Oh no! G has invaded again!! BOO!!! BOOOOOO-URNS!!!!!

This week I return to give PatMan a break and bring you some Stampede Classics… or something related to the Stampede Wrestling professional wrestling promotion from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. This week brings a famous Hart brother and an innovator of Mixed Martial Arts to a head… and in of all places…

In 1998, Fully Loaded: In Your House took place on July 26th in Fresno, California. Most of it, at least. One match did not take place there, however. You rarely see this in the modern era of wrestling, as this match was taped “live” elsewhere…

A special part of the history of Calgary’s wrestling legacy is a well known basement. “The Dungeon,” of course, was the training grounds for Stu Hart’s school. Naturally, it’s fame would follow this room all the way the then WWF in the form of a match between Ken Shamrock and Owen Hart w/ Dan Severn as special guest referee. This might be the coolest basement match to ever air on a Pay Per View event? Yeah, I think so.


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