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  1. WWE Superstars

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    Match 1: Chris Masters and MVP w/Percy Watson vs The Dudebusters

    MVP picks up the win for his team after he hit the 305 on Caylen Croft.

    Match 2: Chavo Guerrero vs JTG

    Chavo gets a rare win with the Frog Splash.

    Match 3: Yoshi Tatsu vs Primo Colon

    Primo gets the win after he stole his brother’s finisher. 

    Main Event:  The Hart Dynasty vs The Uso’s

    The Hart Dynasty gets the win with the Hart Attack.  It was kinda cool looking.  The Hart Attack was on Jay, but Tyson Kidd saw Jimmy coming and drop kicked him at the same time.


  2. WWE Superstars Results

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    Match 1:  Primo Colon and Jillian vs Yoshi Tatsu and Gail Kim (Bella Twins are Special Guest Referees)

    Gail Kim rolls up Jillian with a very quick count by one of the Bella’s.

    Match 2: Zack Ryder vs Goldust

    Zack Ryder doesn’t wear the half pants tonight, but instead just goes with the trunks.  Ryder gets the win with the Ruff Ryder.

    Masterlock Challenge:  The Dudebusters

    First, Masters locked it on Croft, then he invited Baretta to take the challenge.  As Masters was about to lock it in on Baretta, Croft jumped in and The Dudebusters inflicted a little double team punishment on him.

    Main Event:  LayCool vs Tiffany and Kelly Kelly

    Really???  This is the main event?  Absolutely pathetic.  Layla gets the pin when Michelle McCool kicked Kelly Kelly in the face with the referee distracted by Tiffany.

  3. WWE Superstars

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    Happy Hallloween to all my Peeps!  Let’s get this thing started already.

    Match 1: Jack Swagger vs Primo

    Jack Swagger has yet to lose since he made the declaration that he would not lose for the rest of the year.  The match starts off with a wrestling exhibition by Swagger.  Primo’s quickness seems to trump Jack’s power, until Swagger catches him. Primo fights back with another quick burst, but Swagger’s strength proves to be too much for the younger Colon.  The All-American American gets the win with the Gutwrench Powerbomb.

    Ask the Divas segment….boooooooooo!

    Match 2:  Kelly Kelly vs Alicia Fox

    Kelly Kelly is hot!  Alicia Fox is not!  That’s really all that is important about this match.  Alicia Fox wins with the Ax Kick.

    Backstage:  Hart Dynasty and Mike Knox talking about their gameplan.

    Match 3:  Woo Woo Woo!  You know it!!!  Zack Ryder vs Tyler Reks

    I know my buddy RDLee hates him, but Zack Ryder is a star!  I originally wasn’t sold on him, but he has slowly grown on me.  He is, however, wearing some God awful silver boots for this match.  Tyler Reks needs to learn how to walk properly.  This was a back and forth match, where both guys got in offense, but Zack Ryder wins with the Zack Attack.

    Match 3:  Hart Dynasty and Mike Knox vs Cryme Tyme and R-Truth

    Hey WWE, segregate much???  It’s funny how the Hart Dynasty and R-Truth were hugging on Sunday, now they hate each other again.  Oh how brand warfare unites.  Kidd and JTG start things off.  Very even matchup until Knox gets the tag.  Knox then comes in and overpowers JTG.  JTG makes the tag to Shad and things even back up.  Knox tosses Shad to the outside, as they go to commercial.  When the match comes back on the air, Shad is fighting back and Knox makes the tag to David Hart Smith.  DH tags in Kidd for a quick kick to the back and Kidd tags in Knox for a back splash.  Shad makes the tag to Truth and Knox tags in Kidd.  Truth handles his business until Knox lands a big boot.  JTG clotheslines Knox over the ropes, DH gets the big boot on JTG and Truth tosses DH over the ropes.  Truth hits the Lie Detector for the win over Tyson Kidd. WHATS UP?!?!

    Have a safe Halloween and I’ll see you next week.  Peace!