Tonight on SmackDown, it’s The Brian Kendrick, MVP, Shelton Benjamin, and Jeff Hardy in a Fatal Four Way to determine the number one contender for the WWE Championship at No Mercy.  Also, what possessed The Big Show to take out The Undertaker at Unforgiven?

You know how it works by now, quick results up here and detailed results after the jump.  BTW, I’m sorry this is starting late, somebody called me at 8PM.  Who the hell calls a wrestling fan on Friday night at 8PM?

Anyways, here goes:

Triple H says that Jeff Hardy will never win the big one.

Brie Bella, Maria & Michelle def Victoria, Natalya & Maryse

R-Truth def. Chavo Guerrero via DQ

Jesse & Festus wrapped Kenny Dykstra in duct tape and wheeled him out of the arena on a dolly.

Big Show says he beat up The Undertaker for not following the rules.  Seriously, that’s what he said.

Vladimir Kozlov def. Funaki & Scotty Goldman

Carlito & Primo Colon def. Hawkins & Ryder

Jeff Hardy def. The Brian Kendrick, MVP, & Shelton Benjamin

Detailed results after the jump!

The show kicks off with an Unforgiven highlight package.

JR and Tazz welcome us to Milwaukee, WI and announce the fatal four way later on tonight, and that we’ll find out why The Big Show attacked the Undertaker.

But first…


Triple H makes his way to the ring with his big shiny belt that he defied the odds to keep.  He says if you didn’t see Unforgiven, you need to, because the Championship Scramble matches are worth buying the DVD – partly because Hunter gets residuals, but mostly because it’s awesome.  He exaggerates the number of pinfalls, says Punk got punked out by Orton leaving Jericho to sneak in and win, Matt Hardy finally won the big one, a giant cheated death, and Rey Mysterio came out with the craziest mohawk you’d ever see, but only one man walked out with his title in tow.  Psh, 80% chance of losing?  Not for the Game.  You see his name on the card, bet on it.  The Championship Scramble was difficult, but Trips found a way to win, with just one tiny little second left…

The man who was one second away from winning the match, Jeff Hardy interrupts The Game.  He says congratulations to Triple H and calls him the man.  He admits that Hunter won fair and square.  Jeff did everything he could but Trips is still champ.  He’s awesome.  Everybody looks up to him and respects him, including Jeff Hardy, who incites a round of applause for Hunter.  Jeff says Hunter is like a god.  H Cubed appreciates the heartfelt praise, he sarcastically says he respects Jeff too.  He admires his passion for the business, and his desire, and the fact he puts his body on the line more than any other superstar in history.  Trips respects the fact that Jeff is an individual.  More importantly than everything else, he respects the fact that Jeff comes out night after night and reaches out trying to grab that brass ring, but he’s always just one second away.  Jeff hangs his head for a second, and Hunter asks if it’s the story of his life.  Jeff says that maybe Hunter’s right.  He may be one step away.  Or maybe he never had the right people to push him along.  Maybe he never had the Cliq.  Maybe he never had DX.  Maybe he didn’t have the family.  Ouch.  If Jeff did, he might just have what Hunter has.  Hunter says that maybe it’s true, although his brother Matt beat him to a World Championship.  Jeff was never better than Matt, Jeff just had him around to keep him focused.  Since Jeff’s been away, he hasn’t been able to keep his extracurricular activities from preventing him to get what he wants the most.  Trips doesn’t want to get into an argument.  It doesn’t do either of them any good.  The fact is that Triple H does respect Jeff and everything he’s done in the business.  Jeff’s got another shot at the brass ring tonight in a Fatal Four Way match.  Triple H hopes Jeff wins and proves him wrong.  No matter what happens tonight, when he gets to No Mercy, he’ll prove him right.

Brie Bella, Maria & Michelle def. Victoria, Natalya & Maryse

Michelle and Natalya kick things off in this one.  It’s what you’d expect between them to kick it off.  Michelle brings Natalya to her corner and tags Maria.  Maria holds her own and tags in Brie Bella, who holds her own for a bit until she goes for a second monkey flip and gets caught with a huge power move by Natalya.  Maryse gets tagged in and keeps control over Brie.  Maryse tags in Victoria, who misses a splash as soon as she gets in the ring.  Brie rolls out of the ring and heads under the ring.  Victoria drags her back out and tosses her back into the ring, but Brie rolls her up and gets the pinfall for her team!

Still to come, why did the Big Show attack The Undertaker at Unforgiven?


We come back to R-Truth rapping his theme song as he comes through the crowd.  GET ROWDY… er.. I mean… WHAT’S UP!  Interestingly enough, I got a DVD with the TNA iMPACT video game that has R-Truth on there performing as K-Krush in the early days of TNA.

R-Truth def. Chavo Guerrero

Truth gets the crowd chanting “WHAT’S UP” as the bell rings to star this one.  Truth locks in an armbar to start, and the match starts to pick up when Chavo kicks his way out of it.  Truth takes Chavo down with a hip toss and locks in another armbar, then drops Chavo with a spinning kick.  Chavo responded with a rolling kick of his own.  Truth takes Chavo down with a couple of clotheslines and a back elbow.  He hits a powerslam and does a dance move before nearly kicking Chavo’s head off for a two count.  Truth misses the Booker T style axe kick, and Chavo hits the Three Amigos to a chorus of Boos.  Chavo climbs the ropes but takes too much time, as Truth climbs the ropes and goes for a superplex, but Bam Neely shoves him off, earning a DQ for Chavo, who says he had Truth where he wanted him.

Chavo shoves Bam and tells him he’s not getting paid today.  Bam shoves Chavo to the canvas and tells him not to put his hands on him.  Truth catches Bam with a kick to the midsection and an Axe Kick.  Chavo attacks Truth, but Truth fights him off.

Shelton Benjamin tells Eve that nobody can beat the Gold Standard as Triple H walks up.  He wonders if he’s got a shot with Eve, and Trips tells Shelton that he’s the only one who didn’t get pinned on Sunday, so he thinks that Shelton shouldn’t even have to go through this Fatal Four Way tonight.  Trips tells him that Jeff Hardy says that he’s going to win the match.  Shelton tells Hunter that he doesn’t have to worry about Jeff Hardy.  Shelton doesn’t reach for brass rings; he’s reaching for Hunter’s gold title.



Jesse and Festus are dressed as movers and heading down to the ring with a dolly and a moving company box.  Promo for SmackDown’s move to MyTV, perhaps?  Well, it says “MyMoving Co.” on the back of their shirts.  Kenny Dykstra says he could be an all star in any sport right now, and he’s got more potential than anybody else in this company.  Yet he still doesn’t get the respect he deserves, dress like a garbage man?  He’s going to take the garbage out right now.  He decks Festus, then shoves Jesse out of the ring.  The match hasn’t officially started yet, so the bell hadn’t rung.  Jesse goes out and rings it for us, though I don’t think that makes the match official.  Festus explodes on Dykstra and hits a flapjack, then he and Jesse wrap Kenny in duct tape.  They put him on the dolly, and we head to commercial break.  Good news, I’ve finally caught up to real-time!  When we come back, Festus and Jesse have Dykstra wrapped in bubble wrap and put a piece of duct tape over his mouth to shut him up as they wheel him up the ramp and to the backstage area.

JR’s been informed that Vickie Guerrero & The Big Show will be out here shortly as we get a recap of what happened to The Undertaker at Unforgiven

Vickie comes to the ring, and she’s got so much heat I can barely hear her over the crowd.  Undertaker threatened her before Unforgiven, threatening to send her to hell.  As everybody witnessed, that didn’t happen at Unforgiven.  He couldn’t take her soul – heck, he couldn’t even take her job.  She’s still the GM of SmackDown.  Taker threatened her, and she literally spit in his face.  She didn’t do it alone though.  Please welcome the guy who beat the crap out of The Undertaker, The Big Show!  Show says that after The Undertaker destroyed Edge and Vickie’s family abandoned her, she came to him for help.  Show didn’t want to do it at first.  Then he realized that The Undertaker is supposed to abide by the rules of SmackDown.  Show showed him that if he had to follow the rules, so did Show.  He showed The Undertaker who the boss is on SmackDown.  It’s a good deal for Show, because Vickie can help him get to the WWE Championship.  First, he’s got to get her an apology from The Undertaker.  Show says that if Taker’s not sorry now, he’ll make sure that he will be.

Still to come, a Fatal Four Way for the number one contendership


Vladimir Kozlov def. Scotty Goldman & Funaki

JR ponders that Funaki and Goldman sounds like a law firm, as Kozlov beats the holy hell out of both of them.  He drops an airborn Funaki with a headbutt and pins him.  It pretty much lasted as long as it took you to read this recap of the match.

Kozlov takes the mic and says he wants SmackDown to give him a better challenge.  If nobody gives him one, he’ll find one himself.

Ezekiel Jackson is reading the 300 Greatest whatever magazine that the WWE recently put out as Triple H pops in behind him.  The Brian Kendrick asks what Hunter’s doing there.  Hunter came to wish him luck.  Kendrick says he shouldn’t have to wrestle tonight to win the number one contendership.  After all, he was the longest reigning champion in any of the scramble matches at Unforgiven.  Hunter knows.  He was rooting for Kendrick to get the next shot the whole time.  Out of all the losers there were at Unforgiven, Hunter thinks that Spanky was the biggest.


The WWE Tag Team Champions, Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder are in non title action.  They’re taking on the Colons, Primo and Carlito.  They get a Superstars-esque promo, which basically says that Carlito & Primo on SmackDown is cool.

Carlito & Primo def. Hawkins & Ryder

Carlito has new wrestling gear; he’s rocking those Rey Mysterio style tights now.  He kicks things off with Ryder, and with quick tags between himself and his brother, the Colons take over this match, until Carlito allows himself to be distracted by Hawkins.  Ryder takes Carlito down with a kick and tags Hawkins in.  Hawkins slows the pace down, locking Carlito in a chinlock.  The champions take over the match, utilizing quick tags and the five count to their advantage.  Carlito tries to fight back but misses a dropkick.  Ryder tags Hawkins, then takes Carlito over in a backslide, allowing Hawkins to come in and stomp on the afro’d man from the Carribean.  Carlito finally causes some separation, rolling out of the way of a Hawkins splash in the corner and tagging in his brother Primo.  Primo unloads on the WWE Tag Team Champions, and he gets a two count off of a splash from the top rope before Ryder broke it up.  Carlito gets the tag in, and hits the backstabber on Hawkins to pick up the victory.

MVP runs into Triple H backstage.  Triple H is surprised to learn that MVP is in the fatal four way match.  He says that the other night, MVP didn’t do so well.  MVP says he’s in there because he’s the man that’s going to take the WWE Title at No Mercy.  Hunter says he hope MVP doesn’t choke like he did on Sunday night.


WWE 24/7 Classics on Demand:  November 24, 1983.  NWA Starcade – Ric Flair wins the NWA World Championship in a steel cage.

Apparently Flair didn’t leave on bad terms, because they’re promoting the hell out of Forever Flair on WWE 24/7.

Jeff Hardy def. MVP, Shelton Benjamin, & The Brian Kendrick in a Fatal Four Way Match

The Brian Kendrick exits the ring at the start, leaving the other three to battle each other.  Hardy holds his own against MVP and Shelton Benjamin, but they wind up working together to take down the Charismatic Enigma, but they stop to wrestle each other when they realize that they were both going for the pin.  Benjamin drops MVP with a right hand as The Brian Kendrick sneaks in and tries to pin Jeff Hardy behind his back, to no avail.  He sneaks in again as MVP and Jeff Hardy are battling to attempt to hit The Kendrick on Shelton Benjamin, only to be stopped by MVP.  Jeff catches Benjamin with a Whisper in the Wind on Benjamin, who kicks out at two before we go to a commercial break.  When we come back, MVP has Shelton Benjamin in a rear chinlock.  During the break, Benjamin dropped Hardy over the top rope and to the floor, and Jeff hit his leg on the steel steps on the way down.  The Brian Kendrick is lurking on the outside waiting for an opportunity to strike.  Benjamin takes down MVP but allows himself to get distracted by Ezekiel as Kendrick dropkicks him from behind.  Kendrick hits another dropkick on Benjamin and gets a two count before locking in a Camel Clutch while Ezekiel tosses Jeff Hardy into the guardrail on the outside.  Benjamin picks Kendrick up and backs him into a corner to break the Camel Clutch, but Kendrick won’t let go, he locks in a sleeper.  Benjamin finally breaks away from him by dropping him flat on his back.  MVP sneaks in and dropkicks Benjamin in the head as Kendrick rolls out of the ring again.  Benjamin and MVP go at it tooth and nail, each determined to win and become the number one contender to Triple H’s WWE Championship.  Jeff Hardy manages to get back in the ring, but MVP tosses him right back out, over the top rope and to the floor.  If this were a battle royal, Jeff would’ve lost like 5 times already.  MVP and Benjamin continue to battle in the ring as Kendrick kicks Hardy while he’s down.  He sneaks back in the ring and tries to steal a pinfall.  He tries to escape again, but MVP catches him, though Kendrick manages to escape anyway.  Jeff comes back in as MVP gets tossed out, and once again gets thrown over the top rope and to the floor.  As MVP and Benjamin battle in the ring, Hardy tosses The Brian Kendrick into the guardrail.  He comes back in the ring and unloads on Shelton Benjamin, hitting his swinging dropkick move for a two count.  He heads up the turnbuckle, but MVP pulls Benjamin out of the way of the Swanton.  MVP and Kendrick appear to work together but MVP lets Hardy go and clotheslines Kendrick out of his boots.  Hardy hits a Whisper in the Wind on MVP, and gets a two count before Benjamin breaks it up.  He tosses Jeff through the ropes to the outside.  MVP goes for the driveby kick but Benjamin moved out of the way and hit Paydirt on MVP.  Kendrick came in and hit The Kendrick on Benjamin, but Hardy got back in the ring, took out Ezekiel for good measure, and hit a Swanton on Kendrick and Benjamin, pinning The Brian Kendrick for the victory!

After the match, Vladimir Kozlov’s music hits and he marches down to the ring.  He walks right up to Jeff Hardy and tries for a clothesline, which Jeff ducks, but it didn’t matter much, because Kozlov caught Jeff with a headbutt as he bounced off the ropes.  He hits a big boot and starts to pummel Hardy in the corner.  He finishes his assault up with an inverted DDT, leaving the number one contender lying in a heap on the canvas as we end the show.

My Thoughts:

That main event completely exceeded my expectations.  It was a great match with a clean finish, which is something I haven’t seen in a long long time.  It was a very entertaining show tonight, with Triple H instigating and trying to light a fire under all of his potential challengers.  Vladimir Kozlov attacking at the end of the show was great and unexpected, though it was foreshadowed earlier in the day.  I’m interested to see where it goes because it’s leaving me with the feeling of Jeff Hardy losing the number one contender spot to Vladimir Kozlov, though I have nothing really to base that on.  That’s it for me tonight, I’ll catch you guys on Sunday with TNA No Surrender predictions.

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