What’s up guys?  Tonight, Triple H takes on The Great Khali in a lumberjack match.  The lumberjacks?  Triple H’s Unforgiven Scramble opponents, The Brian Kendrick, Jeff Hardy, MVP, and Shelton Benjamin.  Speaking of, The Brian Kendrick and Jeff Hardy will be one on one for the first time ever, and Shelton Benjamin will take on MVP.  All this and more, airing RIGHT NOW on the CW!  You guys know how it goes, we do quick results up here on the main page, and detailed results after the jump.  Keep hitting refresh every so often for the latest results!

Triple H promo erupts into a brawl featuring all five WWE Championship Scramble competitors and Ezekiel Jackson.  Triple H and Jeff Hardy stand tall.

R-Truth def. Bam Neely via pinfall.

Undertaker says he’ll send Vickie to hell to reunite with Edge.

Shelton Benjamin def. MVP via pinfall.

Maryse insults Maria backstage.

Maryse def. Maria via pinfall.

The Brian Kendrick def. Jeff Hardy via pinfall.

Super Crazy def. Ryan Braddock via pinfall.

Big Show challenges Vladimir Kozlov to a match, but it’s ordered to not happen by Vickie Guerrero.

Vickie demands that The Undertaker apologize to her at Unforgiven.

Brie Bella def. Victoria via pinfall.

Triple H def. The Great Khali via pinfall in a Lumberjack Match.

After the match, Jeff Hardy drops Triple H with a Twist of Fate and stands tall over the Champion as the show goes off the air.

Detailed results after the jump!

JR and Tazz welcome us to St. Louis, MO and mentions a lumberjack match between The Great Khali and Triple H tonight, where the lumberjacks will be the WWE Championship Scramble participants.

Speaking of the game, he’s on his way to the ring, but since he’s coming to the ring to “King of Kings,” I think it’s safe to assume he’s here to talk, not wrestle.  He says that he’ll defend the title in the first ever Championship Scramble match, which he says sounds like something you order at 3AM at Denny’s.  It’s going to be a tough challenge because he’s only got a 20% chance of retaining the WWE Championship on Sunday.  He’s interrupted by Shelton Benjamin, who tells the champion that it’s not about him, it’s a crap shoot for everybody involved.  You need a little luck and a lot of talent to win, and when it comes to that, he’s the gold standard.  As such, he’s planning on adding a little more gold to his collection.  Since Hunter probably doubts him, Benjamin reminds The Game who dropped Jeff Hardy, MVP, and Triple H himself last week.  Hunter tells him it’s really cool, but he left out the part where he beat Shelton last week.  It makes Benjamin an excellent cheap shot artist.  Since he’s so good at dropping people, why doesn’t he come try and drop The Game face to face.  Benjamin starts to walk toward the ring, but MVP calls for a time out.  Neither Shelton nor Triple H are leaving Unforgiven with the WWE Title, because the King of Blings is better than The King of Kings, The Charasmatic Enigma, The Brian Kendrick, and The Gold Standard.  Benjamin says him dropping MVP with Pay Dirt was payback from getting hit with the driveby kick a couple weeks back.  Triple H cools things down before it erupts between the two of them.  Hunter says it works like this – Hunter talks about defending the title, it’s called a promo. At that point, while he’s cutting his promo, those guys interrupt him and talk a bunch of trash they can’t back up.  Hunter then takes the mic and proceeds to insult them and maybe their families or something until they get upset and try to beat him up, but The Game sends them packing.  It’s a simple formula.  It’s not ringing a bell for Benjamin or MVP.  Hunter says he’ll “be champion for like the next century.”  The Brian Kendrick tries to attack Triple H from behind but is taken out quickly.  As Hunter is staring down Ezekiel Jackson, Kendrick attacks from behind, leaving the game prey for MVP, Benjamin, Jackson, and Kendrick until Jeff Hardy makes the save, hitting a Twist of Fate on Benjamin, going up for a Swanton, but getting pulled down by Ezekiel Jackson.  Jackson goes after Hardy, but Triple H hits him in the back with a chair, which only serves to anger The Brian Kendrick’s associate.  Kendrick pulls ‘Zeke away before this thing explodes, and it’s Jeff Hardy and Triple H left standing.


The following contest is scheduled for one fall…

K-Kwik R-Truth is rapping in the crowd on his way to the ring.  GET ROWDY! WHAT’S UP!

Ooooooooh, Chavo!  Wait, what?  Bam Neely’s wrestling?  Then shouldn’t it say “Oooooooh, Bam!?”

R-Truth def. Bam Neely

Truth starts off on the offense, but Bam takes him down with a wicked clothesline and yells “WHAT’S UP?,”  which is apparently R-Truth’s theme song – and also written on the back of Truth’s pants.  Bam’s offense doesn’t last long, as Truth battles back with some unique offense.  He hits a dropkick from the top followed by Booker T’s Scizzor Kick, and picks up the victory.  GET ROWDY!  Um, I mean, WHAT’S UP!?!

Vickie Guerrero is probably not in the building tonight, which is good, because The Undertaker is in the building.

Still to come, Jeff Hardy vs. The Brian Kendrick for the first time ever, and MVP takes on Shelton Benjamin, NEXT!


Well, apparently that match wasn’t next, as the graphic stated, because The Undertaker is in the ring.  He says the anticipation of death is far worse than the death itself.  He says he’ll let Vickie decide, because at Unforgiven, he’s coming for her soul.  So until Sunday, he wants to leave her with a few things to think about.  Those things are his hand squeezing her throat until the strength leaves her body; her cold, lifeless body being confined to a Mahogany prison that is her coffin; and that as she lies there gasping for air, he waill set that coffin ablaze.  That, is when her lungs will begin to fill with the acrid stench of her own burning flesh.  That earthly inferno will send her to hell where she can rejoin her husband, Edge.  He promises, Vickie, in her agony, an eternity in hell.  The lights go out, and when they come back on, ‘Taker’s gone.

One, two, you hear the clock tickin’…

MVP makes his way out to the ring, kinda looking over his shoulder for The Undertaker.  It’s so bad that even his own pyro freaks him out momentarily.

Shelton says gold is both precious and pure, and there is no athlete more pure, and no talent so precious than he is.


Shelton Benjamin also looks a little paranoid on his way to the ring for the match after the freaky disappearance of The Undertaker.

Shelton Benjamin def. MVP

The paranoia goes away when the bell rings, and these two men begin the incredible match you’d expect out of them.  Both men aggressively attack one another, but when Benjamin gets the better of an exchange, MVP tries to leave.  Benjamin comes out after him, and gets taken down by the crafty MVP.  MVP starts to work over Benjamin back in the ring with a variety of submission holds, but the Gold Standard won’t give up.  He battles out and hits a backbreaker on MVP. There’s a sign in the third row that says “I’m sitting here because I’m rich.”  Bullcrap – I’ll be somewhere around there at Armageddon in December, hopefully.  Anyways, in the time it took me to type that last sentence, Benjamin dropped MVP for the second straight week with Pay Dirt.

Backstage, Maria gets her makeup done, and Maryse bumps into her and tells her watch where she’s going.  She says that Maria’s outfits are made of cheap material, and the stitching isn’t that great.  She says she’ll go easier on her in the ring so she doesn’t have a wardrobe malfunction.  She says her clothes are from Paris, and she’d give Maria one of her outfits, but she thinks she’s a little too big for the pants and a little too small for the top.

Still to come, Jeff Hardy vs. The Brian Kendrick, and Triple H vs. The Great Khali in a lumberjack match.


Thanks to Motorhead for their song “Rock Out,” the official theme song of WWE Unforgiven.

Maryse def. Maria

It’s confirmed that at Unforgiven, Maryse will be challenging Michelle for the WWE Diva’s Championship.  Maria takes down Maryse earlier and starts aggressively attacking her.  Maryse gets out of the ring, and as Maria comes after her, she hits a clothesline.  Maria won’t let that stop her though, she attacks Maryse as she gets in the ring.  Maryse doesn’t let Maria’s offense last long though, taking her down and hits a variety of stylish and impactful moves, including a rolling Camel Clutch.  Maryse shows her aggressive side for a moment, but Maria fights back, taking Maryse down with a headscizzors and a clothesline.  Maryse ducks a cross body from the top, and plants Maria with a DDT for the victory.

Michelle is at the top of the ramp to meet her Unforgiven opponent on her way back to the locker room, but Maryse, after stopping to face off with the Diva’s Champion, just walks away.

Jeff Hardy takes on The Brian Kendrick, NEXT!


Later tonight, it’s Triple H vs. The Great Khali in a lumberjack match.

Speaking of those lumberjacks…

The Brian Kendrick def. Jeff Hardy

Kendrick confers with Ezekiel after the bell rings, and Jeff Hardy takes off on the early offense.  He goes for the inverted enzeguri, but Kendrick manages to avoid it, then hits an AJ Stylesesque Pele kick on Hardy for two.  Kendrick locks in a modified Camel Clutch for a moment, then decides on other methods of offense, including a great dropkick before trying the Camel Clutch again.  Kendrick maintains his offense until he misses a splash in the corner and gets hit with Jeff’s turnbuckle swinging dropkick dealie.  Hardy goes for a jawjacker, but Kendrick reverses it into a facebuster, but Hardy hits him after that with a clothesline, before using his rare size advantage to hit some high impact moves on The Brian Kendrick.  Kendrick avoids a Twist of Fate, going to the outside, but Hardy comes right out after him.  He rolls Kendrick back into the ring, but as the referee is distracted with Kendrick, ‘Zeke rams Hardy’s back into the guardrail and tosses him in to The Brian Kendrick, who hits The Kendrick for the victory.

Vickie Guerrero is in the building, and tells the wheelchair guy to go the hell away, because she don’t need it!  The tells the parking attendant to get the cars out of there, as she walks into the arena.


Super Crazy def. Ryan Braddock

Since this is pretty much a throwaway match, I’m going to try and win that SmackDown phone trivia thing while reviewing it.  Braddock starts off on offense, and it pretty much goes back and forth.  Crazy knocks Braddock down and hits a moonsault for the victory.

Vladimir Kozlov comes to the ring and dismisses Super Crazy with a punch to the face because he’s “not competition.”  Kozlov says no more games, he demands a better challenge.


Show smiles his happy ass to the ring and confronts Kozlov, saying that the lack of competition for Kozlov is probably “just an oversight,” given the management on this show.  Show says it’s ok, he’s feeling competitive too, so let’s go at it right now!  Kozlov puts his mic down, as does The Big Show, and they prepare to fight.

Then a voice rings out over the PA… it’s that of Vickie Guerrero.  She tells Kozlov to get out of her ring.  Kozlov still wants to fight Big Show, but Vickie gets in Kozlov’s face and screams at him to get out, to which he reluctantly obliges.  She tells The Big Show that he’s interfered with her show for the last time.  Not one more distraction or she’ll show him the true meaning of unfair.  She’s got business to take care of in the ring, so Show needs to get out and go home.  She suggests he follows her advice or she’ll fine him, and suspend him indefinitely – and she guarantees that it’s not an oversite.  Show storms off angrily.  Vickie says that she has an announcement for The Undertaker.  She re-instated him, she poured her heart out to him and apologized for her sins, yet he responds by threatening her life.  She’s the GM of this show.  She won’t be intimidated, she won’t be scared, and she’ll no longer live her life in fear of him.  Go ahead and send her to hell, where she’ll join Edge.  That doesn’t bother her, she’s been places that make hell look like a vacation.  She’ll no longer be a victim of his psychopathic blood lust and his perverse fantasies at revenge.  At Unforgiven, she’ll get what she wants.  An apology from The Undertaker.


Victoria ain’t the lady to mess with.  She got beaten by Brie Bella last week and lost – so this week she’s going to get a rematch and the chance to prove her theme song right.

Brie Bella def. Victoria

Victoria starts off with a headlock on Brie, wearing the newcomer down early.  Brie won’t quit though, she reverses it and applies a wicked looking surfboard style move.  Brie knocks Victoria out of the ring, and Brie goes out after her, hitting a clothesline off the apron.  Victoria picks her up and rams her back into the ring apron.  She locks in an overhead backbreaker, but Brie escapes.  Victoria tosses her out of the ring, and Brie crawls underneath, leaving JR to ponder if Hornswoggle’s under there.  Suddenly, Brie appears outside of the ring on the other side, refreshed enough to catch Victoria charging in, then picking up the victory with a rollup for her second straight win over Victoria.

Mickie James, Mr. Kennedy (Kennedy), and Josh Matthews are at the Republican National Convention.  Rather than putting over the Republican party, they put over the SmackDown your Vote program and urge viewers to vote.

Triple H takes on The Great Khali in a lumberjack match, later on tonight!


RAW REBOUND:  Do I even have to tell you what it is at this point?  Of course it’s a recap of HBK and Chris Jericho’s feud leading into their unsanctioned match at SummerSlam.  Unfortunately, the litter box is already clean this time around.

JR and Tazz run down the Unforgiven card.

Eve asks Triple H about his greatest concern.  He says it’s global warming, or maybe the economy.  Otherwise, it’s just another day at the office.  He needs to overcome obstacles until the next obstacle comes along and stares you right in the face.  He turns around to see Jeff Hardy staring in his face.  Hunter asks Eve if it’s possible for anybody to finish a thought on this show.  Jeff says he didn’t mean to interrupt Hunter’s “promo,” but Hunter’s biggest problem at Unforgiven is Jeff Hardy.  Triple H says Jeff knows all about trouble.  He’s got two strikes.  The old saying goes, three strikes, and you’re out of the game.


WWE Rewind:  The Great Khali distracts Triple H long enough to allow him to be attacked from behind by Shelton Benjamin before attacking the WWE Champion himself.

Triple H def. The Great Khali in a Lumberjack Match.

Triple H takes his time getting to the ring, ensuring that this match will start with only 12 minutes left in the show.  Khali starts off tossing the WWE Champion into the corner, but Triple H fights his way back out.  Khali keeps on the offense though, and he literally kicks Triple H out of the ring, where the lumberjacks all gang up on him before tossing him back in to the Punjabi Giant as we go to a commercial break.  Khali has The Game in a nerve hold when we come back.  He begins to methodically pick apart Triple H, but The Game moves out of the way of a Khali punch.  Doesn’t matter, he catches a boot to the face, and gets clotheslined over the top rope and out to the lumberjacks, who start to beat him down until Jeff Hardy rescued him again – only to get tossed headfirst into the guardrail by MVP and Shelton Benjamin while Ezekiel Jackson continues to work over The Game before tossing him back in to Khali, who continues to work him over.  Khali makes the mistake of putting his head down and gets caught with the Triple H facebuster.  Trips takes Khali down with a middle rope shoulderblock, but his pin attempt is broken up by the lumberjacks.  As they start to beat him up on the outside, Jeff Hardy dives onto all of them.  Kendrick tries to whip The Game into the steel steps, but it’s reversed, and Triple H snaps Khali over the top rope.  He gets back in and takes over on offense, but when he goes for the Pedigree, he gets backdropped instead.  Khali locks in the vice grip, bringing Hunter down to his knees.  The Game tries to fight back, and manages to pry apart the hands of Khali.  He ducks away from the clutches of the big man, then nails a pedigree for the victory!

Jeff Hardy enters the ring and applauds the champion.  He follows that up with a Twist of Fate, and the last SmackDown before Unforgiven ends with Jeff Hardy standing tall over the WWE Champion!

My thoughts:

Things went by pretty quickly tonight, but the show was so packed with action that it didn’t really matter.  For Jeff Hardy to be the one standing tall at the end of the night after a loss to The Brian Kendrick speaks volumes.  I’m starting to think that Jeff could win this thing.  I’m looking forward to a potential match between The Big Show and Vladimir Kozlov, and I can’t wait to see what will happen between Vickie Guerrero and The Undertaker this Sunday at Armageddon.  I’ll be here Sunday with my predictions, so I’ll see you guys then!

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