That’s right, we’re back with Friday Night SmackDown real-time coverage!  It’s been a couple of weeks since the last time we did this, but we’re ready to go!

Friday Night SmackDown is on the air RIGHT NOW on MyNetwork TV!

Maryse & Natalya def. Michelle McCool & Maria when Maryse pinned Michelle as Maria was distracted by Festus.

Carlito & Primo def. Bam Neely & Chavo Guerrero when Carlito pinned Bam after Bam was distracted by an argument with Chavo.

Kung Fu Naki & R-Truth def. MVP & Shelton Benjamin when Naki pinned MVP.

The Brian Kendrick def. Super Crazy via pinfall.

Triple H vs. The Undertaker ended in a no contest when The Big Show attacked.

Full details after the jump!

SmackDown is airing right now on MyNetwork TV, keep hitting “refresh” for the latest results!

Tonight’s episode is dedicated to the memory of The Rock’s grandmother, Leah Maivia, who passed away a couple days ago.

JR welcomes us to Laredo, TX, and we’ll be seeing Triple H take on The Undertaker right here tonight!

Speaking of Triple H, He’s on his way to the ring, and considering that they’re playing “King of Kings” instead of “The Game,” I’d venture to say that the WWE Champion is here to talk.  He tells us he’s sick of Vickie Guerrero.  It’s not the voice, it’s not the wheelchair, and it’s not the fact that she’s an annoying hag.  It’s gotta do with the fact that she thinks she can come out and tell everybody what to do.  It only really bothers Hunter when she tells him what to do.  He says Vickie’s not going to come out to shut him up because a big Twinkie truck just pulled up, so Vickie’s busy grazing.  As such, Hunter’s going to bitch about having to wrestle The Undertaker just 48 hours before Cyber Sunday, since it benefits Vickie Guerrero.  Vickie knows that Hunter’s gotta try to destroy The Undertaker tonight, because if he doesn’t, then ‘Taker might make sure that Trips doesn’t make it to Cyber Sunday.  And if Hunter doesn’t make it, then all of your votes would be for nothing, and he just can’t let that happen…

Hunter is interrupted by the band Endeverafter.  Well, one of their songs anyway; you know the one:  “so you see the writing on the wall, you’re in way over your head, with all those things that you said.”  Yeah, the Jeff Hardy theme song.  The younger, and currently beltless Hardy is here and he tells HHH that he knows the audience better than The Game does.  He feels like he’s got a great chance to get voted in.  He also thinks he’s walking out of Cyber Sunday as the new WWE Champion…

Jeff is interrupted by some generic Rammstein knockoff music.  Vladimir Kozlov says that he’ll beat Triple H like he did to Jeff Hardy last week.  We can only delay it momentarily, but Vladimir Kozlov will be champion.  Triple H says that he didn’t understand a word Vladimir said, but either way, here’s what’s going to happen at Cyber Sunday:  He drops Jeff Hardy with the Pedigree.

We’re reminded of how to vote for our choice in the WWE Championship match at Cyber Sunday.  Since I care about you guys, I’m not going to tell you how to do it, because there’s no point of you guys wasting a buck per vote.

Hunter got backstage pretty quickly, and he runs into The Undertaker.


WWE REWIND:  Maria wins herself a shot at Michelle McCool’s WWE Diva’s Championship when she pulls a pair of fuzzy dice off of a pole.

Speaking of Maria and Michelle McCool, they’re tag team partners tonight, and interestingly came to the ring together to Maria’s music.  Later on tonight, The Great Khali will be once again hosting the Kiss Cam.  Maria and Michelle’s opponents are Maryse and Natalya.

Maryse & Natalya def. Michelle McCool & Maria

We get a “HURRIPOP” just before the bell rings.  Gregory Helms says “Divas – Giggidy!”  Michelle and Maryse kick things off here, with Michelle taking control early but allowing herself to get distracted by Natalya, giving Maryse the opportunity to take control for her team.  As the match progresses, some Mariachi music starts, and Festus is apparently the leader of the band.  He comes out and hands Maria a flower.  Michelle went to tag Maria, but she was distracted by Festus.  Maryse rolled up Michelle to pick up the victory.

After the bell rang to end the match, Festus went through his transition and chased the Mariachi band out of the arena.


Still to come, Triple H vs. The Undertaker.  But first, it’s Chavo Guerrero and Bam Neely in tag team action!

Primo & Carlito def. Chavo Guerrero & Bam Neely

Chavito starts things off with Carlito, which is a back and forth encounter.  Carlito gets the tag in to Primo and the Colons start taking control of this match.  Chavito tags in Bam, and Primo keeps control of the match, using his quickness to counteract the power of the much larger Neely.  Bam winds up hitting a brutal clotheseline, and as Bam whips Primo into the ropse, Carlito makes the tag.  The brothers make uses of double team manuvers, but Bam winds up getting the tag in to Chavo.  Guerrero holds control momentarily until Primo allows himself to be distracted by Neely.  Chavo and Bam argue before Guerrero tags Neely in.  Bam misses a clotheline on Primo and tages Chavo down instead.  Primo gets the tag to Carlito, who uses his speed, much like Primo did earlier, to his advantage.  Bam and Chavo argue some more, leading to Bam slapping Chavo in the face, and Bam getting caught with a Backstabber, allowing Carlito and Primo to pick up the win!

After the match, Chavo yells to Bam in the ring “I made you!”  In the “Hurrapop,” Helms says he’s not sure if he could bear a break up between Chavo and Bam.

We then get a promo for Kizarny, who I have fond memories of watching back in his NSPW days when he performed as “The Original SiNN”


WrestleMania tickets go on sale November 8th!  I won’t be attending this time around, I don’t think.

We get a promo about John Cena for some reason.  Why are we getting this on SmackDown when he’s a RAW Superstar Entertainer?

Backstage, Maria is confronted by Michelle.  Maria says that she’s going to check on her friend Festus.  Michelle says that they’re going to talk right now.  Maria blows her off and goes looking for Festus.

Meanwhile, Primo is trying to hook up with Brie Bella when Carlito comes by and wonders what they’re talking about.  She says she’s got a photo shoot to go to and leaves.  As Primo and Carlito discuss who’s fault that was, the Mariachi band runs by, being chased by Festus, who is being chased by Maria.

<COMMERCIAL BREAK>  (Already?!?)

WWE Smack of the Week (even though it happened two weeks ago):  Ron Killings decides to find out what Funaki’s first name is.  It’s Kung.  And Funaki is actually his middle name (Fu) and his last name (Naki).  Then Killings sings about it to the tune of “Kung Fu Fighting.”

Speaking of Ron Killings, he’s rapping through the crowd on his way to the ring.  GET ROWDY! WHAT’S UP!  There’s a generic version of “Kung Fu Fighting” playing afterwards as Kung Fu Naki is making his way to the ring.  Fu Naki comes out dressed like a karate blackbelt.

As MVP’s music starts, we get another “Hurrapop,” and Gregory Helms ponders where MVP’s tunnel is, and assumes he lost that too.  MVP’s partner is the United States Champion, Shelton Benjamin.  Shelton doesn’t get a match on the Pay Per View, he gets the pre-show match on, where we can pick either MVP, R-Truth, or Festus as his opponent.

R-Truth & Kung Fu Naki def. MVP & Shelton Benjamin

Naki starts the match off with MVP, and the man in the Karate Gi uses his Kung Fu to send MVP scurrying for the tag.  He gets a few karate moves on the US Champion before tagging in R-Truth.  That was a mistake, because MVP and Benjamin take over.  Truth finally gets some separation from MVP and tags in Naki.  Naki utilizes the Crane fighting style and kicks MVP in the face to pick up the victory!

Backstage, Carlito & Primo are arguing over who gets first dibs on Brie Bella.  Carlito obliges.  Primo walks up and puts his arms around Brie, who asks what he’s doing.  He says he was saying hi.  She asks if he says hi to everybody like that, and she walks away.  Primo is confronted by The Great Khali.  Ranjin Singh explains that The Great Khali says that Primo’s got no game, and to pay attention because the Khali Kiss Cam is up next!


Tazz is rocking some 3D glasses and reading the new 3D edition of WWE Magazine.

The Great Khali and Ranjin Singh are making their way to the ring.  Ranjin is carrying a sack.  Last week, The Great Khali confronted The Big Show.  Khali takes the mic and speaks in Indian.  Ranjin dumps the sack out in the middle of the ring and we see it’s filled with mail for The Great Khali.  Apparently he’s recieved thousands of love letters from women all over the world who wanted to kiss Khali.  Ranjin reads two letters he selected at random.  The first one is from somebody who had a crush on John Cena, but now has a crush on The Great Khali.  The second one is from somebody who loves Khali’s body and would love to show him a real good time.  It’s from Bruce in San Fransisco.  Khali says that’s just wrong.  Anyways, forget the love letters, here’s the kiss cam!  Who wants to kiss The Great Khali?  The show a bunch of not half bad looking girls, they pick one of them.  Tazz escorts her into the ring.  Ranjin decides to pick a second volunteer as well.  The show a bunch of not half bad looking girls again, and pick a big fat plant girl.  Ranjin brings the first girl to Khali, and as he leans in to kiss her, Ranjin stops him.  He tells Khali that anybody can kiss “that one,” but it takes a giant to kiss the other one.  Ranjin asks for some encouragement from the fans in Laredo, and gets a “Khali” chant going.   He leans in and plants a big kiss right on the girl’s lips.  Let’s hear it for The Great Khali!

Still to come, Triple H takes on The Undertaker.


We come back to another vignette for Kizarny

We get a rundown of the Cyber Sunday card and how you can vote in the various matches.

Undertaker says that The Big Show and Vickie Guerrero haven’t sealed his fate, he’s sealed theirs.  As far as Triple H, Hunter walks with him into the darkness tonight, and whether Trips leaves the darkness is a question they both must answer.

Triple H takes on The Undertaker later on tonight.

<COMMERCIAL BREAK>(again, already?!?)

The Brian Kendrick is feeling better this week, and will be in action tonight!  Hooray!  Super Crazy actually gets an entrance this week, and I relize that his highlights in his Titan Tron video are from an old ECW match against Little Guido.

The Brian Kendrick def. Super Crazy

Crazy starts off on offense.  Seriously.  Shocking, I know, but I’m not lying to you.  Crazy lets himself get distracted, and The Kendrick kicks him in the face over the referee’s head.  The referee argues with The Brian Kendrick, who yells “I’m sorry!” and nails Super Crazy with The Kendrick, and picks up the win.

After the match, Ezekiel nails Crazy with a Rock Bottom sort of move.

Up next, it’s The Undertaker vs. Triple H!


We get a video package highlighting SmackDown and ECW’s trip to Mexico.

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is your main event of the evening, and it is scheduled for ONE FALL!

Time to play the gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaame!

Triple H makes his way to the ring, prepared for action against The Phenom of the WWE.  Undertaker takes forever to get to the ring (like five minutes.  Seriously!) and we head to a…


Triple H vs. The Undertaker

Apparently these guys have been standing here for the past three minutes, because we come back and the bell rings.  The match starts off slowly, with the deadman getting the upper hand of a majority of the exchanges.  That’s not to say that The Game doesn’t get in his share.  It’s a pretty back and forth match for the first few minutes.  Taker tries to dropkick Triple H in the corner or something along those lines, but the WWE Champion moves, and Taker tangles himself up in the ropes.   Trips takes advantage momentarily but then we get back to back and forth action.  Hunter winds up getting ‘Taker set up for a Pedigree, but ‘Taker got out of it, catapulting Trips into the buckle.  The match continues to go back and forth, with a few near falls added in.  It’s not as thrilling as it sounds.  If I weren’t reviewing this, I probably would’ve changed the channel and came back in 10 minutes for the finish.  Taker goes for The Last Ride.  Hunter counters with a neckbreaker for two.  Taker goes for a chokeslam.  Hunter counters with an Irish whip and a Spinebuster, but only gets two.   Hunter counters another chokeslam going for the Pedigree, but ‘Taker counters, going for a Tombstone, but that’s countered as well.  Taker finally drops The Game with a Last Ride, but ‘Taker can’t capitalze because he’s exhausted.  This leads the way for The Big Show to come out and attack, causing the match to end in a no contest.

The Game tries to take Show out with a chair, but Show turns around and chokeslams him.  He then uses the chair to work over The Undertaker.  Show stands tall in the ring over The Undertaker and Triple H, then leaves.

<COMMERCIAL BREAK>(seriously?)

We come back to a recap of what happened before the break as The Game still struggles to get up.  Taker’s already out of the ring, and as Trips gets to his feet, Vladimir Kozlov comes to the ring and attacks him.  Kozlov drops Triple H with three clutch headbutts.  The Game gets back up, and Kozlov drops him with another headbutt, followed by a reverse DDT.  Kozlov stands tall over the WWE Champion as we fade to black.

My Thoughts: Meh, it was ok.  Certainly better than the live iMPACT last night.  That’s all I really have to say about it.  JT will be along with an article on Cyber Sunday sometime over the weekend, so stay tuned for that!

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