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  1. Original Stampede Wrestling Invades Taco or No Taco

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    On December 23rd, 2013, I had the humble opportunity to attend a Pop-Up Taqueria event described as an evening of “TACOS, BEER, BOURBON, HIP HOP, & LIVE LUCHADOR WRESTLING”. It was a collaborative effort between Original Stampede Wrestling and Taco or No Taco. DJ Tokyo was booked to kick out some old school funk and hip hop. When Doc Knight of OSW offered to get me into this completely sold out event, I booked off my night job because Christmas had just come early.


  2. WWE RAW 12/23/13 – RAW is CHRISTMAS. Yay.

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    I’m in a great mood and having a great night.  First the Buffalo Sabres win a game by shooting the puck down the pants of Phoenix Coyotes’ goaltender Mike Smith – literally.  Then my 49ers clinch a playoff spot by defeating the Atlanta Falcons.  Then I got to hang out with Jorge for a few as he dropped off a brand new copy of Kick-Ass on BluRay, replacing my lost DVD copy.  But now, I have to watch RAW.  CHRISTMAS RAW.  These are NEVER good.  EVER.  And the little bit I saw before I left for work isn’t exactly filling me with hope for this particular edition.  So, despite my better judgment, let’s go.


    I watch three hours of this crap so you can read it and pick what you think might be interesting to watch on the DVR later.  I should get paid for this.  It’s a terrible job sometimes.  


  3. BoredWrestlingFan Radio episode 105

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    This.  This is what happens when Joe actually prepares for a show.  Disaster strikes.  Jorge didn’t show up, and I accidentally leaned on something, which shut down the entire show for a few minutes, including our Ustream feed.  But that’s not to say the show was a total loss.  Joe, JT, G, and Mark discuss the TLC Pay-Per-View and get through the RAW recap before jumping into a discussion about all of the RAW guest hosts, and confusing Perez Hilton for Paris Hilton.  After the break, Doc Knight of Original Stampede Wrestling joins us to talk about upcoming events, including tomorrow night’s  super sold-out “Taco or No Taco” exhibition in Calgary.  A brief bit of BWF Theatre leads us into the news, where we debate whether AJ’s outburst at Michelle Beadle was real or scripted, who’s staying home while Madison Rayne returns to Europe with the TNA roster, and get Jake Roberts’ thoughts on Bray Wyatt.  Jimmy Hart talks WWE Legends House.  G confirms whether or not you’re allowed to say a certain word in Canada.  Find out why a Saudi Arabian journalist doesn’t want WWE or John Cena to come to his country.  And what has Mistico been up to since Hunico started playing Sin Cara on RAW?  All this and much more on a Christmas filled episode of BWF Radio!

    BoredWrestlingFan Radio Episode 105 (MP3, 2:12:30)

    Songs in today’s episode:

    “F*ck All This Christmas” by Stevie B.  Buy it here!
    “Hey Santa Claus” by Kevin Bloody Wilson.  Buy it here!
    “You Can’t Say C*nt In Canada” by Kevin Bloody Wilson.  Buy it here!
    “Run, Rudolph, Run” by Lemmy Kilmister, Billy F. Gibbons, & Dave Grohl.  Buy it here!

  4. Smackdown 12/20/13


    “It wasn’t supposed to be like this, Bryan! We could have been friends!” Crab Walk…. That was creepy. And so it begins… Mayor McCheese holds all of the titles with a side of french fries. When I last saw him, he only still had the soda, Mr. White. (P.S. Mr. Pink survived. Deal with it).

    Oh yeah, wrestling is on.

    Hopping time…


  5. Smackdown 07/13/12: Go Away Show.


    Hey, it IS Friday the 13th, too.

    Yes, it’s the “Go Home” show for Money in the Bank this Sunday on PPV. And the whole damn product revolves around one thing… not the laptop, nor the Smackdown GM getting his Christmas Wish granted with the ability to speak (even though he was over in December…. shh! We are supposed to forget that!).

    BWF RADIO INVADED WONDERPOD TODAY! CHECK THIS OUT NOW! Wonderpod Episode 118 A challenge has been issued, Jabronis! iTunes, archive.org, article and stream.

    Yes, one character seems to have taken over in a illogical way. No, not Double A (that’s the “good” product). We’re one year out from the “Summer of Punk II” shtick. Wow. This is not your Ten Year Old’s WWE. RIght Mr. Cena?

    Oh yeah, remember that Zach Ryder guy? No? Me neither, but it appears he is the GM for Smackdown. Turns out the computer is more popular in the WWE’s opinion. YAWN. Oh well, here’s the magical picture part of the review and the “hopping” reference:

    ‘Nuff said, let’s hop to it, shall we?


  6. Smackdown 12/23/11


    Tonight is the go-home show before the holiday weekend, and probably will be left in a holding pattern. Much to my chagrin, I work late on Friday, so I was not able to catch the ROH PPV tonight. Hopefully after the craziness of the holidays dies down next week, I’ll find a way to watch it. Until then, it’s time for Smackdown. Let’s hop to it, shall we?