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  1. G invades a podcast? What?


    It’s a funny world. I found myself invited by a gentleman by the name of Dan from a place that no longer exists that podcasted with this here G about the “wrestlemans.” They are a noble crew indeed. So we decided to be smarks and whatnot and deliver something unique in the form of a… wax-cylinder recording. Podcast, if you will.

  2. WWE NXT 01/25/2011: Wait… What? Watchable?

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    It happened on WWE’s NXT program of all places. This FORCED me to rewind while having it on in the background…

    I’m not reviewing the whole show. What I am posting is a superb free-TV match of the new year thus far. It was a solid actual wrestling match. Yes. Like I just wrote… on NXT. We don’t even have a category for that show ’round these parts, fella.

    Note: none of the following involves Sheamus, unless you count the Royal Rumble highlight video promoting this weekend’s PPV.