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Last Sunday: Chris Jericho won the World Heavyweight Championship, with a little help from, of all people, Shawn Michaels.

The World Heavyweight Champion, Chris Jericho is here, and this past Monday, Edge speared him and confirmed that the Rated R Superstar would be his opponent on the Grandest Stage of them All.  In case the big belt over his shoulder doesn’t give it away, he tells us he’s the World Heavyweight Champion.  He even reads the belt.  “Chris Jericho – World Heavyweight Wrestling Champion.”  Last Monday was his inauguration ball, a chance for us to bask in his successes, but it was taken away from him by Edge, and he didn’t deserve it.

You think you know me…

For the second time this week, Edge interrupts Jericho.  He hates to do this, but he’s got to congratulate Jericho.  He walked into the Elimination Chamber and walked out the World Heavyweight Champion.  Jericho says it’s because he’s the best in the world at what he does.  Edge says he’s the best in the world at getting speared by Edge.  Edge lists Jericho’s achievements with the word “spear” attached at the end of each.  Edge feels the spears aren’t just getting to Jericho physically, they’re getting to him mentally as well.  He see’s doubt in Jericho’s eyes. Jericho doesn’t think he can beat him.  Jericho says of course he can beat Edge.  Edge says he’s in Jericho’s head all nightmare long – hooray for a Metallica reference from Edge!  He wants Jericho to live up to what he says, that he’s the best in the world at what he does.  If he doesn’t, guess what’s going to happen.  The crowd chants “spear.”  Edge says they’re right.  One more spear, and it’s all over.  Jericho says Edge will never spear him again, and suckerpunches him.  Edge sells it, and Jericho goes for the Codebreaker, but Edge holds on to the ropes – then spears Jericho once again.


@PrettySlimMont  Damn Jericho….u got speared….again! #wwe smackdown #bwf

@mrsmysterio619 ouch what a spearr .

@xSmootx #Smackdown Definitely looking forward between Edge/Jericho at mania, great segment. #SpearisthenextGOREGOREGORE


We’ve got a Money In The Bank qualifier about to take place as the sounds of AC/DC’s “Thunderstruck” ring out through the arena.  Who’s participating?

Now listen, this ain’t no make believe…

The Shaman Of Sexy, John Morrison, had an impressive showing his past Sunday in the Elimination Chamber, and now has a chance to go to WrestleMania as part of the Money In The Bank ladder match.  Standing in his way?

I am perfection…

Dolph Ziggler has an opportunity to make his mark on WrestleMania, but we’re not done with the participants in this match…

What’s up… if you feel me, stand up and say what’s up…

R-Truth is accompanied by his NXT rookie, David Otunga, and we’re set for triple threat action, the winner going on to WrestleMania XXVI as part of the Money In The Bank Ladder Match.

Dolph Ziggler def. John Morrison and R-Truth to qualify for the Money In The Bank Ladder Match

Ziggler’s strategy is to let Morrison and Truth beat each other up, but they’re not having any of that.  They go out after him, beat him up a bit, and toss him back out.  R-Truth gets to show off his athleticism, but Ziggler breaks up the first pin attempt and bails.  Morrison gets a two count as well with Ziggler breaking up the pin once again.  He eats a clothesline for his trouble.  Morrison gets dumped to the outside, and then Truth dumps Ziggler to the floor right by the feet of David Otunga.  Truth hits a suicide dive, then rolls Ziggler back in the ring.  Morrison keeps Truth on the outside, and scores a two count on Ziggler, then we go to a…


@Lucks4Losers  Totally wanna see Truth’s rookie do Truth’s entrance lol #WWE #Smackdown

@jenrae73 #BWF  #Smackdown Which one will win? Larry,Curly or JoMo? Ha!

@JamesLovely  #wwe  am i the only person that cannot stand R truths theme song or catchphrase? I wish he would just hurry up and turn heel already

@TheKingOfImpact  So now that David Otunga is in #WWE I betta not see Jennifer Hudson in no storylines. The only thing she needs to do is sing at Wrestlemania

Ziggler is surprisingly in control when we come back, managing to fight off both Truth and Morrison.  Both Truth and Morrison at different points score with a rollup on Ziggler but have their pin broken up by the other.  Ziggler breaks up a pin attempt by Truth on Morrison.  Truth goes for the Lie Detector on Ziggler, who ducks, and it’s Morrison who takes the move, but Truth only scores a two count.  Ziggler gets rid of Truth and tries to cover Morrison but still only scores a two.  All three men start battling on the top rope, and Ziggler crash lands on the outside.  Truth goes for a Superplex on Morrison, who blocks and counters with a sunset flip powerbomb, and follows it up with Starship Pain, but Ziggler pulls Morrison out and picks up the pinfall on Truth – Dolph Ziggler is going to WrestleMania!

Christian and Dolph Ziggler are the only qualifiers thusfar for the Money In The Bank ladder match at WrestleMania XXVI

Promo: Please DO NOT Try this at home.


@jaydubshow  Dolph Ziggler is going to WrestleMania! Money in the bank baby! #MITB #WWE Hope Morrison gets another shot though

@thumbscrews  Just saw #HulkHogan in a Rent-a-Center commercial. How the mighty have fallen. #WWE  #TNA

@Jason_Sherman  I wonder what kind of shampoo JoMo uses…his hair is always looking shiny. #wwe  #smackdown

Editor’s note:  I actually saw that Hogan/Rent-a-Center commercial earlier.  Surprised the hell out of me to see him in that – but it’s great promotion for TNA for fans who may not realize what he’s been up to and may think to look him up on the internet.

Video: Shawn Michaels challenges The Undertaker and ultimately convinces him to accept.

It’s Career vs. Streak at WrestleMania, but up next, it’s the WWE Women’s Championship on the line, with special guest referee Vickie Guerrero!


@ivanpek009  This video package is pretty awesome #WWE #Smackdown

@Stythis1788  Brilliant video of Michaels and Taker #wwe. Sheer brilliance

@BrookCallaway This HBK/Taker match is driving me nuts…I dont know who to cheer for. Damn them.

Vickie Guerrero gets the Jeff Jarrett treatment – no music as she makes her entrance.  She’s our guest referee in this WWE Women’s Championship match.  The challenger is out first, which shouldn’t be shocking, but it is.  Michelle McCool is accompanied by Layla.  Mickie James is the WWE Women’s Champion, and she’s accompanied by the WWE Women’s Championship belt.

Michelle McCool def. Mickie James to become the NEW WWE Women’s Champion

Todd Grisham fumbles over the name of the company he works for as this match starts.  Michelle starts off on offense but it doesn’t last long.  Mickie battles back and drops Michelle.  She makes a cover, but Layla gets up on the apron, and Vickie stops to tell her to get down.  Mickie dumps Michelle to the outside and hits a baseball slide, followed up by a Hurricanrana.  Mickie slams Michelle’s face into the barricade and is rolling until Layla gets involved, distracting Mickie.  Michelle takes over, bouncing Mickie’s head off of the ring apron as Beth Phoenix watches on a monitor backstage.  Michelle goes for a powerbomb, but Mickie reverses into another hurricanrana, but her advantage doesn’t last long, and Michelle hits a belly to belly suplex.  She goes for the cover but Vickie falls out of the ring.  Mickie rolls up Michelle but Vickie slaps her in the face.  Michelle boots Mickie in the face and covers her for the pinfall victory and the WWE Women’s Championship.

Up next, it’s another Money In The Bank qualifying match as Kane takes on the Intercontinental Champion Drew McIntyre!


@SpenceSupreme #WTF Vickie fell out the ring, gets back in and screws Mickie. Wow #WWE

@prettyheartless Peace out Mickie James. I’m calling it.

@jeterfan28 DREW IS ON NEXT!!!! He could be IC champ as well as potential MITB contender!

“Thunderstruck” rings out again, despite the fact that the official theme song for WrestleMania is some song by Kevin Rudolph that I didn’t bother catching the name of.  The Big Red Machine, Kane makes his way to the ring, and he’ll have a chance to go to WrestleMania.  Drew McIntyre’s awesome new entrance plays, and the Intercontinental Champion comes out with a microphone in his hand.  He stops at the top of the ramp and reminds us that he’s undefeated.  Nobody in the WWE has been able to beat him, not even Kane.  He proved it last Sunday when he beat Kane at the Elimination Chamber.  After he beats him tonight, he’ll win Money In The Bank, and the prophecy will be fulfilled.  He’ll be the Intercontinental Champion, the World Heavyweight Champion, and still undefeated.

Kane def. Drew McIntyre to qualify for the Money in The Bank Ladder Match

Kane aggressively attacks McIntyre to start the match.  McIntyre mounts a comeback and starts to aggressively attack Kane, and this match has essentially degraded into a brawl.  McIntyre locks in a front facelock – whaddya know, a wrestling hold.  Kane powers out of the hold and starts throwing punches, then clotheslines in the corner before dropping McIntyre with a sidewalk slam for a two count.  Kane goes to the top rope, but McIntyre gets out of the way, then hits a ZigZag like move, which confuses Grisham into calling McIntyre “Ziggler.”  Kane gets up and goes for a chokeslam, but McIntyre avoids it.  Kane hits a big boot and gets a two count.  McIntyre goes for the FutureShock, but Kane powers out of it.  Kane boots McIntyre in the skull and picks up the pinfall victory.  Kane is going to WrestleMania!

McIntyre gets up and realizes that he’s not going to WrestleMania.  He looks up at the Money In The Bank briefcase, then flips out, yelling something that I can’t quite make out at Matt Striker.

So now the Money In The Bank match will feature Christian, Kane, and Dolph Ziggler.

The Miz has something to say, and that’s NEXT!


@RizzIUP Kane wins w/ a kick to the head #WWE

@Miss_Dani_Baby Take it easy McIntyre you don’t want to lose your job

@txgirl0302 I don’t like Drew McIntyre but dammit I like his theme music.

It’s finally confirmed that “Thunderstruck” is one of the WrestleMania themes this year, though they said it’s off the Iron Man 2 soundtrack…

The Unified WWE Tag Team and United States Champion, The Miz is here with a microphone in his hand.  He can come to any show he wants because he’s one half of the Unified Tag Team Champions, yet he and The Big Show still don’t have a match at WrestleMania.  Miz asks Teddy Long to find ShoMiz a suitable tag team, so that they can prove they’re the most dominant team in the WWE.  Miz doesn’t care who it is, or whether or not he and The Big Show need to come back to SmackDown or not.  He just wants to have his WrestleMania moment, because he’s The Miz, and he’s AWESOME!  Teddy Long says he’ll take it under advisement.  Since Big Show isn’t here, they can’t do a tag team match, but The Miz is here, so we can have a singles match.  Miz says he’s not scared of anybody, bring it on.  Teddy Long announces that the match for later tonight will be The Miz taking on Edge!

Up next, it’s Shelton Benjamin in action as he takes on the Straight Edge Superstar, CM Punk in a Money In The Bank qualifier!


@AndorranRef25  The Miz is AWESOME! He’s come a LONG WAY since signing w/ #WWE. He has Personality and AWESOME promo skills. Miz Vs. Edge should be good.

@Rage_Grenade  @mikethemiz  looks like an AWESOME BEAST with those 3 Title Belts. #WWE  #Smackdown

@youdontknowmel  Miz vs edge?! Miz vs edge?! Dreams DO come true!! #wwe

Smack of the Night: Last year’s Money In The Bank match.

CM Punk is looking to three-peat in Money In The Bank matches, but first, he’s got to qualify.  He’s accompanied to the ring, of course, by the Straight Edge Society of Luke Gallows and Serena.  His opponent tonight is returning to SmackDown after spending a lot of time on ECW, and quite frankly…


Shelton Benjamin is back on SmackDown!

Shelton Benjamin def. CM Punk to qualify for the Money In The Bank Ladder Match.

Benjamin gets the early advantage in this one, and Punk bails from the ring to catch a breather.  When he gets back in, he takes over.  Benjamin starts to battle back, using his slight edge in quickness to his advantage, but Punk battles back.  Shelton fights off a bulldog attempt, and Gallows climbs up on the apron, distracting Benjamin.  Rey Mysterio pulls Gallows off the apron, distracting Punk, and Benjamin hits PayDirt for the victory!  Shelton Benjamin is going to WrestleMania!

Matt Striker says “A pessimist’s blood type is always B negative.”  I like that line.

Still to come, it’s Edge taking on The Miz!


@Kevin4theWin  So Shelton wins his MITB qualifier with help from Rey Mysterio. #WWE #Smackdown. They should have let Shelton win clean in my opinion.

@Narcissism100  My Straightedge Savior is here CM Punk far better than the Impure Shelton Benjamin. Accept StraightEdge into your life it will save u. #WWE

@wrestlingaddict  AWESOME!!!!!! Loving that Shelton won, Can’t have a MITB match without Shelton! But it should have been a CLEAN win! #WWE

RAW Rebound: John Cena is angry, but he’s going to WrestleMania to face Batista

We get a rundown of the WrestleMania card thusfar.  Pretty solid so far – John Cena vs. Batista, Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels, Chris Jericho vs. Edge…

Speaking of Edge…

You think you know me…

The number one contender for the World Heavyweight Champion is here and he’s set for action against the WWE United States Champion, The Miz!  SmackDown is about to get AWESOME!  The Miz makes his way out to the ring, and we head to a…


@Kevin4theWin  Hmm somehow I don’t see this Main Event lasting the full 18 mins. My guess they take a commercial break during Miz Intro #WWE #Smackdown

@iObscurity  My money’s on Edge. Jus’ sayin’.

@_onwiththeshow  @mikethemiz  holyshit, bro, you do cleveland proud. if we can’t have team titles, at least you can carry all those belts. (:

Edge def. The Miz

This is the first time EVER that Edge and The Miz are in the ring together.  Surprisingly, they start off by, y’know, actually wrestling.  Edge gets the better of the early exchanges, frustrating The Miz.  Edge starts playing mind games with The Miz, getting the United States Champion to chase him around, then catching him and slamming him spine first into the barricade on the outside.  Edge actually outquicks The Miz, but The Miz finally catches Edge, slamming him face first into the steel ring post and sending him crashing to the floor, and us crashing into…


@StevenPhilNYY  watching the end of Smackdown. Just me or does Edge look like he did when he broke into the WWE? Skinnier brood form #WWE #Smackdown

@guitardude83  Haha.SpearSpearSpearSpearSpear lmao that’s good stuff #wwe

@SESociety: #WWE has bigger and better plans for our savior.

The Miz is in control as we come back, wearing Edge down with submissions and strikes.  Miz climbs the ropes, but Edge catches him and flapjacks him into the canvas, turning the tide back into his favor as Daniel Bryan watches from backstage.  Edge nails the Edgecution for a two count.  Miz nails a combination backbreaker/reverse DDT for two.  He goes for the Skull Crushing Finale, but Edge reverses it into the Impaler DDT.  Edge backs into the corner and sets up for, then nails, the Spear, picking up the victory.

Edge celebrates as SmackDown goes off the air.

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