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  1. WWE RAW results 8/1/11

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    Didn’t I just do SmackDown on Friday?  That’s right, fellow Bored Wrestling Fans, this is ThinkSoJoE covering for the one and only Aly Kat (who just turned 20 this past week, BTW) as she’s probably stuck at work.  Come to think of it, I’m stuck at work too!  Difference is, I can watch RAW while I’m here (though I’m not really supposed to).  Anyways, I’m excited at the prospect of covering tonight’s RAW as many experts are saying that this could be a very important night in one of the biggest storylines in recent memory.  A few folks have said WWE could screw the whole CM Punk thing up tonight, but every one of them, and myself, are hoping that they don’t.  Let’s see what happens!


  2. G invades a podcast? What?


    It’s a funny world. I found myself invited by a gentleman by the name of Dan from a place that no longer exists that podcasted with this here G about the “wrestlemans.” They are a noble crew indeed. So we decided to be smarks and whatnot and deliver something unique in the form of a… wax-cylinder recording. Podcast, if you will.