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  1. “Impact” Impressions 6/30/11


    The grand and glorious GIFmaster G is rocking out to concerty goodness as we speak, so the burden of recapping this week’s “Impact” returns to your friendly neighborhood Drowgoddess. Huzzah? While I lack the technical prowess and Charles Barkley connections of my comrade, those things will be represented in this week’s “Smackdown” review. Let’s check out the brain-damagingly unintentional hilarity! Such as it is.


  2. Monday, Monday, Monday!

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    Have you ever had a plethora of unrelated thoughts bouncing around inside your brain-meat, refusing to go away until they are shared with others? I knew that you did. In the spirit of our very own legendary JT’s “Random Randomness” column, here are nine of mine. It almost rhymes, so it’s true. Yes, they’re much wordier than JT’s. (more…)