Well, here’s something I haven’t really done before. I promised you guys a SmackDown review this weekend, and since I haven’t had the time to fire up the DVR and watch the show, I’m firing up YouTube in my laptop browser at work and reviewing it this way. The YouTube videos of SmackDown generally cut out a lot of unnecessary crap, such as RAW Rebounds and 12 Rounds promotion, so this is pretty much pure, unadulterated SmackDown right here folks.

The review, after the jump!

CM Punk makes his way out to the ring, and we’re set for 8 man tag team action featuring the Money In The Bank participants.

Kane, Christian, Finlay, and Shelton Benjamin def. CM Punk, MVP, Kofi Kingston, and Mark Henry

It’s a weird set of teams here, as it’s Punk, Kofi Kingston, MVP and Mark Henry on one side, taking on Christian, Finlay, Kane, and Shelton Benjamin on the other. Needless to say, the teams don’t exactly coexist well. As MVP and Shelton Benjamin battle it out during their time in the ring, we’re told that next week on SmackDown, Benjamin will get his rematch for the United States Championship. In the end, it’s Kane picking up the victory for his team with a chokeslam on the former Intercontenental Champion, CM Punk.

After the match, all hell breaks loose and the eight men do battle. Christian breaks out a ladder and climbs for the Money in the Bank briefcase hanging above the ring, but Finlay and Hornswoggle tip the ladder, sending him flying onto all of the rest of the competitors before they climb up the ladder themselves.


Jesse and Festus are in the ring. Good to see them back. Too bad they’re just Big Show Chow.

The Big Show def. Jesse and Festus

This match is just to show off the power of The Big Show. Even Festus, who is normally a powerhouse once the bell rings, is no match for the 450 pound Giant. In fact, it’s Festus who takes most of the beating in this match – Jesse pretty much vanishes after an early assault from Show. When he finally comes back in, he comes crashing into Show from the top rope, and Festus drops Show with a kick. He gets a one count, and an angry Big Show knocks him out before dropping Jesse with a chokeslam. Show gives Jesse a knockout punch for good measure, and pins him easily with a non chalant cover.

Matt Hardy is petting a dog backstage. He says that a black cloud hung over Jeff’s head his whole life, and it became public knowledge when Jeff’s house burnt down. Jeff lost everything, including his Jack Russell Terrier, kind of like the one Matt’s petting. Matt’s been looking forward to a day like ‘Mania 25 his entire life. He hopes Jeff’s watching, because at ‘Mania, he’ll take him to the extreme! Jeff’s got a raging fire burning inside, but at ‘Mania, Matt will extinguish that fire. Jeff will finally realize what he is. Nothing more than an underachieving, selfish, heartless child. Matt kisses the dog several times. Go ahead and insert your own Amy Dumas or Ashley Massarro joke here.

Rey Mysterio’s music hits, and the man from the 619 heads to the ring. He’s in action, NEXT!


Rey Mysterio will face JBl for the Intercontinental Championship, but right now, he’s facing Chavo Guerrero.

Rey Mysterio def. Chavo Guerrero

JR and Tazz remind us of the history between these two men, and of their lineage in the business. These guys had a feud that seemed to go on forever, yet it’s still fun to see them in the ring together, and since Rey’s spent the last year on RAW, this match feels fresh. A lot of the “smart” fans give Mysterio a lot of crap, but he’s still very entertaining in the ring. While I could understand why people who have watched him ever since he broke into the United States in ECW could be bored with him or just sick of him, for people who aren’t big into pro wrestling, he’s a draw. I’ve talked to non fans who happened to tune in, and they tell me “man, that Rey Mysterio guy is really fun to watch.” Absolutely he is. No surprise here as Mysterio drops Chavito with the 619 for the victory after a missed Guerrero frog splash.

After the match, JBL comes out of nowhere and drops Mysterio with a big boot.

This past Monday, John Cena wrote a poem for Vickie Guerrero. I’m sure his 12 year old fan base was thouroghly entertained.

Speaking of Cena, he’s on his way to the ring.


The unmistakable opening bars of John Cena’s theme music can only mean one thing – WWE doesn’t care about the lawsuit being brought against them and Cena for the unlicensed sample. Oh, and that John Cena is here.

Cena says that we’ve heard from every marquee superstar in the business over the last few weeks about the importance of WrestleMania. Every word we hear is true. In a few days, we’ll see the WWE trucks rolling down the highway as they proceed to Houston to transform Reliant Stadium into the home of WrestleMania 25. Cena continues to put over WrestleMania, calling it the stage where the biggest issues in the business are resolved. He says he feels like he is on the outside of a love triangle looking at the once coveted World Heavyweight Championship. Vickie Guerrero, The Big Show, and Edge have tried desperately to keep him away from the title. He had to resort to blackmail to get in, and he apologizes for that. At WrestleMania, he’s going to take back the captive World Heavyweight Championship. Cena’s got something serious to say – he’s going to WrestleMania to fight, win, and become the World Heavyweight Champion.

Well…. It’s the Big Show!

The Big Show comes to the ring, fresh off of his domination of Jesse and Festus earlier in the night. He tells Cena that he can come out here and belittle the love that he and Vickie have, but Cena doesn’t understand that love makes Show stronger. Edge found out how strong it makes him. Show invites Cena to come find out how strong Show is this Monday on RAW, and threatens to shut Cena’s mouth for good. Cena confirms that just days before WrestleMania, Show wants him to wrestle a 7 foot tall 500 pound giant. Cena says that’s crazy, but Show is on. Show goes to leave, but Cena grabs his leg on the way out and dumps him to the floor. Cena stands tall as an enraged Big Show heads back up the ramp.

We’re apparently going to get a look at “Orton’s Law” tonight on SmackDown.


R-Truth is rapping his way through the crowd. Next week’s SmackDown is going to be a part of WWE Fan Axxess – which, if you’re going to be in Houston, I urge you to get tickets to, it’s an awesome experience. Well, the one I went to at WrestleMania X-8 in 2002 was an awesome experience, and I did catch a live performance by Rev Theory last year just outside of the Citrus Bowl. Anywho, Matt Hardy makes his way to the ring for this match, and we see highlights of Jeff’s Extreme Rules match this past Monday with Dolph Ziggler.

Matt Hardy def. R-Truth

Does anybody give R-Truth a snowball’s chance in hell here? One of these guys is in a major match at WrestleMania. The other guy isn’t on the card. Hmm. Who’s going to win here? JR puts over the fact that Matt and Jeff’s father has to sit home and watch his boys destroy each other in Extreme Rules. Apparently, they haven’t told their dad that it’s just entertainment. Hardy drops Truth with the Twist of Fate after Truth missed the axe kick to pick up the victory.

Suddenly, we’re talking about Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker. Apparently, we re-live HBK’s promo from this past Monday, which was awesome, BTW, but it’s cut out of the YouTubed version of this broadcast that I’m watching.

Carlito, Primo, and Brie Bella make their way out to the ring. They’re in six person tag team action, NEXT!


The Miz, John Morrison, and Nikki Bella make their entrance in slow motion, and we’re ready for action.

Carlito, Primo, & Brie Bella def. John Morrison, The Miz, & Nikki Bella

I’m not the first person to say this on either of the sites in the BWF Network, and with WrestleMania week starting on Monday, I’m probably not the last, but there should be absolutely, positively zero chance that Primo and Carlito should win the Unified Tag Team Championships next Sunday at WrestleMania. Perhaps their victory here in this match is one of those signs that tell you they’re not going to beat Miz and Morrison at ‘Mania. Carlito drops Morrison with the Backstabber for the victory.

Jeff Hardy is in a dark room somewhere. He says that Matt arrived on this earth before him. Time would pass and a journey began. The dream became a reality. It was hard at first, until Jeff realized Matt was sick. It will now be harder for Matt, as Jeff will become his healer. Matt took everything away from Jeff, so it’s time Jeff takes something from Matt. Matt was right, they’re not brothers, not on this stage.


WWE Divas Champion, Maryse, makes her way to the ring. Her opponent tonight – and challenger – is the former Divas Champion, Michelle McCool.

Maryse vs. Michelle McCool went to a no contest – I guess.

JR’s money is on the blonde. I figure that’s a safe bet. This is a slow, methodical matchup with flares of aggression from both women. Michelle starts to focus on Maryse’s knee, but the champion battles back. Maryse takes control of the match, but she’s taken down with a dropkick off the top ropes – by a returning Gail Kim!

Gail Kim grabs the Divas Championship and holds it up over her head before draping it over Maryse.


Druids, dressed in white instead of traditional black, surround the ring when we come back to Friday Night SmackDown. A chorus of angelic voices sings out over the speakers, when a man dressed in attire similar to The Undertaker’s, but in white, appears on the stage. The man makes an entrance just like The Undertaker’s as he enters the ring. With white fog filling the ringside area, The man removes his hat and smiles at the camera. That man is The Heartbreak Kid, Shawn Michaels. HBK quotes the bible. God said let there be light. He divided the darkness and the light, he called the light “day,” and the darkness “night.” HBK and his opponent The Undertaker are like the light and the dark. Though they’ve coexisted for nearly 20 years in the WWE, they’ve taken different paths with many similarities. They’re both at the top of their game. They’ve been criticized and praised. That is where the similarities end. The Undertaker represents the purist form of evils, he walks amongst the shadows, whereas Shawn thrives in the spotlight. Taker strikes fear in all of his opponents, but HBK stands unafraid. HBK talks about having eternal life, and how the same cannot be said about ‘Taker’s undefeated streak. HBK is a man Undertaker has never beaten, and when they face off at WrestleMania, Undertaker’s streak will come to a grizzly end. HBK will take Undertaker to the firey depths of hell, where only HBK will ascend victorious. The heavenly music starts up again, and HBK stands in the ring motionless until his actual theme song kicks in, and he dances and strips off the white jacket. Suddenly, The Undertaker appears through the fog and attacks HBK. He tries for a chokeslam, but HBK escapes unharmed. HBK dances atop the ramp as The Undertaker seethes in the ring.

My Thoughts: Once again, HBK and The Undertaker steal the show.  There’s nothing wrong with that, nor is there anything surprising about it.  There’s a reason both of these men have been with the WWE for nearly two decades straight.  They’re solid performers both in and out of the ring.  The visual effect of the white fog was amazing, and the surprise appearance of The Undertaker from under the ring was just as great.

No Edge this week, huh?  I’m sure that can easily be explained away by his being knocked out at the hands of The Big Show this past Monday on RAW.  That said, even Cena’s promo and the subsequent Big Show promo were pretty good.

Gail Kim finally returned to SmackDown, and the music they gave her is terrible.  Still, if you didn’t read the spoilers, her return in the middle of that Divas Championship match was quite a surprise.

I enjoyed this week’s show.  I hope that RAW can carry the momentum this week, particularly since SmackDown is probably not going to have a lot of substance as it will be airing from WWE Fan Axxess.  Our own Drowgoddess will be participating in the WrestleMania weekend festivities and checking in with us throughout.  Thanks for reading my take on WWE’s Friday night show.  The last installment of my series on WWE Pay Per View will be up later today, as will JT’s Random Randomness, so please check back for those!

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