Teddy Long shows up in his limo and looks paranoid after what he did to The Undertaker this past Sunday at Breaking Point.  He surrounds himself with security and asks them to stick close to him.

The SmackDown video plays, and we’re on our way!

Batista is here.  Great.  He chose to be on SmackDown, and he can’t wait to get started.


Chris Jericho is here to save this segment.  He says Batista makes him sick.  He calls him an injury prone loser like Edge.  He tells Batista that Jericho is the true face of SmackDown, and that everybody knows it.  A lot has changed since Batista’s been gone, and he’s been gone a long time, and Jericho is now the man on this show.  Batista says to be the man, you’ve gotta beat the man.  He says they’ll have a chance to catch up, because tonight, Jericho has a match against Batista.  The Animal promptly hits a spinebuster on Jericho.

Jericho asks Big Show backstage where he was.  Big Show says that Jericho wanted to do it by himself.  Jericho says he’ll do it by himself and tells Show to wait backstage.  Show tells him to relax.

Still to come, an interview with Scott Armstrong.


Dolph Ziggler is sitting in on commentary, and the WWE Intercontinental Champion, John Morrison makes his way to the ring for action.  His opponent will be Mike Knox, who gives us a lesson on Restless Leg Syndrome.

John Morrison def. Mike Knox

SmackDown always has the best wrestling of the week.  This match, no exception.  Morrison picks up the win with the Starship Pain.

Morrison takes the mic after the match and he says he hopes Dolph had a good time playing footsie with Todd Grisham (who is awesome on the new SmackDown 10th Anniversary DVD).  He says does the Mr. Ziggles bit again, and it’s way less funny this week.  The fans aren’t getting behind it as much, either.

Todd Grisham and JR show us footage from Breaking Point.  Meaning, if you paid for it, you should be pissed off because they just showed the only important part of the whole show on free television.  Anyways, Josh Matthews asks Armstrong why he did what he did.  He says he answered to somebody in a position much higher than the one he’s at.  He was asked to do something he knew was wrong, and something he’s not proud of.  He makes no excuses, he did what he had to do to keep his job.


Batista vs. Chris Jericho will be our main event tonight, but for now, here’s somebody that Batista’s allegedly slept with, Melina!  Her opponent, the WWE Women’s Champion, Michelle McCool, limps to the ring.

Michelle McCool def. Melina

Justin Roberts did not announce this as a Triple Threat.  Anyhow, Michelle is aggressive in this one, but it’s not enough as Melina picks up the victory with a rolling powerbomb.

Teddy Long is backstage with his security force when Mr. McMahon walks in.  The Chairman excuses the security team and he wonders again where his picture was.  He enjoyed the surprise of Batista coming to SmackDown.  He doesn’t seem so impressed with what he came up with for Breaking Point.  He wants to know why T-Lo double crossed The Undertaker.  McMahon wants an explanation, and it’d better be the right one.  In fact, he owes the WWE Universe an answer.  He sends Long to the ring and tells him he’ll be waiting back in his office.  He asks if Long has any idea what The Undertaker is going to do to him.  Long heads to the ring.


Theodore Long is flanked by security as he heads to the ring to offer up an explanation as to why he screwed The Undertaker at Breaking Point.  Long welcomes Batista back to SmackDown.  He then admits that all of this was pre-planned.  It was pre-planned to prevent The Undertaker from becoming the World Heavyweight Champion.  Long isn’t going to say that he’s proud of what he did, because he’s not.  He’s not going to say that he’s not afraid of The Undertaker, because he is.  He knows that The Undertaker may show up here sometime tonight, which is why he’s surrounded himself with security.  He’s not the only one involved, Scott Armstrong and CM Punk were in on it too.  Long knows how he feels about this conspiracy, and he’d like to tell us why he did what he did.  You see, he’s got a family to take care of.  Times are tough, and he can’t let them down.  He’s too old to learn to do something new, so therefore, he’d like to apologize for his actions.  The crowd boos.  He says he’d like to apologize to the WWE Universe, and he’d like to apologize to each and every one of the fans.  He’d especially like to apologize to The Undertaker.  One last thing.  He hopes that The Undertaker can find it in his heart to forgive him.  Long leaves with his security in tow.

Backstage, the security team hears noises as they walk Long to his limo.  Long gets in and tells the drive he’s ready to go.  The doors lock, the privacy window rolls down, and The Undertaker says “Buckle up, Teddy” as smoke and lightning fill the back of the limo.

<COMMERCIAL BREAK> – if you’re in the Buffalo area, MyNetwork TV is giving away tickets to Monday Night RAW in a “watch and win” sweepstakes.  Yes, it’s possible to win – I won last week!

CM Punk, the World Heavyweight Champion is here, and he has a microphone.  He says, “I told you so.”  Punk says he’s the only man who ever made The Undertaker tap out.  Which isn’t true.  Watch the Angle/Undertaker match on the SmackDown DVD.  Punk admits he’s been preaching, because the people need a good preaching to.  He then goes on a tirade about drugs.  He calls everybody a liar, and says he’s a prophet, the choice of a new generation, a champion everybody can be proud of, the first and only straight edge World Heavyweight Champion in history.  If you’re not Straight Edge like Punk, that means he’s better than you.

Still to come, Batista vs. Chris Jericho!


The Great Khali vs. Kane is still to come, but right now, it’s Cryme Tyme.  Did I fall asleep and miss the good matches on SmackDown and wake up on Monday?  Their opponents are from Canada, which happens to be where SmackDown is, so they’re getting cheered – they’re the Hart Dynasty!

The Hart Dynasty vs. Cryme Tyme

I swear if the Harts lose tonight, I’m done with WWE.  Luckily, Kidd hit the Blockbuster on JTG and picked up the victory, so it hasn’t come to that.

Melina is looking trashy as ever backstage when she walks into the Divas locker room, which is plastered with pictures of Dolph Ziggler helping Michelle McCool last week.  Maria says she’s sure Dolph has a logical explanation and wonders why Melina wouldn’t come to her with this instead of plastering pictures all over the wall.  Melina tries to explain that she didn’t do it, but Maria walks away.

Still to come, Batista vs. Jericho, but up next, Kane vs. Khali.


The Great Khali is out first for this next abomination of a professional wrestling match.  Kane follows, and we’re underway.

Kane vs. The Great Khali

Kane knocked Khali out with a chair.

After the bell, Kane used the steel steps to completely destroy Khali’s knee.


WWE Smack of the Week: Drew McIntyre destroying R-Truth over the last few weeks.

Charlie Haas is on non-entrance jobber duty.  R-Truth’s music plays, but Drew McIntyre comes out instead.  He says R-Truth had an accident in the backstage area and can’t compete.  He declare Haas the winner by forfeit.  Haas shakes his hand, and then gets attacked and dropped with a double armed DDT.


Batista def. Chris Jericho

Jericho went for a Codebreaker but was caught and hit with a Batista Bomb for the win.

Backstage, Big Show says Batista got lucky, and that when he gets in the ring with him next week, his luck will run out.

Sorry for the lack of detail, guys, I got caught up in something else that I didn’t think would take as long as it has.  I’m hitting up an independent show tomorrow night, so I’ll be here to give you thoughts and pictures from that.  See you then!

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  1. The "Vince is angry about the screwjob" bit annoys me. I know that for so many people, Vince = ratings, but it honestly seems like he realized that "Smackdown" was better than RAW, so he decided that he had to become a regular player on "Smackdown."

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