Hello, folks, and welcome to SmackDown in real-time!  As has become BWF Friday Night tradition, we’ll be posting quick results up here on the main page, with detailed results after the jump!

MVP def. Jimmy Wang Yang
After the match, Jeff Hardy hit MVP with a Twist of Fate

Mr. Kennedy def. Shelton Benjamin in a non-title match.

The Brian Kendrick def. Stevie Richards.

The Great Khali def. Jeff Hardy

Maria def. Victoria

Big Show def. Domino

Edge attacks Cutting Edge guest Mick Foley.

SmackDown kicks off with a recap of the end of last week’s episode, with Edge explaining his actions to Vickie, and then being informed that he will be taking on The Undertaker in a Hell in a Cell match at SummerSlam.

Intro video and pyro, as Good Ol’ JR welcomes us to Friday Night SmackDown.  The Cutting Edge returns tonight with a surprise guest.

First things first though, Jeff Hardy makes his way to the ring.  He’s wearing his WWEShop.com wristband, so that must mean he’s here to talk.  Apparently nobody was expecting Jeff to be there tonight, according to “The Mick.”  Tomorrow night, Jeff will take on Edge at Saturday Night’s Main Event.  He grabbed a chair and is sitting ringside for the following contest.

MVP def. Jimmy Wang Yang

MVP takes the microphone, says that he tried to open Jeff’s eyes to how his risky behavior hurts him and the people around him.  Jeff will never, ever be WWE Champion.  Last week, Jeff blew his chance to face Triple H because of his risky behavior.  MVP is going to show Jeff how a champion operates.  As you would expect, MVP takes the early offense in this one.  Yang gets a couple of counters in, but for the most part, he’s being beaten down.  After catching Yang coming off the top ropes and nailing a gutbuster, MVP kicked him in the face and took the win.

Jeff says that last week MVP got real personal and Jeff took it like a man.  He says if MVP ever mentions his home, the fire, or Jeff’s dog again, he’ll prove to him what kind of man he is.  Hardy then proceeds to hit a Twist of Fate.  He picks up the mic and tells MVP that he makes him sick.

Still to come, Jeff Hardy vs. The Great Khali.  Wait, what?  Didn’t Mick just say they weren’t expecting Jeff tonight?  Yet he’s booked in a match?  Are they expecting him to no-show like he did when he worked for TNA?  He hasn’t missed a show in quite awhile to my knowledge.  So much for continuity.


Chavo is wheeling Vickie into the ring, he doesn’t know who Edge’s guest is.  They see Alicia Fox in the hallway…


Mr. Kennedy has every other man, woman, and child in the building on the edge of their seat, waiting for those three simple words..  MIIIIIIIISSSSSSSTTTTTTERRRRRRRRRRRRR  KENNNNEDY!  KENNEDY!  Wait, isn’t that really only two words?

Mr. Kennedy def. Shelton Benjamin

A back and forth contest early on, as Mick Foley says that he finally met Tori Amos, who’s music he used to listen to before his matches.  The match continues to go back and forth, until Benjamin pulls Kennedy shoulder-first into the steel ringpost before we get a commercial break.  Kennedy is trapped in an armbar when we get back.  He battles out of it, but Benjamin aggressively goes to work on the arm.  Kennedy, out of nowhere, hits the mic check, and picks up a non-title victory over the United States Champion.

After the match, Eve asks what happened. Shelton says he shouldn’t have wrestled, because he has bronchitis and he’s not feeling well.

Hawkins and Ryder have their theme as their ringtones.  Chavo comes in and wants to know what Alicia Fox is doing there.  They don’t know.  They also don’t know who the special guest on the Cutting Edge is.

Still to come, Jeff Hardy vs. The Great Khali.


WWE Rewind:  The Brian Kendrick defeats Shannon Moore.

Speaking of good ol’ Leonardo Spanky, Ezekiel is accompanying him to the ring, as he’s got himself a match.  But first, he’s got himself a microphone.  He wants to make something clear – there’s no attitute change, he’s always been this way.  When he said he’s the most intelligent superstar in WWE, he meant it.  He put on a phony smile and teamed with Paul London, and it got his foot in the door.  He never has cared, and never will care about any of the fans.  If you’ve got a problem with that, you can take it up with his man Zeke.

I hear some knockoff Static-X instrumental, that must mean that it’s Stevie Richards time!

The Brian Kendrick def. Stevie Richards

Kendrick is aggressive to start this one, striking Stevie with strong kicks and punches before locking in a submission hold.  After letting go, it’s back to quick but fierce strikes before he locks in a Boston crab.  Stevie hasn’t gotten in any offense at all at this point.  Kendrick lets go of the hold and returns to strikes.  Stevie finally gets an edge, as he moves out of the way of a Kendrick splash in the corner.  Stevie hits some strikes of his own, even hitting a sitout powerbomb for a two count.  Richards kicks Kendrick in the face, sending him into the arms of Ezekiel.  Stevie got distracted by Kendrick’s bodyguard momentarily, allowing The Brian Kendrick to hit The Kendrick and pick up the win.

After the match Ezekiel puts Richards in the torture rack.

Up next, Jeff Hardy vs. The Great Khali.

Edge arrives in the building.


During the break, I checked out the SmackDown superstars page at WWE.com, Brian Kendrick is listed as The Brian Kendrick, so from now on, I will not be italicizing “The” in reference to his name.  I will still, however, be calling him Leonardo Spanky from time to time.

The Great Khali def. Jeff Hardy

Jeff tries to use his speed to attack Khali.  Bad idea, as Khali caught him and started beating him down in the corner.  Khali dominates the match for several minutes, and it does not look like Jeff Hardy stands a chance.  As Khali puts him back into a corner, Jeff nails a couple of kicks, but when he climbs the ropes, he’s shoved off and to the floor by Khali.  Jeff Hardy is down outside the ring as we go to a commercial.  When we come back, Jeff is down, and he’s bleeding from the shoulder after crashing into the ring steps on his way down before the break.  Jeff tries to fight back, but Khali is too big and strong as he clamps on a nerve hold.  Jeff manages to take the big man down with a Whisper in the Wind, then nails a Swanton, but before he can take advantage, he’s got to fend of MVP, who came down to ringside.  Khali pulls Jeff back into the ring and takes Hardy down.  He grabs Jeff in the vice grip.  Jeff turns red as he tries to fight it off, but he couldn’t hold out, as the referee calls for the bell, giving Khali the victory.

After the match, MVP stands tall over the unconscious Jeff Hardy.

We get another video promoting R-Truth.  He ended up in jail.  All of his freedoms were taken away.  He was told when to eat and when to sleep.  But he thought about how he got himself into this mess.  He survived and he’s a free man again.  And that’s the Truth.


Maria has finally arrived on Friday Night Smackdown – and she’s in action!

Maria def. Victoria

Maria goes for a move, but Victoria ducks and hits a throw on Maria.  Victoria goes on the offense, but when she stops to make fun of the Kiss Cam, Maria gets a kick in.  Maria’s offense doesn’t last too long though, with Victoria hitting a couple more power moves.  Maria hits a headscizzor takeover, but can’t capitalize, ending up getting powerslammed.  Victoria does a lot of trash talking as she’s got Maria in a full nelson.  Maria manages to hit a sunset flip for a two count, going on the offensive and picking up the victory with a clothesline from the top rope.

Edge wants to know what Alicia Fox is doing here.  She says he wanted her there.  He says he gave her a ticket, he didn’t mean for her to be backstage.  He wants her to see who the guest on The Cutting Edge is.


A “King of Kings” video package airs hyping Triple H for some reason.

JR and Mick Foley discuss Mike Adamle becoming the RAW GM before running down the SummerSlam card.

The Big Show makes his way to the ring.  He wears a size 66 Extra Long suit and a size 23 ring, according to JR.  Mick informs us that he wears a XXXL flannel.  Good for you, Mick.


Big Show vs. Domino

Where in the hell has Deuce been over on RAW.  JR was an all-star dominoes player in high school.  Mick ate a lot of Domino’s Pizza.  Show tosses Domino out of the ring, and Domino yells “oh, you want to play!”  He gets back in the ring, and gets knocked down again.  Domino takes his shirt off, throws it at the show, and then gets a big boot in the face.  Then he gets a chokeslam, and The Big Show has easily defeated Domino.

After the match, Umaga comes down to the ring.  These two eliminated each other last week in the battle royal.  Show tells Youmanga to bring it.  Umaga circles Show, and we cut back to Chavo, telling Vickie that nobody knows who the guest on the Cutting Edge is.

Up next, The Cutting Edge!


Edge makes his way to the ring for The Cutting Edge.  Mick thinks that it could be Triple H, since we haven’t seen him all night.  JR doesn’t think it’s The Undertaker.  The Cutting Edge set now features a ladder, a table, and a single chair.  Edge sits in that chair, and tells us he’s been searching for some inner peace for the last week.  His marriage is going through a rough patch, and in just over two weeks, he’s got Hell in a Cell against The Undertaker.  Edge watched all the footage, which was a mistake, because he’s seen all the pain and suffering caused by The Undertaker, and every time he closes his eyes, that’s all he sees.  Tonight, however, Edge is finding some of that inner peace, because he’s surrounded by his instruments of destruction – tables, ladders, and chairs, the things that helped him banish The Undertaker in the first place.  Edge has found the one person that can help him against The Undertaker, the one person who will help him thrive in Hell in a Cell, somebody who knows the Undertaker better than anybody else.  His guest tonight… MICK FOLEY!  Mick is surprised to know that he’s the guest.  He doesn’t think Edge is serious.  He goes because Edge said “please.”  Edge thanks Mick for coming on the show.  Mick says “I think you’re welcome.”  Edge knows they have history, but he’s a changed man.  He knows Mick can look past their history, because Edge knows that there’s something that eats away at Foley more than their past ever could.  In case he’s forgotten, Edge has a video…

The year was 1998.  A year of Degenerates.  When we all smelled what the Rock was cookin’.  And Austin 3:16 said he just whooped your ass.  One moment stood the test of time.  It would stand forever in the history of Mankind.  Video of Mankind being thrown off, and then through, the Hell in the Cell, elevating the man behind the mask, Mick Foley, to legendary status.  Will this one night be the undying legacy of the Hardcore Legend?

Edge says it was 10 years ago, and the fans haven’t forgotten.  Foley’s body has felt that match like it was yesterday, according to Edge.  After all of the brutality, Foley walked away on his own.  Edge saw Mick walk before that match, but ever since that match Mick hasn’t been able to walk properly.  Edge knows it eats away at his heart, and the fire burns inside of him.  Edge says if Mick helps him, he can exorcise the demon of the Undertaker.  He can get rid of all the pain in his heart.  Foley says that Edge brings up some good points, that he never was the same after that match.  Part of him would like to help Edge, but over the past several months, Edge hurt Mick’s credibility, because the one thing Edge has had was his bond with the fans.  Mick said that Edge is the greatest superstar in the WWE, even when it hasn’t been popular to say.  Unless the fans have a really really long memory, though, they think Edge sucks, because every week, they see an Edge who takes the easy way out, who relies on the numbers game, who relies on his wife.  Mick says he won’t, and can’t help Edge, but he knows who can – Edge.  Edge needs to look inside his heart and find the Edge who made Mick call him the greatest superstar in the WWE.  The Edge who took TLC and made it mean something.  The Edge who smelt his own burning flesh and didn’t mind because it reminded him of victory.  If he finds that Edge, JR and Mick will call what could be the greatest, most innovative, and most violent match in WWE history.  He needs to find that Edge, and bring him to SummerSlam, because if Undertaker sees this Edge at SummerSlam, the teeter-totter riding Edge, who gets down on one knee and begs for forgiveness from his wife, Undertaker will tear him apart.  Mick asks “Am I understood?”  Edge replies “I…  I understand.”  Then socks Mick in the face with the microphone, and we’ve got a good old fashioned Mick Foley and Edge brawl.  Foley pulls a chair out from under the ring (despite the fact that there’s one in the ring), but gets it kicked back into his face.  Edge spears Foley, and Foley’s head hits the steel steps.  Edge goes in the ring and positions the ladder and the table as Mick tries to pull himself up.  Mick gets back in the ring and gets the mandible claw on Edge, who escapes with a low blow.  Edge places Foley on the table, grabs a chair, and climbs the ladder.  He hits an elbow drop with the chair off the ladder through the table.  Edge stands over Foley with a crazed look on his face.  We see several replays, coming back to see Edge still standing over Foley, as JR points out the irony in the fact that this Edge was the one that Mick was telling Edge to find and bring to SummerSlam as we fade to black.

My thoughts

A pretty good edition of Friday Night SmackDown, if you ask me.  I really love Brian Kendrick’s new gimmick, and I also think that Domino would have a good thing going with his tough-guy trash talk in matches – if he’d start winning those matches.  Edge destroying Mick Foley at the end of the show is symbolic.  Mick asked for the Edge that he faced at WrestleMania 22, and he sure as hell got it.  Jeff Hardy is getting better on the mic each and every week.  If he can stay off the drugs, he’s going to be WWE Champion someday.  That’s it for me tonight, I’ll see you guys tomorrow night for Saturday Night’s Main Event.

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