undertaker is watching, because he could easily do what he just did to Chavo to The Undertaker.  Big Show will show No Mercy at No Mercy (get it?).  The bell tolls, the lights go out, and The Big Show exits the ring and heads up the ramp.  When the lights come back on, ‘Taker is standing in the ring looking up the aisle at his No Mercy opponent.


Team Priceless is in the ring, and they get the Picture in Picture treatment, saying that RAW is the best brand in sports entertainment.  Wrestling is a treasured legacy for the World Tag Team Champions and their pal Manu.

The WWE Tag Team Champions make their way out to the ring, and they’re dressing the same now, with Primo adopting Carlito’s long pants with his name down the leg.  Carlito says that instead of going two on two tonight and leaving Manu to look like more of an idiot than he usually does, let’s make it a six man tag.  Team Priceless agrees, and Primo says “That’s cool,”  much to the dismay of his brother Carlitio.  Anywho, their tag team partner is the former World Heavyweight Champion, CM Punk.

CM Punk & The Colons def. Team Priceless

Punk walks across the ring and slaps Cody Rhodes as soon as he steps in the ring.  Kicking off the match, however, are Primo and Ted DiBiase.  The chaos starts early as both sets of Tag champions end up in the ring at the same time.  When things calm down, it’s Team Priceless who get control, at least until CM Punk gets tagged in.  When all hell breaks loose in this one and the dust settles, it’s CM Punk hitting the GTS on Ted DiBiase for the victory.

Jesse and Festus get a thank you from JR who says that they helped them move.

The Divas are on their way to the ring, where WWE Diva’s Champion.Michelle McCool will take on Women’s Champion Beth Phoenix in a lumberjack match!


WWE Women’s Champion Beth Phoneix def. Diva’s Champion Michelle McCool in a Lumberjill match.

You’ll have to forgive me, I didn’t get much sleep last night and dozed off at the start of this one.  When I woke up, Beth lured Michelle to the outside, where she was tripped up by Maryse.  Back in the ring though, McCool, starts trying to use kicks to beat down The Glamazon, but Beth winds up catching her with the Glam Slam to pick up the victory.

Still to come, WWE Champion Triple H vs. World Champion Chris Jericho vs. ECW Champion Matt Hardy.

<COMMERCIAL BREAK>  (you know, it doesn’t help that a commercial for a video game has a soothing voice singing “Twinkle, Twinkle” while I’m trying to stay awake)

We get a video package detailing the recent history between Shawn Michaels and Chris Jericho, starting with Unforgiven.

JR and Tazz run down the No Mercy card.

It’s main event time!

The ECW Champion, Matt Hardy,  makes his way to the ring first….

It’s time to play the game… TIME TO PLAY THE GAME!

The WWE Champion, Triple H makes his way out next.  Speaking of which, that’s when this match is going to start!


WWE Rewind:  Degeneration X assaults Lance Cade on RAW

The World Heavyweight Champion, Chris Jericho, heads to the ring, and we’re ready to go!

WWE Champion Triple H def. World Heavyweight Champion Chris Jericho vs. ECW Champion Matt Hardy in a triple threat match.

The three men are hesitant to start things off in this one, as nobody is sure who’s going to do what.  Jericho slaps Hardy in the face, which prompts Hardy to go after him.  Triple H joins in and they take turns beating up RAW’s representative in this match.  Hardy sends Jericho shoulder first into the steel post and turns around into a Game DDT.  The Game suplexes Jericho and goes for a cover, but only gets two.  Jericho takes a turn on offense against the Cereberal Assasin, but after Triple H turns the tide back into his favor, Matt Hardy attacks H-cubed and goes on the offense.  Jericho winds up taking control as both of his opponents battle on the apron, as he sends them crashing to the floor with a dropkick, and us crashing into…


Matt Hardy drops a middle rope elbow on Jericho as we come back.  As Matt goes to bounce off the ropes, Triple H pulls the ring ropes down, sending Hardy once again crashing to the floor.  Meanwhile, Jericho takes control of the match until The Game drops him with a spinebuster.  He goes for the Pedigree but he’s distracted by Matt Hardy climbing the ropes.  Jericho sends Triple H crashing into the turnbuckle, which winds up crotching Hardy on the top rope.  Jericho dumps The Game to the outside before turning his attention to Hardy, going for a superplex.  The Game came in with the assist, powerbombing Jericho down as he superplexes Hardy.  The Game is the first to his feet, and he slaps a sleeper onto Jericho.  Jericho reverses into a back suplex.  Jericho misses the Lionsault but lands on his feet, perhaps jamming his knee.  As Trips goes to capitalize, he decides to knock Hardy off the apron, which allows Jericho enough of a distraction to slap on the Walls of Jericho.  Triple H fights but he can’t get to the ropes.  He’s finally saved when Hardy comes running in.  Jericho goes for the Walls on Hardy, but Hardy reverses it into a rollup for two.  He blocks Jericho’s bulldog attempt and takes control of the match.  Jericho goes for a surprise Codebreaker, but Hardy avoids it and again only gets a two count.  He drops Jericho with the Side Effect, but the opportunistic WWE Champion drops the ECW Champion with a Pedigree and picks up the victory.

After the match, Jericho drops Triple H with a Codebreaker.  He goes under the ring and pulls out a ladder.  He rams the ladder into Matt Hardy’s face, then sandwiches him between the sides of the ladder.  Matt’s brother Jeff comes out and makes the save, clotheslining the man formerly known as Y2J out of the ring.  Triple H gets up and sees his No Mercy opponent.  Jeff Hardy quickly drops him with a Twist of Fate, then climbs the ladder.  Vladimir Kozlov comes out, and headbutts Jeff Hardy out of midair before dropping Triple H with his finisher.  The Moscow Mauler stands tall to end an impressive first showing of the WWE’s Friday night program on MyNetwork TV!

My Thoughts:

I was tired coming into my viewing of the show, and I dosed off during a commercial.  I only missed a little bit of one match, and that’s not to knock that match – it was pretty decent.  I got to watch this show in HD, which is going to be my usual Friday Night viewing habit from now on.  Interestingly enough, as of Midnight this morning, my cable provider’s CW affiliate (as well as our CBS affiliate) pulled their programming from the provider’s lineup.  I’m siding with the cable company on this one.

I still get a news show after SmackDown, but I like the presentation a bit better because they don’t immediately start their broadcast with shocking news like murders or fatal car crashes.  Actually, one of the stories they’re promoting for tonight is how Bills fans can catch the team’s game this Sunday since it was supposed to air on our local CBS affiliate, which a lot of the people in our area don’t currently get.

Anyways, I digress.  I enjoyed tonight’s show, and I’m going to make an attempt to watch No Mercy this weekend, but not doing real-time.  I’ll try to get in a quick No Mercy preview with predictions before Sunday’s show.  Have a good night, guys!

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