Next week, WWE SmackDown moves to MyNetwork TV!  Tonight, Jeff Hardy and Triple H team up to take on The Brian Kendrick and MVP, while Vladimir Kozlov takes on The Great Khali.  All this and more, coming up at 8PM on the very last edition of WWE SmackDown on the CW!

You know how it works by now; quick results up here and full results after the jump!  This page will be updated throughout the night so keep your finger on that “refresh” button!

Triple H & Jeff Hardy def. MVP & The Brian Kendrick via pinfall.

Maria & Brie Bella def. Victoria & Natalya via pinfall.

Vladimir Kozlov vs. The Great Khali went to a no contest when Triple H and Jeff Hardy got involved.

Chavo Guerrero def. Jimmy Wang Yang via pinfall.

Carlito & Primo def. Ryder and Hawkins to win the WWE Tag Team Championship!

Undertaker gets to Vickie after taking out Chavo and luring away The Big Show.  He drops her with a Tombstone, leaving the last image of SmackDown’s tenure on the CW Network as The Undertaker standing over a fallen Vickie Guerrero.

Full details after the jump!

SmackDown kicks off with a video package showing Vladimir Kozlov’s assaults on both Jeff Hardy and Triple H.

The pyro goes off and JR welcomes us to the show.

We cut backstage to Vickie Guerrero’s office where she’s with Chavo and asking what The Undertaker told him.  Chavo says that ‘Taker’s hands were around his neck and getting tighter and tighter, and that he couldn’t breathe.  He thought his head was going to pop.  He thought he would pass out, but ‘Taker let go because he wanted Chavo to be a messenger.  He wanted Chavo to tell Vickie that tonight, he’s coming for her.  She sends Chavo to get The Big Show.  Chavo leaves and Jeff Hardy is there.  He says he doesn’t care when, he wants a match with Vladimir Kozlov.  She tells him that she told Triple H earlier that the two of them need to focus on their match at No Mercy and their tag team match later tonight.  Jeff goes to leave, and The Big Show is in the office.


The WWE Champion is out and dressed to compete, so it looks like we’re kicking things off with tag team action tonight.  Jeff Hardy’s music pretty much confirms it as the Charismatic Enigma makes his way to the ring…

Triple H & Jeff Hardy def. MVP & The Brian Kendrick

Hardy and MVP start off, and take turns wrenching each others arms before Hardy tags in Triple H, who works over the arm a bit more.  The two No Mercy opponents work well early on, cutting MVP off from The Brian Kendrick and making quick tags.  MVP takes Hardy down and gets to his corner for the tag, and the back and forth nature of this match continues.  MVP gets a tag in, Hardy takes him down and tags Triple H, who sends MVP out of the ring and us to…


We come back with MVP and Triple H still legal, but MVP on the advantage, as Big Zeke distracted Triple H on the outside, allowing for The Brian Kendrick to strike.  MVP tags in Kendrick, who works over Triple H, attempting to wear him down with a submission move.  Hunter fights out and takes Kendrick down long enough to get the tag to Jeff Hardy, who picks up the pace and takes control of the match.  He drops Kendrick with a Twist of Fate, but his attempt to climb the ropes is thwarted by Ezekiel, sending Hardy crashing and burning to the mat.  Kendrick only managed a two count though, and he tags in MVP.  MVP bounces Hardy around the ring, and cuts the ring in half.  He tags in Kendrick, who continues the assault on the number one contender.  He locks in a Camel Clutch.  While he has it locked in, he tags MVP, who comes in and continues the offense and locks in a submission hold of his own.  Hardy fights back to his feet and tries to tag Triple H, but MVP cut him off, getting a cheap shot in on Triple H for good measure.  MVP tags in The Brian Kendrick, who maintains the offense and keeps Hardy away from his corner, at least until Jeff hit a Whisper in the Wind.  Both men manage to make tags at the same time.  Triple H takes control over MVP, hitting a facebuster and a big clothesline for a two count.  He drops MVP with a spinebuster, followed by one for Kendrick.  He goes for the Pedigree, but Kendrick kicks him in the face.  Hardy clotheslines Kendrick out of the ring.  MVP misses a driveby kick on Triple H, who then hits the Pedigree for the victory!

After the match, Jeff hands Triple H the WWE Championship and shakes his hand.

We then go to a video package detailing the destructive force of The Great Khali.

Still to come, Khali takes on Vladimir Kozlov


it appears there’s been a bit of a hiccup with our web server, so I’m actually typing this in Notepad right now.  Hopefully our down time won’t last too long…

JR thanks the CW Network for the privilidge of airing the WWE’s programming for the last nine years, and they wish the CW Network the best in the future.

WWE 24/7 Classics on Demand:  Hulk Hogan & Roddy Piper took on Sid Justice & Ric Flair.


The WWE United States Champion Shelton Benjamin makes his way to the ring.  He’s got a microphone, and reminds us that he’s US Champion and SmackDown’s Gold Standard.  They call him that because he’s set a new standard of excellence in the WWE with his athletic ability, his attitude, and his lifestyle.  There are others on the roster who live by no standards at all.  Like, for example, R-Truth.  He’s got no business in the WWE.  Singing and dancing?  It’s a joke.  Smoke and Mirrors.  R-Truth is nothing but a street urchin.  What kills Shelton is that the fans are so blind that they join him in that ridiculous “What’s up” chant.  Shelton’ll tell us what’s up.  R-Truth…


Truth comes out through the crowd singing his theme song, and apparently we’re back online!  That’s What’s Up!  Now it’s time to get rowdy!  In the ring, R-Truth asks Shelton Benjamin, “WHAT’S UP?”  Benjamin drops his mic and leaves to the boos of the crowd.  Truth’s music starts up again and he starts rapping and dancing in the ring.

Next week, The WWE Intercontinental Champion takes on Shelton Benjamin on the SmackDown on MyNetwork TV All-Star Kickoff!

Up next, Maria & Brie Bella in action.

<COMMERCIAL BREAK>  – the SmackDown Mobile Slam game asked me if I thought Triple H’s real name is Hagen Horatio Hardy.  Seriously.

JR thanks Metallica for the theme for No Mercy, “All Nightmare Long.”  (Death Magnetic is in stores now, and highly recommended by yours truly).

Maria & Brie Bella def. Victoria & Natalya

Maria and Victoria lock up to start things off.  Victoria uses her power to her advantage early, but Maria uses her quickness to roll Victoria up for a two count.  Maria tags in Brie Bella, who holds her own for about 10 seconds before the power game of Victoria took over and allowed her to tag Natalya, who uses her power and experience to her advantage.  Brie, like Maria earlier, uses her quickness to pull some defensive moves, but Natalya is just too powerful.  She drops Brie in her team’s corner and tags in Victoria who maintains control in the match, even knocking Maria off the apron for good measure.  Victoria catches Brie trying to for a headscizzor and tosses her out of the ring.  Brie escapes under the ring and just as quickly comes out refreshed.  She tags in Maria, who drops Victoria with a flying cross body off the top rope for the victory.

We get a video package detailing the awesome power of Vladimir Kozlov.  He’ll take on The Great Khali, NEXT!


Vladimir Kozlov vs. The Great Khali

Kozlov demanded competition, well, he’s sure as hell got it.  Khali towers over him by about a foot from my estimates based on how it looks on my TV.  Kozlov tries for some power moves early, but that’s obviously not going to work.  Kozlov fights out of a Tree Slam, but gets hit with a big tomahawk chop and a big boot, sending Kozlov out of the ring.  He pulls Khali out with him by the ankles, but Khali regains composure and tries to charge at Kozlov, who moves out of the ring, sending Khali into the post…


Triple H’s music hits and he heads down to the ring.  He goes to get in the ring with Kozlov.  He steps in and Kozlov steps out.  Khali tries to attack the WWE Champion from behind, but gets caught.  Triple H can’t fight off both big men though, Kozlov and Khali assault The Game, until Jeff Hardy comes out ot make the save.  He gets dropped by Khali, and then he becomes the victim of the two big men.  Triple H grabs a sledgehammer.  Kozlov bails, but Khali eats sledgehammer.  Kozlov wants competition, but not with a sledgehammer.  Trips drops it, and Kozlov approaches the ring, then hesitates, pointing at the hammer and waving his finger “no.”  He leaves as the fans boo, while Triple H and Jeff Hardy stand tall in the ring for the second time tonight.


We get a rundown of the No Mercy card

Back in Vickie Guerrero’s office, she’s with The Big Show and Chavo, and they’re discussing The Undertaker.  Chavo says he thinks that The Undertaker might get to Vickie tonight.  Show says not to worry because Big Show can beat up The Undertaker.  Hell, here, let’s watch it again.

Big Show punching The Undertaker at No Mercy is the new Chris Jericho punching Rebecca Michaels at Summerslam.

Show says ‘Taker might get to Chavo, but he’s not getting to Vickie.  If he tries, Show will take him out of action.  Hey, speaking of action, Vickie says Chavo has a match, and it’s next!


Ooooooooooooooooooooh Chavo!

We get a pop-up Hurricane, who ponders why Chavo is here when the Undertaker is after him.

Chavo Guerrero vs. Jimmy Wang Yang

I thought Jimmy Wang Yang got released for some reason.  Probably because Shannon Moore, Yang’s tag team partner, was released.  Yang knocks Guerrero out of the ring, and Chavo freaks when the fans touch him, expecting The Undertaker.  Back in the ring, Yang goes for a move off the top ropes, and Guerrero dropkicks him out of mid air.  Firmly in control, Guerrero works over Yang in the corner, all the while looking over his shoulder for The Undertaker.  He cinches in an armbar, but Yang battles out of it, dropping Chavo with an enziguiri.  Chavo sends Yang out of the ring, chases him out, kicks him, and rolls him right back in.  He goes right back to the armbar.  Yang again battles out, and gets a longer big of offense this time around, scoring a couple of near falls on Guerrero.  He climbs the ropes, but Chavo shoves him, crotching him on the turnbuckle.  Yang fights Guerrero off, but misses a moonsault, fortunately landing on his feet.  Guerrero goes for the Three Amigos, but Yang rolls Guerrero up for another two count.  Guerrero picks up the victory with a flipping kick.

After the match, the lights go off for a moment and Guerrero hightails it out of the arena.


The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is for the WWE Tag Team Championship!


As Carlito and Primo make their way to the ring, we’re reminded of what happened last week on Carlito’s Cabana.

Carlito & Primo def. Hawkins & Ryder for the WWE Tag Team Championship

Primo starts things off with Curt Hawkins.  It looks to be a back and forth battle, but it doesn’t take long for Primo’s quickness to allow him to take over.  He tags in Carlito who maintains the offense.  The Colon Brothers use quick tags and cut off Hawkins from his partner, until a distraction from Ryder allows Hawkins to ram Carlito’s shoulder into the ringpost.  The champions use the old misdirection play to bring some underhanded tactics into play.  Carlito manages to fight back, albeit momentarily.  Hawkins and Ryder begin to cut Carlito off from Primo while utilizing quick tags.  The champions continue to bore the hell out of me in this match and they toss Carlito out of the ring and into a…


We come back, and Hawkins is still working over Carlito, but this time as Ryder gets tagged in, Carlito shoves him into Hawkins, and manages to tag Primo and the pace of the match picks up. He hits a monkey flip and a superb missle dropkick on Ryder, but the pin attempt was broken up by Hawkins.  Primo tags Carlito back in with a blind tag that Ryder missed.  Carlito drops him with the backstabber and we’ve got NEW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS!

After the match, the MyMoving Company van is backed into the arena.

We cut backstage to Vickie’s office, where Chavo is freaked about what happened earlier and wants to know what’s going to happen.  Vickie says they’re going to the ring.  Chavo says he doesn’t want to go.  Vickie says he’s either coming with them or staying in her office alone.  Chavo follows behind.


During the break, Jesse and Festus started moving things, and we find out that Ryan Braddock and Kenny Dykstra are still wrapped in bubble wrap in the back of the moving van.

JR and Tazz speculate on the whereabouts of Vickie Guerrero, The Big Show, and Chavo Guerrero, because they thought they’d be out to the ring by now.  As if on cue, Show’s music hits and the three of them make their way to the ring.  Vickie gets on the mic and says that they’re waiting for The Undertaker.  Where is he?  She shouldn’t have reinstated him to begin with.  He physically and mentally oblitherated her husband Edge.  He swore he’d take her soul (she actually flubbed this line and said that he swore he’d never take her soul), but he didn’t take anything.  Take a look.

Footage of Chris Jericho punching Rebecca Michaels at Summerslam Footage of Big Show knocking out The Undertaker at Unforgiven.

She wonders if The Undertaker is having second thoughts.  Chavo says it’s not a good idea.  Big Show says that everybody is waiting for ‘Taker to come out and save the day.  It’s not gonna happen, because The Undertaker lost his nerve.  He’s been humble.  Show has destroyed the myth of The Undertaker.


The lights go out.  When they come back on, Chavo is gone.  He’s being strangled backstage by The Undertaker.  Big Show runs towards the back to try and save Vickie’s nephew-in-law.  The video on the titan tron cuts out.  Tazz sets his headset down and says he’s going to go find out what’s going on from Vickie.  The gong tolls again, and this time when the lights come back on, Vickie is all alone with The Undertaker.  He stalks her around the ring and traps her in the corner.  His eyes roll back into his skull, and he grabs the SmackDown GM by the throat.  She screams for mercy, but The Undertaker picks her up and plants her to the mat with a Tombstone.  The last sight we’ll ever see of SmackDown’s tenure on the CW is The Undertaker standing over a fallen Vickie Guerrero.

My Thoughts:

It was a pretty decent show.  Congrats to Carlito and Primo on their tag title win, and thanks to the CW Network for providing us with the priviledge to watch WWE SmackDown since the network’s inception, and even further back to the days on UPN.  I’m extremely excited that SmackDown is coming to MyNetwork TV, mainly because I’ll finally have an HD channel that carries WWE programming.  I’ve got nothing really left to say tonight, so I’ll see you guys Tuesday morning for RAW coverage.

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