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  1. Claire Lynch (Julia Reilly) Has An Interesting Day Job


    As news broke last week about the identity of the actress behind Claire Lynch (i.e. Julia Reilly), much of her demo reel, social media, and youtube videos have been taken down. While she’s been the focal point on TNA’s AJ Styles/Christopher Daniels feud, she’s a little more involved in the local area than previously known.

    It turns out there is much more to TNA and Julia Reilly in relation to Universal Studios. Or so it would seem. We can only speculate, as this is the internet after all. But I think you’re going to dig this suckah!

  2. WWE Over The Limit 2011 – predictions & results


    I’ve always said that BoredWrestlingFan.com is a site created by wrestling fans for wrestling fans. That’s absolutely true. We’re not “insiders.” We don’t work for any wrestling organization. We are normal people with jobs just like all of you, and sometimes real life gets in the way of our ability to meet deadlines here on BWF. Hence why you haven’t seen a RAW or SmackDown review for the last couple of weeks. That’s also the explanation for this article, for you see, we decided at the last minute to throw together a roundtable discussion for the WWE Over The Limit 2011 Pay Per View event, and I was supposed to post it. The problem is, I was busy all weekend, and at the point that I was going to post it, crazy stuff happened that prevented me from doing so. That’s irrelevant, anyhow, so let’s get started!