Two days before the WWE Superstars invade Buffalo, NY for Armageddon, co-number one contenders for Edge’s WWE Championship, Jeff Hardy & Triple H, will square off one on one.  All this and more, on Friday Night SmackDown!

Full results after the jump!The show hasn’t even started yet, but Jeff Hardy and Triple H are brawling in the aisle.  Vickie Guerrero sends Chavo down to help break them up, but he gets knocked down for his trouble.  Finally, several officials, including Dean Malenko, come to separate them.  That doesn’t last long, they break free, knocking Vickie down in the process as Chavo laughs.  When she gets back up, the two are separated again.  She yells at them that this is her show and to save it for the main event.  They go after each other one more time before finally being separated.


So, for the benefit of those with short attention spaaaaans: We get a recap of the chaos before the break.

MVP is in the ring and set for action.  R-Truth comes through the crowd performing his Slammy Award Winning hit, “What’s Up?”  He’s even carrying his Slammy around to prove it.

R-Truth def. MVP

MVP holds the advantage for a while early on.  JR mentions that MVP is ahead on points, but unfortunately, that doesn’t win you wrestling matches.  Tazz theorizes that if they were nominated, he and JR would have beaten Edge and Vickie for Couple of the Year at the Slammys.  Anyways, MVP dominates this match, but he gets caught in a rollup by R-Truth, giving the Slammy Award Winner a victory.

MVP asks the crowd if they think it’s funny.  They yell “yeah!”  He went from being the highest paid wrestler in SmackDown history, the longest reigning US Champion in WWE history, to almost nothing.  He’s still got his pride, and more money than any of us.  He’s still MVP and is still better than you.


The star of WWE Films’ straight to DVD movie “Behind Enemy Lines: Columbia,” Mr. Kennedy is here.  They cut of MVP’s mic, and Kennedy says that he’s disappointed in MVP.  MVP should be filled with holiday cheer.  Kennedy wishes he could do something for MVP.  Oh wait, there is!  His new movie is a gift that keeps on giving.  This message of holiday cheer is from MISTERRRRRRR KENNEDDYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!

Later tonight, the Cutting Edge with special guest, Matt Hardy.


Recap of the Slammy Awards on Monday, and the chaotic ending of the John Cena/Edge match.

Vignette for some jackass named… well, I didn’t catch his name.  I don’t really care either.

The Bella Twins are backstage and approached by The Brian Kendrick.  Carlito and Primo confrton him.  Kendrick backs off and opens the dressing room door, and Ezikiel Jackson came out and asked if there was a problem.  Primo says “if you’re feeling froggy, jump.”  Kendrick and Jackson walk away, and Carlito calls Primo on his cheesy line.  Primo says Carlito didn’t say anything.  Carlito says he was going to smack the big guy, but he didn’t want to in front of the ladies out of respect to them.


Recap of Miz and Morrison winning Tag Team of the Year on Monday.

Carlito and Primo are in the ring as The Brian Kendrick and Ezikiel Jackson come to the ring.  Kendrick and Primo are in singles competition

The Brian Kendrick def. Primo

It’s a pretty back and forth match, with Primo getting  the upper hand in the early parts of the match, and Kendrick getting the upper hand later on.   Primo starts to battle back after a bit of extended offence by Kendrick, and uses some amazing athleticism to stay one step ahead.  He goes to climb the ropes, Ezekiel comes around to distract him, but Carlito came to stop him, getting shoved into the ring steps for his troubles.  This distracts Primo enough for Kendrick to capitalize on the situation, rolling Primo up for the victory.

In case you missed it: Jeff Hardy and Triple H brawled to start off the show.


DX is shilling their new hoody and t-shirt.  HBK says the Triple H stuffed bear is from the Connan the Bar-bear-ian collection.  Triple H says HBK’s bear is from the Villiage People collection, and if you push a button in the back, all the hair falls out.

Hurricane Helms is in the ring and ready for action.  His opponent is the WWE United States Champion, Shelton Benjamin.

Hurricane Helms def. Shelton Benjamin

The Gold Standard starts off on the offense, but it doesn’t last long before Helms starts to battle back.  It’s back and forth early, but Benjamin starts to go on a ruthless attack, trying to work over Hurricane’s neck.  Helms starts to battle back, even going for the Shining Wizard, but Benjamin ducks and manages to take the offense back, momentarily.  Helms gains the momentum back, nailing Benjamin with a cross body off the top rope and manages to pin Benjamin!

Tazz congratulates Hurricane Helms, and asks him how it feels to be back on SmackDown.  Helms says it’s about time – time for a new United States Champion.  He’s not sayin’ – he’s just sayin!

Up next, The Cutting Edge with special guest, Matt Hardy!


The WWE Champion is here to host The Cutting Edge.  He says his two opponents at Armageddon are trying to tear each other’s heads off.  There’s a long, volitaile history between Jeff Hardy and Triple H.  Which is why Triple H attacked Jeff Hardy in his hotel.  Despite the overwhelming facts, it seems like everybody is pointing fingers at Edge.  Everybody, including his guest tonight, the ECW Champion, Matt Hardy.

Matt says that no matter what spin Edge puts on the situation, Triple H wasn’t the guy who took out Jeff, it was Edge.  Edge says he didn’t do it.  He just stepped in to take Jeff’s place because he wanted to help out his wife.  Matt says he blames Edge because he knows Edge will do whatever it takes to get ahead.  Edge says to take the blinders off, it wasn’t Edge.  A lot of people want Hardy gone.  Randy Orton on RAW, Miz and Morrison, The Undertaker, and Triple H all have reasons to get rid of Jeff.  Matt says all the facts point to Edge.  Matt came out here to get the truth.  Edge says that the truth is that the only reason Matt’s getting involved is because nobody cares about him.  Jeff’s problems thrust him into the spotlight.  Matt’s the ECW Champion, but if what happened to Jeff happened to him, nobody would care.  Matt looks visibly upset before decking the WWE Champion.  Before he can do any more damage, Vladimir Kozlov comes down to the ring.  Edge attacks Hardy from behind, and Kozlov takes over, decimating the ECW Champion.  Kozlov and Hardy will square off in a non-title match, this Sunday at Armageddon.


Recap of The Great Khali winning “DAMN!” Moment of the Year on the Slammys.  He’s in the ring and ready for a handicapped match against the former WWE Tag Team Champions, Kurt Hawkins and Zack Ryder.

The Great Khali def. Hawkins & Ryder

Close your eyes and imagine what a handicapped match with Hawkins & Ryder taking on The Great Khali.  That’s how this one went.  Khali won by Tree Bombing Hawkins on to Ryder.

Eve is standing by with Triple H.  What does he think about the allegations that he attacked Hardy in Boston?  Triple H says that Edge isn’t the only one believing that theory.  Jeff Hardy believes it too.  Triple H says that Jeff was never a big enough blimp on his radar to warrant an attack.  Trips doesn’t care who jumped Jeff.  He says that Hardy put himself in Triple H’s path, and therefore The Game has to run him down.  Whether Jeff shows up Sunday or not, The Game is walking out WWE Champion.


In case you missed it, part 2: Vladimir Kozlov destroyed Matt Hardy on The Cutting Edge earlier.

The Bella Twins make their way to the ring for tag team action.  Their opponents are Natalya and Maryse.  That’s actually kind of surprising, Natalya usually teams up with Victoria.  Ah well, whatever.

The Bella Twins vs. Maryse and Natalya

The Bella Twins take the early advantage, but Maryse and Natalya battle back.  They trap one of the twins in their corner and utilize quick tags to their advantage.  I wonder if they developed that strategy by watching old tapes of Natalya’s father and uncle back in the day.  The other Bella got the tag in (Tazz said it’s Nikki), starting off strong.  A quick double-team behind the referee’s back while he’s being distracted by Maryse, and The Bella’s picked up the victory!

Eve asks Vladimir Kozlov his thoughts on Armageddon.  He’ll destroy Matt at Armageddon and then will come for the Champion, no matter who it is.  He’s lost his tolerance.  Everyone must fall.

Up next, Jeff Hardy vs. Triple H!


We get a run-down of the Armageddon card, and I’m getting tired of them repeatedly mentioning that the PPV is in Buffalo, since I’m ultimately not able to go.

Once again they show us the brawl at the beginning of the show.  And finally, after all these recaps…

It’s time to play the game…  TIME TO PLAY THE GAME!

Triple H makes his way to the ring.  Jeff Hardy doesn’t jump him this time.


We come back, and Jeff Hardy makes his way to the ring.

Jeff Hardy vs. Triple H ends in a No Contest

Jeff goes on the attack early, striking with kicks and punches, taking The Game outside and slamming his face off of the security wall.  Even the bit of offense Triple H got in was all strikes.  This isn’t a match, it’s a war.  Both men are down in the ring as we head to…


Triple H is in control when we return, but Jeff battles back.  These guys are hell bent on destroying each other tonight.  It’s actually highly entertaining.  Both men take each other down, staying down for a 5 count, but then the pace picks right back up.  Jeff keeps control until he walks right into a spinebuster from The Game, who only got a two count off of the move.  Triple H reverses a Twist of Fate, going for a Pedigree, but Jeff breaks out and goes for the Whisper in the Wind, hitting it for two.  Hardy hits the sitout facebuster, then climbs the ropes, but gets caught.  The battle continues.  Triple H goes for a Pedigree, Jeff backdrops him out, goes for a Swanton, and Triple H moves out of the way.  That’s when Edge comes out and spears both of them, standing tall with his WWE Championship as we go off the air just two days before Armageddon.

My thoughts: A lot of wrestling, not a lot of talking.  That’s my kind of show.  It was a pretty solid show, advancing numerous storylines, particularly the WWE Championship match, adding a lot of fuel to an already hot match.    I really enjoyed it, and still say that RAW and ECW, and especially TNA could learn a thing or two from the blue brand.

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