Welcome to SmackDown in real time.  As usual, we’ll have the quick results up here, followed by detailed results and my thoughts after the jump.

MVP’s VIP Lounge with special guest Jeff Hardy kicks off the show

Shelton Benjamin def. Jimmy Wang Yang

Festus def. Curt Hawkins

Vladimir Kozlov def. Stevie Richards

The Great Khali won a battle royal to determine the number one contender to Triple H’s title.

Michelle McCool def. Maryse

Brian Kendrick def. Shannon Moore

Vickie Guerrero reveals that she’s reinstated The Undertaker, and scheduled a Hell in a Cell match between The Undertaker and Edge for SummerSlam.

SmackDown starts off this week with a recap of Triple H ruining Edge’s wedding night last week on last week’s show.  We get the opening credits, and JR and Mick Foley welcome us to Philadelphia, PA, and explain what happened at the end of the Great American Bash.  The questions are, what type of physical and mental state is Vickie Guerrero in?

MVP is in the VIP Lounge.  After putting himself (and his “luxurious hairdo”) is a man who’s name makes men and women scream like little kids.  A four time IC Champion, a seven time Tag Team Champion, the Charasmatic Enigma, Jeff Hardy.  MVP welcomes Jeff to SmackDown, and to the VIP Lounge.  Tonight, there’s a “Biggest Block Party In The World Battle Royal.”  Jeff will be in there with Kennedy, Umaga, The Great Khali, and The Big Show for an opportunity to face Triple H at SummerSlam for the WWE Championship.  The odds on favorite, according to MVP, however, is MVP himself.  Jeff says that MVP hasn’t won a match since he lost the US Championship to his brother Matt.  MVP puts over Jeff Hardy’s WWE Magazine cover.  He says Jeff is known for being a risk taker.  Some of those risks have given him success, others have led to failures.  Jeff says he made a mistake, served his time, and feels the people respect him for coming clean about what he did.  MVP brings up Jeff’s house burning down.  He asks him how traumatic it is.  Jeff says it’s horrible, and asks MVP what he’s trying to do.   MVP asks the questions around here.  He brings up Jeff’s dog dying.  He says Jeff feels it’s his fault.  Jeff says he’s a jerk and asks if he thinks he’s a psychyatrist.  MVP says he’s neither.  He says Jeff is ruining his career with his behavior.  Jeff is reckless.  He’s a detriment to everybody, and he’s throwing his career down the drain – and that’s why he’ll never be WWE Champion.  MVP doesn’t believe that Jeff will never be suspended again.  Jeff says he won’t, he’ll be released.  MVP says Jeff doesn’t care about the people because he’s going to do what he wants to do.  Jeff needs to realize he’s a professional, and that he needs to accept responsibilty for his actions.  Jeff says he’s thankful he’s got a second chance, and if anybody should know about that, it’s MVP.  MVP tries to calm Jeff down, and gets shoved out of the ring.  An emotional Jeff Hardy remains in the ring as MVP makes his leave, and SmackDown goes to a commercial.

Vickie Guerrero is due to arrive at the arena.  Whoopitydoo!

The main event tonight is the aforementioned battle royal.

But first, it’s the new United States Champion, Shelton Benjamin in action!  Before that, however, Shelton wants to talk about his win.  At the Great American Bash, he did exactly what he said he was going to do – he liberated the US Championship from Matt Hardy.  Now, not only is he the Gold Standard, he is also the new United States Champion.  As he’s said time and time again, AIN’T NO STOPPIN’ HIM NOW! His opponent tonight is Jimmy Wang Yang.

Shelton Benjamin def. Jimmy Wang Yang

Shelton is the aggressor early in this one, and he tries to put Yang away quick with a big boot, but only gets a two.  Benjamin works Yang over, until Yang catches him with an enziguri, turning the tide in his favor.  Both men duck kicks from one another, but Benjamin hits the Pay Dirt for the victory.

Edge is backstage with the WWE Tag Team Champions, Hawkins and Ryder.  They don’t have time to talk though, because they have a match.  Edge wishes them luck.

WWE Slam of the Week:  Hawkins and Ryder win the WWE Tag Team Championship at the Great American Bash.

Speaking of Hawkins and Ryder…

Festus def. Curt Hawkins

I assumed when Hawkins and Ryder told Edge they have a match tonight, they meant both of them.  I digress though.  The bell rings, and Festus goes crazy, beating up Hawkins until he misses a splash in the corner.  Hawkins starts putting up a pretty decent fight, but has a snapmare countered on him, giving Festus the advantage.  Outside, Jesse prevented Ryder from getting to the bell, and Festus his a flap jack on Hawkins for the win.  After the bell, Ryder takes out Jesse, and the tag champs hit a double DDT on the hapless Festus.

Promo video for Jenny McCarthy’s Generation Rescue foundation.  She’ll be on Saturday Night’s Main Event next weekend.

We’re still waiting for Vickie Guerrero, and we’ve still got the battle royal to come!

Check out WWE.com for Great American Bash coverage.  Or you could stay right here on BoredWrestlingFan.

Edge is backstage with Alicia Fox.  He tells her to blend into the woodwork.  They’ll talk about it later at the hotel.  Bam Neely overhears the conversation.

Vladimir Kozlov def. Stevie Richards

Stevie gets the hometown pop, and apparently asked for this match.  Using a stick and move strategy gives Stevie a bit of an edge in this one – until he gets cut in a Grecko-Roman overhead throw, followed by a couple other throws and a Fugiwara armbar.  Kozlov goes on the offensive, but Stevie kicks him off, and ducks out of the way, sending Kozlov momentarily to the outside.  When he comes back in, Stevie starts in with some kicks.  He does pretty well until he runs straight into a Kozlov headbutt, which gives Kozlov the victory.  Kozlov says something to JR.  Apparently he wants better competition.

Up next, the battle royal for the number one contendership!

Another recap of last week’s events at the wedding of Vickie and Edge.  In fact, it’s the same video that kicked off the show.

And we’re still waiting for Vickie to arrive at the arena.  We finally have the entrances of the participants in tonight’s Battle Royal.

The Great Khali def. Jeff Hardy, The Big Show, Umaga, Mr. Kennedy, and MVP in a Battle Royal.

Everybody knows that Kennedy is from Green Bay, but he’s going to show everybody why he’s the greatest blockbuster of the summer, and he’s going to do it in the City of Brotherly love.  Then he does the name thing…  thing.  Ranjin Singh is back with The Great Khali as he comes out.  MVP finally has his air tunnel entrance back.  Umaga comes out next.  Next up, I go deaf from high pitched screams as Jeff Hardy makes his way to the ring.  Lastly, The Big Show makes his way out.    Rather than go play by play like I usually do, I think I’m only going to report on eliminations, as these things are a bit hectic, even with only six guys involved.  Jeff Hardy eliminated MVP via clothesline over the top rope.  Umaga was eliminated in similar fashion by The Big Show.  Show eliminates Kennedy via choke-shove over the top rope.  Show chokeslams Khali, but eats a Samoan Spike from the previously eliminated Umaga.  Jeff Hardy eliminates Show with a Hurricanrana.  He hits a Swanton Bomb on Khali, but can’t capitalize.  He escapes a tree bomb with a low blow, but it doesn’t seem to be doing him much good.  And it’s not.  He’s been eliminated, and The Great Khali will be going on to SummerSlam to take on Triple H for the WWE Championship.  After the match, Triple H comes to the ring and gets in Khali’s face.  Or at least as close as he can get.  I’d say he’s more in his neck than in his face.  Ranjin convinces Khali to leave.

Ron “The Truth” Killings is coming to WWE SmackDown under the name R-Truth.

Michelle McCool def. Maryse

Michelle is wearing her shiny new WWE Divas Championship to the ring.  It’s way too big on her.  Speaking of which, this is a non-title match.  Michelle starts off on the advantage, but when the action spills to the outside, Maryse takes advantage of the situation.  Her advantage continues back into the ring.  Michelle reverses a kick into a Brazillian Heel Hook, and wins the match via submission.

We’re still waiting for Vickie Guerrero.

RAW Rebound:  Batista vs. Punk part deux.  Ends just like the first.

After the break, SmackDown General Manager Vickie Guerrero arrives, wheeled into the building by nephew Chavo.  She’s 93 minutes late for work, and nobody seems to care!

Maria returns next Friday.

Bam lets Edge know that Vickie is here and in her office.  Edge says he needs to apologize to her in public.  Bam runs off to tell her.

Brian Kendrick def. Shannon Moore

JR says that Kendrick reminds him a little of the late, great, Brian Pillman.  Spanky says he’s the most well trained and intelligent wrestler in the WWE.  The fans can brag about seeing the Brian Kendrick “way back when.”  But if anybody tries to touch greatness, they’ll have to take that up with his man Zeke.  As Moore was making his way out, it’s mentioned that Ric Flair has a new show on WWE.com.  Speaking of Ric Flair, guess who might get to go meet him at WWE Niagara Falls in a few weeks?  That’s right, me!  Anyways, I digress.  Spanky does pretty well for himself here until missing a top rope move.  Moore takes advantage, but takes to long goingt up top himself, and gets speared by Kendrick and hit with Sliced Bread number two, which has been renamed “The Kendrick.”

Backstage, Bam relays Edge’s message to Vickie.  He skews Edge’s words though, saying that he thinks Edge might want an apology from Vickie as opposed to the other way around.

Another quick video promoting Jenny McCarthy’s Generation Rescue airs.  Saturday Night’s Main Event is next week.

Edge makes his way to the ring.  While I’m waiting for this to start, I guess it would be a good time to welcome those of you joining us from the link recently posted on dailytidbit.com.  Edge says he wants to publicly apologize to his wife Victoria.  He then thinks about that, realizing that Victoria is a WWE Diva, and that he needs to remind us that he’s talking about Vickie Guerrero.  He asks for Vickie to come out, which she does, accompanied by Bam and Chavo.  Vickie gets in the ring with some assistance, and Edge gets down on his knee to face her.  He says he knows that what he did was horrible.  What the video didn’t show was how many times Edge tried to say no.  Alicia was so aggressive, she kept coming on to him and wouldn’t take no for an answer.  Edge knows that Vickie is wondering why he didn’t just leave.  He says that he wanted to iron out the wedding plans and make sure that everything went perfect because he knew how important the wedding was to Vickie, and nothing means more to him than her happiness, and her love.  He says he won’t live without her love, he can’t live without her love.  Vickie replies, saying that she understands.  They hug.  She won’t kiss him though.  He needs to understand that hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.  When she was really mad at him, she did something he might not like.   She reinstated The Undertaker.  Edge is not pleased, as a chorus of “Undertaker” chants breaks out.  Edge understands, Vickie’s a businesswoman, and that’s good business.  He says they can go on their honeymoon, and The Undertaker and Triple H can destroy each other.  When they get back, Edge will pick the bones and take back his WWE Championship.  Vickie says it sounds great, but unfortunately, ‘Taker’s already got an opponent at SummerSlam.  Edge wants to know who.  Vickie tells Edge that it’s him.  Edge says she can’t mean that.  She says she does, and it will be Hell in a Cell.  Vickie lets out an evil laugh as Edge looks on in disbelief as SmackDown goes off the air!

My Thoughts

I gotta admit it guys, I read the spoilers, I knew what was coming.  It’s cool though, it was a pretty decent show.  I was actually pretty burnt out after the battle royal and the Divas match, but actually woke up a little after the Kendrick-Moore match.  I like the new gimmick Kendrick has.  He’s young enough where he could really have that Shawn Michaels-like run, if the WWE gets behind him, and I’d like to see it happen.  Vladimir Kozlov – screw it, I’m starting the damned bandwagon.  I like the guy, I think he’s got serious potential in the WWE if they keep pushing him the way they have been.  As far as The Undertaker coming back, you all knew it was happening.  There is no way ‘Taker is retiring at any show other than a WrestleMania.  I’m not too thrilled that The Great Khali is going to be headlining SummerSlam, but oh well.  An interesting note here, I installed a plugin here on BoredWrestlingFan.com that automatically adds tags (in this case they’re used mainly for meta keywords).  It’s added a lot of young talent’s names as tags to this post, but oddly enough, Ric Flair’s name didn’t come up despite him getting a couple of mentions in the post.  Ah well, whatever.  Pretty decent show this week, kinda dragged a little in the middle but pulled me back in at the end.

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