Tonight on SmackDown, Jeff Hardy takes on The Brian Kendrick, Triple H takes on MVP, and Vickie Guerrero is expecting her apology from The Undertaker.  All this and more, tonight!  You guys know how it works by now, quick results up here, details after the jump, so stick around, Friday Night SmackDown is on the air right now!

Michelle McCool def. Maryse to retain the WWE Divas Championship.

Festus vs. Ryan Braddock ended in a no contest when Jesse and Festus wrapped Braddock in duct tape and bubble wrap and wheeled him out of the arena.

R-Truth def. Shelton Benjamin.

Jeff Hardy def. The Brian Kendrick.  After the match, Vladimir Kozlov lays Hardy out at the top of the ramp.

Carlito’s Cabana with special guest Primo.  They challenge Hawkins and Ryder to a tag title match, which is accepted for next week.

The Great Khali destroyed Scotty Goldman.

Triple H def. MVP.

Full details after the jump!

The show starts with a recap of Jeff Hardy winning the fatal four way to face Triple H at No Mercy, and the subsequent beatdown of said Hardy by Vladimir Kozlov.

The video plays and the pyro goes off, as JR welcomes us to Nashville, TN!  Tonight, Jeff Hardy takes on The Brian Kendrick, and Triple H faces off against MVP.  That’s later on though.  Right now we got deevers..

Michelle McCool def. Maryse to retain the WWE Diva’s Championship

JR points out that this is the first time that the WWE Diva’s Championship has been defended on SmackDown.  Which means that Michelle isn’t exactly a fighting champion, now is she?  Anyways, both women take turns applying submission holds, and 30 seconds in it’s a better match than Candice Michelle has had since she’s come back from her injury.  Maryse pulls Michelle down by the hair as JR laments that he’s never been called “the sexiest of the sexy” like Maryse has, but his grandmother thought he was cute when he was in third grade.  Maryse gets dropkicked in the face and rolls out of the ring as Michelle mocks her.  Maryse trips Michelle up, then boots her in the side of the head.  She gets back in the ring and hits a swinging dropkick, but only gets a one count.  Maryse spends a lot of time taunting the Diva’s Champion, then starts wailing away on her.  She gets carried away and winds up in a sunset flip for two.  Maryse takes Michelle down again and locks in a Camel Clutch.  Michelle manages to fight her way up, but Maryse takes her down again.  Maryse starts wailing away again on Michelle, but McCool makes a comeback, taking Maryse down with a clothesline and a dropkick, followed by a running neckbreaker, which nets her a two count.  Michelle hits a double underhook X-Factor style facebuster, and picks up the victory.

There was an ad right before this show came on saying that my cable company might be losing CBS and CW as of October 2nd.  I don’t care, because the only show on CW that I watch is moving the same day!  I’ll miss the Price is Right, but that’s replaceable with Rock Band 2 or sleep or something.  I say this because they remind us that on October 2nd, there will be a special airing of WrestleMania 24 on MyNetwork TV, followed by SmackDown’s season premiere on October 3rd.

Vickie is backstage with the Big Show, when Eve comes in and asks her if she thinks the Undertaker is here and if he’s going to seek redemption tonight?  Vickie passes on that question.  Eve then asks about competing, since she’s been working hard.  Show tells her to sit down so he can show her why her first question was irrelevant.  We then get a video package of Show destroying ‘Taker at Unforgiven.


We come back to a promotion for the Red Cross in this time of need for the victims of Hurricane Ike.  You can make a donation by calling 1-800-REDCROSS

There’s a band playing next door at a bar in Nashville.  Even Tazz is smiling because they’re having such a great time in Nashville.


Jesse and Festus are out in their MyMoving Co. outfits, and we get a recap of them moving Kenny Dykstra to some undisclosed location.

Festus vs. Ryan Braddock

The bell rings, and Festus starts the beatdown.  He goes for a splash in the corner and Braddock moves out of the way, causing Festus to crash and burn.  Braddock takes control, hitting a nice looking dropkick among other moves, but when he rams the back of Festus’ head into the turnbuckle, it has no effect other than to wake up the corn-fed Colossus.  Festus takes control for a moment, but Braddock takes it back, locking Festus in a chinlock.  Festus picks him up and drops him to escape, then hits a big boot.  He hits a modified version of the old Avalanche move that Earthquake used to do then plants Braddock face first into the canvas.  Jesse sends in the duct tape, and the referee calls for the bell.

Jesse starts to wrap Braddock up in duct tape, as JR ponders that they may be helping the WWE move to MyNetwork TV.


When we come back, Braddock is taped to the dolly and wrapped in bubble wrap as Jesse puts a piece of duct tape over his mouth while Festus wheels him out.

Carlito’s Cabana returns tonight!

Backstage, Big Show asks Vickie what she’s going to do if The Undertaker does show up tonight?  She says she’s going to make him get on his knees and apologize.  Show says he’s going to humble him (not the Iron Sheik way, I hope) and beat him down like he did at Unforgiven.  Then he presses play on the VCR again and we see the same footage of him beating down the Undertaker as we did earlier.

Shelton Benjamin reminds us that he’s the gold standard, and unlike his opponent, he makes good decisions.  His opponent made a bad decision and ended up in prison for 13 months.

R-Truth def. Shelton Benjamin

Truth does his rapping thing again.  GET ROWDY! WHAT’S UP!  Benjamin is not amused.  Now that I think about it, wasn’t Shelton in jail briefly?  Anywho, this match starts off slowly.  Benjamin backs Truth into the corner, then turns around and walks away.  When he goes back after Truth, he attacks aggressively.  Truth won’t let Shelton keep the offense for long, he hits a corkscrew flying forearm, taking Benjamin down.  His advantage doesn’t last long either, as Benjamin fights back.  It’s actually a pretty decent match thusfar, going back and forth.  Shelton ducks a clothesline and reverses it into a T-Bone suplex, which JR mentions was invented by Tazz.  Benjamin hits Truth with a backbreaker, turning it into a submission hold.  JR says that if you were to design a superstar on Friday Night SmackDown, Shelton Benjamin would be a good prototype.  Of course, if you want Shelton in SVR08, you have to design him yourself.  Luckily he’ll be in SVR09.  Anyways, Shelton keeps working over Truth’s back, locking him in a unique chinlock/stretch combo as Truth makes some silly faces.  Truth fights out of it and starts pounding away on the United States Champion, but Benjamin connects with a knee to the midsection and then makes Truth make silly faces again.  Truth once again fights out of the submission hold, but gets caught in a sleeper hold, but Truth drops down and turns it into a jawbreaker.  He misses the axe kick, but blocks Benjamin’s next move, rolling him up for a three count!

Hurricane Helms is back with a news flash – apparently the price of gold just went down.   How Punny, Shane.  And welcome back!

Next, it’s Jeff Hardy vs. The Brian Kendrick!


WWE Slam of the Week:  Jeff Hardy wins the number one contendership on last week’s SmackDown.  Then he gets beat up by Vladimir Kozlov.

Jeff Hardy makes his way out for action tonight against The Brian Kendrick.  He takes the microphone, and he says that he’s been in the WWE off and on for about 10 years.  The journey hasn’t been a smooth one.  He’s a risk taker.  Wreckless.  Crazy.  Extreme.  He is your charismatic enigma!  Normally he’s not bothered by negative feelings towards him, but last week, Triple H said that he always misses that brass ring when he gets close to it.  That bothered him.  First he was angry, but he realized that Triple H was trying to motivate him, trying to make him better.  Congrats, Trips.  You have motivated Jeff, fired him up, and made him better.  He’s not going to be reaching for the brass ring at No Mercy, he’s going to be reaching for your WWE Championship.  On to Vladimir Kozlov.  He’s always craving competition, but then he jumped Jeff from behind instead of facing him like a man.  If he’s craving so much competition…

Jeff is cut off by his opponent for the evening.  The Brian Kendrick says that Jeff is forgetting about somebody.  Tonight he’s gotta worry about The Brian Kendrick.  Jeff says it’s The Brian Kendrick that he beat in The fatal four way to become “The” number one contender?  Spanky says that was a chaotic environment.  Tonight is one on one, unless of course, Jeff has some extracurricular activities to do.  Funny enough, this show was taped just before Jeff supposedly got trashed and denied boarding on his flight.

Jeff Hardy def. The Brian Kendrick

Jeff is aggressive tonight.  He has the advantage until Kendrick backdrops him and then clotheslines him out of the ring and into…


Kendrick has Hardy in a single-leg Boston crab when we come back, but Hardy manages to get to the ropes.  Kendrick starts stomping away on the number one contender, hitting a ground dropkick for a two count.  He then goes back to the single leg crab.  BTW, since the graphic just reminded me, WrestleMania tickets now go on sale on November 8th, so make the necessary changes to your calendar.  Hardy gets to the ropes, then takes Kendrick down and hits his pendulum dropkick in the corner.  He hits the suplex-into-facebuster combo and gets a two count.  He goes to climb the ropes, but Kendrick clutches on to his leg to prevent him from doing so.  He then boots Hardy in the face, taking him down.  He goes to Irish whip Jeff into the buckle.  Jeff was going to go for a Whisper in the Wind, but was distracted by Big Zeke.  Kendrick tried to take advantage and hit The Kendrick, but Hardy reversed it into a backslide for the three count!

As Hardy is making his way to the back, he’s greeted by the big boot of Vladimir Kozlov, who for the second week in a row leaves SmackDown’s number one contender lying unconscious.

Backstage, Big Show barges into Vickie’s office and tells her that The Undertaker is here.  When the door opens, Show is waiting.  We get a first person view.  Vickie tells the mystery camera person to get on his knees and apologize.  The voice sounds like The Undertaker’s when it says “Vickie, I’m sorry.”  She tells him it’s not good enough and that he needs to kiss her feet.  The “Undertaker” obliges, and the camera pans back to reveal that it wasn’t really The Undertaker, it was Chavo Guerrero dressed up like The Undertaker.  He says it’s his Halloween costume.  Big Show plays the video from Unforgiven again.

<COMMERCIAL BREAK>  – I wonder if they’re going to show that Playboy Divas Lumberjack match that was so boring that even the lighting rig fell asleep when they show WrestleMania on MyNetwork TV on October 2nd?

It’s time for Carlito’s Cabana.  Apparently Carlito couldn’t hear himself at first.  After a quick mic check, he welcomes us to Carlito’s Cabana.  His guest tonight is his baby brother Primo.  How did it feel for Primo to score his first victory on SmackDown?  Well, he was surprised because it was so easy.  If all the competition is like that, it’s only a matter of time before the two Colon’s become tag champions.  That’s cool.  Carlito tells him not to steal his lines.  Primo argues that he’s co-hosting.  Carlito tells him that he’s the special guest.  The WWE Tag Team Champions come to the ring, and we get another pop-up Hurricane.  He says the Champions names are Curt and Zack… but maybe they should be called Curtain Jerkers.  Primo asks Carlito who these guys are, then the Puerto Rican siblings laugh at them when they explain that they’re the tag team champions.  Carlito says they should put the titles on the line right now.  Hawkins and Ryder disagree.  They said people know who they are, they were in La Familia.  Primo says he didn’t know they spoke Spanish.  The basic idea here is that Primo and Carlito have convinced Hawkins and Ryder to give them a title shot next week.  Carlito then asks for somebody to come and help move the Cabana set out of the ring.  Jesse and Festus come down with their moving gear.  Hawkins and Ryder attack the Colons from behind, but Jesse and Festus make the save.  Primo rings the bell, and Festus chases the champions out of the ring with a palm tree.  Seriously.  Primo and Carlito start throwing apples out to the audience.

Later on tonight, it’s Triple H taking on MVP


Backstage, Maria is designing an outfit when Brie Bella comes by and asks her about her outfit designs, and if maybe Maria can make one for her.  She might need an extra one, exactly the same.  Victoria and Natalia come in and tell Brie that they know her secret – she’s having an affair with Hornswoggle.  They said that next week Brie can take on Natalya and Victoria, and she can bring Maria with her too.

Scotty Goldman is in the ring, and he gets one of those Picture in Picture promos.  He babbles incoherently before holding up a paper bag puppet version of Ranjin Singh, to translate that Khali doesn’t want to have to face somebody as talented and good looking as Scotty Goldman.  He then babbles more and bites the paper bag puppet.  Seriously.

The Great Khali def. Scotty Goldman

This one was pretty much over before I could stop laughing at Goldman’s promo.  Khali just beat the crap out of him for a couple of minutes before dropping him with the Tree Slam for the victory.

Next week, it’s going to be The Great Khali taking on Vladimir Kozlov.  I guess he’s got his competition now.


RAW Rebound:  Chris Jericho wins a cage match against CM Punk, but finds out a couple hours later that he’ll be facing HBK in a ladder match at No Mercy.

La Familia are hanging out in Vickie’s dressing room, minus Vickie.  Chavo dismisses them, and hits play to watch Big Show’s assault on The Undertaker from Unforgiven.  Again.  The video gets all weird on Chavo’s TV and he sees The Undertaker’s face on the screen.  The bell tolls, the TV Undertaker’s eyes roll back into his skull, and Chavo turns around into the first person grasp of The Undertaker, who chokes him out.


It’s time to play the game!  The WWE Champion makes his way to the ring.  He’s in action tonight against The King of Bling, MVP.  Both men get their full entrances, which is always a good way to kill 10 minutes when it comes to Triple H and MVP.

Triple H def. MVP

The bell rings and we’re finally underway here in our main event of the evening.  MVP backs Triple H into the corner, then steps back and taunts him.  He then locks The Game in a headlock.  H battles out but gets taken down again.  MVP gets Irish whipped into the ropes, Triple H goes for a hiptoss, but it’s blocked and reversed.  They try for the same spot again, but Triple H blocked the counter and clotheslined MVP before giving him a crotch chop.  He takes MVP down with a right hand, and MVP begs off.  The Game grabs him by the nose, and then punches him right in the schnozz.  He then hits a drop toehold and MVP falls flat on his face.  The Game locks on a headlock to send us to…


We come back, and MVP is working over the left arm of H-Cubed.  The Game starts to fight back though, using his right arm to strike MVP.  MVP goes right back to work on the arm though.  Triple H battles back to his feet while in a high key lock, but MVP drops him again with a knee and locks in a hammerlock.  It goes on like this for a few minutes.  MVP sets Trips up in the corner and goes to run in with one of those driveby kicks, but Triple H was playing possum and drops MVP with a high knee, turning the tide.  The Game starts to make a big comeback, taking MVP down with a facebuster and a wicked clothesline for two, then a spinebuster.  MVP rolls to the outside and H-Cubed goes out after him.  MVP slams his head into the announce table, rolls Triple H back into the ring, then climbs the ropes, but he gets caught with a kick to the midsection on his way down, then Triple H hits the Pedigree for the victory.

As Triple H stands victorious, Vladimir Kozlov’s music hits.  Triple H motions for him to bring it.  Kozlov comes to the ring and enters slowly.  The Game seems ready for him.  MVP distracts HHH from behind, and Kozlov attacks.  The two men brawl for a moment, but Kozlov backs Triple H into the corner and rams him a couple of times with his shoulders.  Hunter hits the facebuster, but when he bounces off the ropes, Kozlov drops him with a headbutt to the sternum.  For the second straight week, SmackDown ends with Vladimir Kozlov standing tall.

My Thoughts:

I absolutely loved the “Pop-Up Hurricane” segments.  I absolutely hate the fact that the news is on after this show.  I’ll spare you the details of the news story, because this is a wrestling site.  Anyways, I really enjoyed tonight’s show, but the only thought I really want to express here is that I get the feeling that Kozlov/Khali next week is going to end in a no contest thanks to interference from Jeff Hardy and Triple H.  In fact, I wouldn’t doubt that it’ll turn into a tag team match featuring Kozlov and Khali taking on Hardy and H.  I guess we’ll see next week.  I’m out guys, I’ll see you Tuesday morning for RAW!

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