It’s Friday Night, you guys know what’s up!  Much like last week, this week’s SmackDown in real-time is brought to you by the BoredWrestlingFan skipping a free concert – this week it’s Joan Jett.  Anyways, quick results up here, detailed results after the jump, as per usual!

Vickie Guerrero announces that SmackDown will also have a Championship Scramble match at Unforgiven.

Maria def. Natalya via disqualification when Maryse interfered

Big Show finds out he’s been overlooked as far as the Championship Scramble is concerned

The Brian Kendrick wins a 10 man battle royal to qualify for the Championship Scramble – thanks to The Big Show.

MVP def. Festus via countout to qualify for the Championship Scramble.

Shelton Benjamin def. Finlay to qualify for the Championship Scramble.

Jeff Hardy def. The Great Khali to qualify for the Championship Scramble.

Detailed results after the jump.

SmackDown kicks off with a recap of the SmackDown side of SummerSlam

Vickie Guerrero is here via video package, letting us know that we haven’t been seeing the real Vickie – Edge was the real problem, the person who corrupted her as a person.  No more of that crap though, we’re going to get the old Vickie back, because Edge is residing in hell.  She’s ready to feel good about herself again.  She wants everybody to give The Undertaker a standing ovation when he gets here tonight.  Anywho, SmackDown has themselves a Championship Scramble, just like RAW.  We know Triple H is in it, who else is?  We’ll find out tonight, as there will be qualifying matches.  Oh yes, there will be qualifying matches.

JR and Tazz welcome us to a show that’s been on for five minutes.

Maria makes her way to the ring.  She’s in action, NEXT!


Later on, Jeff Hardy takes on The Great Khali in a Championship Scramble Qualifying Match.  Festus takes on MVP in another one of those.

Maria def. Natalya

Maria’s ready to go, and holds her own early on in the match.  Actually, that’s an understatement, she takes control of this one, but Natalya finally catches her with a single leg takedown, which messes up Maria’s leg, and The Anvil’s daughter takes full advantage of it.  Maria shows her toughness and battles back, hitting a bronco buster on Natalya before spearing her off the apron.  As Maria goes out after her, Maryse makes her way out, distracting Maria.  Natalya attacks Maria while she’s distracted, followed by a kick by Maryse that draws the DQ.

After the match, Maryse continues to attack Maria, when Michelle McCool makes the save.

Backstage, Chavo, Bam, and Vickie run into The Big Show backstage, he wants to know who his opponent is in his qualifying match.  Vickie forgot to book him.  It was an oversight.  Show says he understands, it’s ok.  He walks away, and up next, a 10 Man qualifying battle royal!

Wait a second… Here comes the Big Show!  Show grabs a chair and takes a seat at ringside for the upcoming battle royal.


The Brian Kendrick won a Battle Royal to qualify for the Championship Scramble at Unforgiven

Armando Estrada,  Scotty Goldman, Ryan Braddick, Funaki, Vladimir Kozlov, Jimmy Wang Yang, Hawkins and Ryder, Super Crazy, and The Brian Kendrick are your participants in this one.  It’s hard to call a battle royal, as I’ve said before, so I’ll just be updating you on eliminations.  Vladimir Kozlov goes first, eliminated by five or six guys.  Scotty Goldman is dumped out next by the WWE Tag Team Champions.  Big Show jumps into the ring and eliminates Ryan Braddick, then Hawkins, Ryder, and Super Crazy at the same time!  He then dumps out Armando Estrada, followed by Funaki.  He tries to dump out The Brian Kendrick, but Ezekiel saves him from elimination.  Jimmy Wang Yang wasn’t lucky enough to have a bodyguard to catch him.  The Big Show leaves as his music plays, but it’s The Brian Kendrick who has qualified for the Championship Scramble!

Later on tonight, The Undertaker returns to SmackDown!

<COMMERCIAL BREAK> – There was an ad for SmackDown trivia if you call this toll free number.  I called, and one of the answer choices was “The Edge.”  Sorry dude, the guy from U2 wasn’t on SmackDown last week.  Of course, he meant Edge, not The Edge, unless Edge is starting a stable with The Brian Kendrick that I don’t know about…  Anyways…

Back from break we get a replay of The Brian Kendrick winning the Battle Royal before the break.  And then we get our last cheesy R-Truth video, as he’s making his debut next week on Friday Night SmackDown.  Get rowdy!

MVP def. Festus via countout to qualify for the Championship Scramble

MVP actually got his full entrance for this one.  Haven’t seen that in a while.  After his SummerSlam match, he told Eve that Jeff Hardy beat himself at SummerSlam, and the WWE Championship is next on MVP’s agenda.  I really don’t expect Festus to win here, it’ll be interesting to see how MVP pulls off the victory though.  He starts off using his quickness to his advantage, but after getting warned by the referee to let Festus out of the corner, MVP catches a shot to the jaw, and Festus takes over.  MVP manages to make a comeback, and starts working over the arm of the Corn-Fed Colossus.  Festus manages to hit a couple headbutts on MVP, but MVP goes right back after the arm.  Festus takes back the upper hand in the match, and hits almost an Earthquake-style move.  MVP goes after the arm again, but Festus hits him with a big boot.  MVP rolls out to get a breather, and Festus comes out after him.  When the referee’s count gets to nine, MVP runs towards Jesse and hits the Driveby kick.  Festus stopped to check on Jesse as MVP rolled back into the ring in time to beat the 10 count.  MVP wins by countout to qualify for the Championship Scramble.

After the match, MVP boots the now sedate Festus out of the ring.

Up next, Shelton Benjamin battles Finlay in a qualifying match for the Championship Scramble.


WWE 24/7 Classics on Demand: The same one that aired on RAW.

Shelton Benjamin says that he’s obsessed with championships and winning.  He’s obsessed with gold.  Turn on any news channel, they’re talking about Michael Phelps, and they’re calling him “the new gold standard.”  Sorry Mike, Shelton Benjamin is the only Gold Standard.

Shelton Benjamin def. Finlay to qualify for the Championship Scramble

This match starts off pretty evenly.  Benjamin has really improved in recent weeks.  I’m impressed, let’s hope the WWE brass is impressed as well.  This match quickly degenerates into a brawl.  The two competitors spill to the outside and stare each other down face to face.  They keep their eyes on each other as they slide into the ring.  Back inside, they go back to wrestling each other, and again they stay evenly matched – they even have submission holds on each other at the same time, momentarily.  Finlay gets the better of that exchange, again, momentarily, as Benjamin starts to battle out of Finlay’s leg hold.  Doesn’t do him much good, he winds up in a harder to counter hold, but luckily he was close enough to the ropes.  Finlay charges in at Benjamin in the corner, but Benjamin moves, causing Finlay to bash his own shoulder into the ringpost.  Shelton shows his aggressive side again, going to work on the newly injured shoulder of the fighting Irishman.  It gets to the point where the referee is asking if Finlay wants to continue.  When he says no, Benjamin tries to convince him otherwise, but then makes the mistake of trying a baseball slide on Finlay, who catches him in the ring apron and pounds away on him.  Back inside, Shelton tries for a superplex, but gets shoved off the ropes.  Using his quickness, however, Benjamin knocks Finlay off the ropes and to the floor, with such impact that it sends us into a commercial break.  When we come back, Benjamin has Finlay in a chinlock.  Finlay fights out of it by kicking Benjamin in the head.  Benjamin wins the kicking match though, and shows that aggressive side once again.  Finlay catches him with a jawjacker, but only gets two on a pin attempt.  Benjamin continues to maintain the advantage in the match, though Finlay shows his tougness while fighting back.  Benjamin hits a dragon whip kick for two.  He goes for Paydirt, but Finlay blocks it and battles back.  He goes for the Celtic Cross, but Mike Knox comes out and grabs Hornswoggle, distracting Finlay long enough for Shelton Benjamin to hit Paydirt and qualify for the Championship Scramble!

After the match, Mike Knox decimates Finlay

The Undertaker returns, later on tonight!


Recap of Rebecca Michaels getting punched in the face by Chris Jericho.

Chavo says it would be pretty cool if Vickie put him in a qualifying match.  You know what, why hasn’t the Undertaker shown up yet?  Maybe he’s the kind of guy that would hold a grudge.  Chavo knows Vickie didn’t make those decisions against him, but does The Undertaker?  Vickie should apologize.  Not now though, because now…


Triple H makes his way to the ring to join Tazz and JR on commentary.

Jeff Hardy vs. The Great Khali is NEXT!


Jeff Hardy def. The Great Khali to qualify for the Championship Scramble

Jeff starts off using his quickness to confuse the Punjabi Giant.  Doesn’t work too well, because he ran into a Khali clothesline.  Khali pretty much dominates, but Hardy will not back down.  Triple H took out an interfering Ranjin Singh, then nails Khali with a chair behind the referee’s back.  Hardy nails a Twist of Fate and a Swanton Bomb for the win!


Triple H is in the ring when we come back, and runs down the list of his opponents for the Championship Scramble at Unforgiven.  Then he tells us the rules, and tells us the odds are against him.  Don’t go celebrating yet, boys, because the fifth guy in there is a twelve-time World Champion.  He’s been in every match the WWE has to offer, and has come out on top.  The fifth guy is known as The Game, the King of Kings, and there is only one.  He’s interrupted by Kenny Dykstra.  Dykstra complains that he’s not even considered for the Championship Scramble.  Triple H feels so bad that he gives him a Pedigree so he doesn’t lose sleep over it.  What a nice guy.  He says “Good to see ya, Kenny” before he leaves.

Hawkins comes in and lets the GM know that “he’s here.”  Vickie is going to the ring to apologize, and she’s taking her family with her.


Vickie Guerrero says she’s a great woman who is not afraid to apologize for her actions.  A great woman who eventually always does the right thing.  She’s here to apologize to The Undertaker.  She wants everybody to please join her in a standing ovation for The Undertaker.  Does that include me?  I kinda like to sit down when I’m typing.  The Undertaker’s music hits and he makes his way out through fire and smoke and heads towards the ring, where La Familia are waiting for him.  Taker means business – when he gets in the ring, he takes off his coat and hat.  Vickie tells him that she delivered Edge to him inside Hell in the Cell, and gave him the means to exact his revenge.  All she wants is an opportunity to earn forgiveness.  If he needs more time, they can talk about it next week.  She asks if he’ll accept her apology.  She’s really, really, really sorry! Pretty please, Undertaker?  She even gets up out of her wheelchair and gets on her knees to ask for forgiveness.  How bad do you want that apology, Vickie?  This show’s rated PG now, you know.  Taker tells her to look at him.  He didn’t come here for an apology.  He came for her soul.  La Familia surround The Undertaker, and he takes out all four of them easily, until Bam gets back in the ring and takes Taker down with a shoulderblock and the family pounce.  Chavo grabs a chair as the other three guys hold Taker back – but Taker boots Chavo in the head, then once again, easily takes out all four men.  When he turns around to look for Vickie, she’s already up the ramp.  He does the throat slitting motion, and we fade to black.

My Thoughts:

It was a pretty good edition of SmackDown, and it was interesting to see how some of the matches were won.  I’m excited for The Brian Kendrick, who will be getting his first WWE Championship shot, only a month after re-debuting on the blue brand.

What I do hate, however, is that the news is on our CW affiliate after SmackDown.  After a good episode of WWE’s Friday Night show, I don’t want to hear about two 17 year old twin brothers crashing their car into a tree and dying or somebody getting shot.  Oh well, less than two months before moving day to MyNetwork TV (which also has a news program at 10PM here, but it’s in HD!).  See you guys Monday!

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