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  1. SmackDown in Real-Time: 9/5/08

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    What’s up guys?  Tonight, Triple H takes on The Great Khali in a lumberjack match.  The lumberjacks?  Triple H’s Unforgiven Scramble opponents, The Brian Kendrick, Jeff Hardy, MVP, and Shelton Benjamin.  Speaking of, The Brian Kendrick and Jeff Hardy will be one on one for the first time ever, and Shelton Benjamin will take on MVP.  All this and more, airing RIGHT NOW on the CW!  You guys know how it goes, we do quick results up here on the main page, and detailed results after the jump.  Keep hitting refresh every so often for the latest results!

    Triple H promo erupts into a brawl featuring all five WWE Championship Scramble competitors and Ezekiel Jackson.  Triple H and Jeff Hardy stand tall.

    R-Truth def. Bam Neely via pinfall.

    Undertaker says he’ll send Vickie to hell to reunite with Edge.

    Shelton Benjamin def. MVP via pinfall.

    Maryse insults Maria backstage.

    Maryse def. Maria via pinfall.

    The Brian Kendrick def. Jeff Hardy via pinfall.

    Super Crazy def. Ryan Braddock via pinfall.

    Big Show challenges Vladimir Kozlov to a match, but it’s ordered to not happen by Vickie Guerrero.

    Vickie demands that The Undertaker apologize to her at Unforgiven.

    Brie Bella def. Victoria via pinfall.

    Triple H def. The Great Khali via pinfall in a Lumberjack Match.

    After the match, Jeff Hardy drops Triple H with a Twist of Fate and stands tall over the Champion as the show goes off the air.

    Detailed results after the jump! (more…)

  2. Saturday Night’s Main Event real-time!

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    Hooray, I finally get to watch a WWE show in HD!  Damned Time Warner Cable.  Anyways, same format as SmackDown usually is – quick results on the home page, full details after the jump…

    JBL, Kane, Ted DiBiase & Cody Rhodes def. Batista, John Cena, & Cryme Tyme

    The Great Khali def. Jimmy Wang Yang

    Edge def. Jeff Hardy after interference from MVP.

    Full report after the jump!


  3. SmackDown in Real-Time, 8/1/08

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    Hello, folks, and welcome to SmackDown in real-time!  As has become BWF Friday Night tradition, we’ll be posting quick results up here on the main page, with detailed results after the jump!

    MVP def. Jimmy Wang Yang
    After the match, Jeff Hardy hit MVP with a Twist of Fate

    Mr. Kennedy def. Shelton Benjamin in a non-title match.

    The Brian Kendrick def. Stevie Richards.

    The Great Khali def. Jeff Hardy

    Maria def. Victoria

    Big Show def. Domino

    Edge attacks Cutting Edge guest Mick Foley.