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  1. Things you must watch on the WWE Network – WWE’s ECW

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    The WWE Network launches in less than three weeks, and there is a wealth of programming available immediately after you pay your first $9.95.  Over the next few weeks, I will be giving you my personal picks of things to watch on demand on the Network.  Today, I’ll be focusing solely on WWE’s ECW.  Many people hated the product, considering it a bastardization of the Extreme Championship Wrestling we all knew and loved.  At the time, I had long since given up hope that the magic of the original would be captured full time, so my disappointment wasn’t as deep as it was for some.  In fact, the brand produced some great television, if sometimes for the wrong reasons.

    (We know that every single PPV on this list will be available.  Let’s assume for argument’s sake that the non-PPV stuff listed is on there as well.)


  2. BWF Radio 38

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    Shamrock’s latest victim

    Once again we’re back!  ThinkSoJoE, JT, G of the Internet, and returning to BWF Radio, our special guest Wrasslor Monkey discuss this week in professional wrestling!  Did Triple H retire on RAW?  Did the Gut Check Challenge competitor get his contract on IMPACT?  Did Damien Sandow avoid a physical confrontation with Sheamus?  (Answer:  No.)  Who is this man in the picture on the right side of this article (It’s a woman that Ken Shamrock beat up)?  What does Mark Out Man do outside of going to WWE shows?  Why did Kofi Kingston want to be called “Joey?”  The Cameron’s job death watch is on!  Who will be a part of the new unauthorized ECW DVD?  All this stuff and much more here on Bored Wrestling Fan Radio Episode 38!  (You can find our guest co-host, Wrasslor Monkey, at Wrestling With Text).

    Also, please stick around after the actual BWF Radio podcast and listen as Professor Salmon and Zwan bring us the Slam Jam!

    BoredWrestlingFan Radio Episode 38 (MP3, 2:30:36)

    Mark Out Man, as seen on RAW (also known as the Brock Lesnar Superfan) is on Twitter here.

    The Video Game Project, Pro Wrestling X: Uprising on can be found here.

    Finally, but not least, check out Al Creed’s latest 8-bit wrestling creation:

    Last Sunday marked the 1 year anniversary of Super Domino vs Great Power Uti in Nigeria! We didn’t talk about this on the show, but it’s still good to know. G and Pintnoir’s pick for best wrestling story of 2011

  3. BWF Radio Episode 33

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    Joe and G return for another edition of BWF Radio!  RAW 1000, IMPACT, SmackDown, and all the wrestling news for the week are in this episode.   Where’s Austin?  Who didn’t get used on RAW 1000?  What did Chyna have to say about DX?  Who is Roddy Piper fuming mad at?  Will there be a new nWo?  Will another company be able to launch an ECW wrestling product?  What happened to Alex Riley?  All this, and the Iron Sheik on the US Olympic team, this week on BoredWrestlingFan Radio!

    BoredWrestlingFan Radio Episode 33 (MP3, 2:10:06)

  4. iMPACT Wrestling – Road to Slammiversary


    Roode comes out. The cocky heel is eladed that in one week he will be the longest reigning TNA World Champion in the history of the company. He wants to throw a bash. So he calls out Hogan and gives him his list of demands

    What got me was Canadian confetti, where champions are made. I couldn’t stop laughing. Hogan playing the face GM tears up his demands and tells him that he will defend the title on Open Fight Night. So Hogan sets up some matches for tonight, Bully Ray vs RVD, Jeff Hardy vs Mr. Anderson, Samoa Joe vs Angle and a Battle Royal. After all that Hogan will pick the challenger for next week.

    That is a whole lot of matches for just one contender but Hogan is the face GM and impartial.

    First up is Bully Ray vs RVD which should make everyone nostalgic for ECW but that would be the wrong company. Bully Ray takes on Van Dam’s injured parts and pulls out a victory. I have a feeling one day that they will put the belt on Bully Ray and I would be fine with that.

    King Mo is coming to TNA and I’m late on that but yeah I saw the video and thought okay I could see that once he’s done healing his knee. Then I went online and saw that Brooke Hogan would be in charge of the knockouts in a backstage compacity? Because she has been involved in the business for ever like Garett so automatically she is given a job that would put her on TV more which since her dad has been on TNA she has made numerous blink and miss em appearances. But now she is directing the knockouts?! Where is Dutch (Mantel) when you need him.

    End rant. The mystery of who is Madison’s suitor is now on the mind of creative. She bails on Gail as she follows the scent of love. Then the Hooter’s girl and the would be porn star (had she not tried wrestling) Ms Tessmacher (former) and Velvet Sky (latter) confront Mrs (Recently got married and can’t remember the guys name) Gail and tell her she will be losing the title tonight. Yeah she should be so shaking in her boots.

    Then we have the Battle Royal, Austin Aries, AJ Styles, Gunner, Crimson, Eric Young, Garett Bishoff, Devon, Magnus, The Two Robbies  and ODB?! Make their way to the ring in what must surely be a farce. Crimson goes out with EY and ODB who clothesline him so hard that all THREE go out! So now Crimson is feuding with EY and ODB, Rob E takes out his partner Rob T before being thrown out by Devon who is soon taken out by Garett who he in turn is taken out by AJ. AJ, Gunner and Aries are left. Gunner throws out Aries but is taken out by AJ with a Samoan Drop. AJ wins as Madison during the course of the match is making Googley eyes at someone in the match. Money’s on Crimson. Because then it can be a mixxed tag team feud for the KO tag belts no one wants. YEAH! everyone’s a winner.

    AJ secret tryst with Dixie is furthered along when Daniels brings out some video of her and Styles going to a Hotel/Motel. I love heel Daniels and his “Bob Van Dam” name calling.

    Oh and Jeff Hardy beat Anderson. Highlights from past TNA PPV play Lockdown 2008, Genesis 2006 and so on.

    Gail beats Velvet and Tessmacher after Velvet hit “In your face” on Tessmacher but Kim stole the pin.

    Joe vs Angle, a good match but not up to par with Genesis 2006 Angle wins.

    Roode comes out to close the show while all the winners come out like lions circling a Gazelle.

    Next Week Open Fight Night, and a special announcement.

    Spoiler: iMPACT WRESTLING goes live on throughout the summer.

  5. Wrestling Classics: Gene Kiniski’s Final Match feat. Chris Jericho and Lance Storm: 20 Years Today

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    Twenty years ago today, on February 25th, 1992, Gene Kiniski’s final appearance in the ring occurred in Winnipeg, Canada for the West Four Wrestling Alliance (WFWA) promotion. Kiniski would perform in four matches on the card. The fourth, and final bout, was a three man tag team match with Kiniski’s partners being a young Chris Jericho and Lance Storm. Their opponents were “Bulldog” Bob Brown, “Champagne” Gerry Morrow, and The Natural. “The Natural” went on to be known as Don Callis (a.k.a. The Jackel and Cyrus).

    [youtube zhWKXbgpdIo]

  6. PatMan Picks Stampede Classics. Halloween special. Brian Pillman vs. Jason The Terrible !

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    Welcome back to another trip down Stampede Wrestling’ memory lane. This week I have a match specially picked out for Halloween viewing! First up its a young “Flying Brian Pillman”, who at this point in his career had only recently started training in the famous “dungeon” of the Hart family. Pillman would, of course, go on to the ECW and he would also later become tag champions with Steve Austin. Perhaps his biggest claim to fame was his WWF run as part of the Hart Foundation. Brian Pillman gained international success everywhere he went. Unfortunately, like so many other Stampede trained wrestlers, he was taken from this earth well before his time. His opponent was Jason The Terrible, a “supernatural” wrestling heel who’s character was based on the frightening Friday the 13th movie monster of the same name. Although intended to be an unstoppable heel, Jason would  ironically become a very popular  face in the Stampede promotion. No matter how hard promoters wanted this character to be an “evil heel” that the fans would fear and boo when he was in the ring,  Jason quickly became a fan favorite. In fact, the crowd soon started to love his horror character and bring in hockey masks of their own to show Jason! Fans started to cheer for the monster more than they did the faces that he wrestled against. In other words, Jason The Terrible would become one of the first  true “anti-heros” in the business and as Bruce Hart put it “was well on his way to wrestling stardom”. Jason even became tag partners with one of the terratories biggest faces of all time, Owen Hart. Unfortunately,  the original Jason The Terrible was involved in a car accident which injured the man behind the mask and put an end to his career. After the original Jason was forced to stop competing in Stampede, there have been other men who wrestled behind the Jason Mask in other territories, but it is THIS Jason that I will always be  fond of. Have a fun Halloween wrestling fans, and dont forget to check out www.wonderpodonline.com for more Patman picks and also wonderpod video game podcast episode 86 !

    [youtube 1vMDRtMCftE]

  7. Raw Is After Vengeance 10-24-11


    Vengeance is in the books. Off the top of my head, it was a really good pay-per-view. If I had spent my money (I saw it in a bar where I do a pre-game show, so I was not charged for it.), I would have been pleased with the purchase. The worst part of the night was our service, but that is not typical, so you take it as it comes. Vengeance had some really good matches. Cena-ADR was a total (good) brawl. Henry-Show was a pretty good match (Even though the ring collapsing will never touch Taz-Bam Bam Bigelow in ECW). Sheamus-Christian, Orton-Rhodes, were pretty good matches for the hype behind them. Even Eve-Beth wasn’t painful.

    So coming next is Survivor Series. Now begins the build-up. They begin to recap the PPV. The ring collapsing was of course the first thing mentioned. And the second was Kevin Nash. Eve Torres had more people talking than Kevin Nash. HHH comes out to the ring likes it’s still 2004 and gets to be the center of attention. Why not? The ring collapsed back then, too. HHH does the same promo he’s done since ’04. He calls out Kevin Nash and is interrupted by the only guy I want to see less, Super Dave Osborne. HHH follows Super Dave up to the ramp and is attacked by Kevin Nash holding a sledgehammer. They did a nice job of selling the sledgehammer. If you get hit with one, your only television appearances for the next two weeks should be in a hospital bed.

    No matter how bad Raw is, it can be as bad as the Adam Sandler in drag movie.

    Cole and Lawler sold the sledgehammer hit very well. They are trying to make these mean something again.

    Our first match is Orton & Sheamus vs. Christian & Rhodes. Sheamus is really catapulting upwards. I think he might replace Kofi as my favorite wrestler in the WWE. These four know each other well in the ring and worked very well together. Sheamus got the pin and looks like he gets Mark Henry next. Good bout for the first match.

    Backstage, Super Dave is talking to Stephanie. This is how bad it is. I would rather see Stephanie on tv than Johnny Ace. John Cena sees Otunga and makes a Carlton Fresh Prince joke. If it didn’t sound scripted, I would forgive him for at least one poop joke.

    Santino got squashed by Dolph Ziggler. After Jack Swagger put him in the Ankle Lock Submission, the Walking Wellness Violation Mason Ryan comes out to his rescue. In case you were curious about what roid rage looks like, go back and watch this segment.

    After the commercial break, we have the younger Gomez Addams in the ring introducing Alberto Del Rio. Alberto Del Rio will be champ for a long time. Then CM Punk’s music hits. Then Super Dave interfered. Punk went over his mic skills. Then he mocked Ace’s “majestic voice” and asked him if he needed a new skateboard. Punk wants a title shot. All he had to do is say is he respected Ace.

    “I respect you, Funk-man.”

    -CM Punk in a deep Brian Pillman-like voice making reference to this

    Punk said that he respected Ace for doing more with less. Ace doesn’t want Punk as champion. 1997 called. They wanted their angle back.

    We got Nattie-Alicia Fox. Alicia actually beat Nattie. That was unpredictable.

    The John Morrison Future Endeavored Tour continued against Wade Barrett. John Morrison will have a nice career in AAA. It was just kind of a formality. I have no emotional investment in any more of Morrison’s matches. I’m just biding time until the next match. At least the Divas match had a surprise.

    Does Vince believe Jim Ross deserves ANY dignity? Michael Cole will quit if he loses the announcer’s challenge. Well, I guess we know who’ll win it.

    Miz & Truth attacked Zack Ryder and then cut a really good promo. After the commercial, we find out it’ll be a handicap match. I still have Walking Dead on DVR that needs to be watched. Hell, I’d rather watch Dirty Soap with my wife than this main event. I paid no attention to this match because the WWE Creative Team didn’t either.

    You want good wrestling? Go here if you’re in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Go here to get a good cross-section of indy wrestling no matter where you are. And no matter who you are or where you are, go here. Cause you’re not getting it here with the WWE.

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  8. Not so Incredible

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    There is a topic that I need to talk about, but I will start by talking about something not so incredible. Raw last night was pretty bad. It was centered around somebody who wasn’t a major character-The Rock. All it does is show the wrestling world how little they have in John Cena. There were some good moments. Kharma (“Awesome Kong”) is money for the WWE if they do it right. The feud is ready-made with her and Kelly Kelly. And while I still think of Kelly Kelly as the girl who couldn’t unhook her bra on the first ECW on Sci-Fi show, it should be a really strong feud. Mason Ryan (“Matista”) looked like a million bucks last night. I see him being money; just don’t ask him to take a piss test. Great Khali in the tooth fairy outfit was awesome. This is entertainment. If you want to see pure wrestling, go find Ring of Honor, Dragon Gate USA or some other promotion.

    I hated the show centering around The Rock’s birthday. While I did like the VKM, appearance, the rest of the celebrities were just WWE getting to brag they were on their show. (And I hate to say it, but with the exception of Ellen, none of them were funny.) I hated the finish of the Miz/Cena match. The Pied Piper needs to come along and take all the Cena fans somewhere so we can get him off our tv. And I hated the WWE doing their 9/13 retrospective. At least they didn’t show Stephanie comparing 9/11 to when her dad got indicted for steroids.

    The more and more I think about it, the Raw wasn’t horrible, it just wasn’t “incredible.”

    Now onto the meat of my rant: Dallas/Fort Worth has a lot of good wrestling promotions. I enjoy going to MPX. I know there’s LWA, NAWA, TWE, CWF, (Sorry if I forgot anybody) and the victim of today’s rant, Pro Wrestling Onslaught. I really wish I could go to all of them, but I have a wife and 2-year-old daughter. I can get my wife to do an MPX show once in a while (and the Christian Wrestling Federation once when AJ Styles worked), but I seriously thought about going to PWO. I casually know some of the guys who work there. My mother who is a teacher has worked really hard this year, and we love going to wrestling together, and I thought about taking her to celebrate all the work she’s put in this year. My mom and I used to go to indy wrestling together back in the day, so it was kind of a no-brainer.

    You see, PWO was advertising the former Portuguese Man-o-War, Justin Credible. I’m a total ECW mark. So here was one of the main eventers in ECW’s dying days. Hello, why not? I found my Justin Credible action figure (yes, I still have all my olf ECW action figures). People I respect in the industry said it was a really well-run show. I was ready to go.

    Then life happened. Work was brutal, and I just needed to rest after the week that had been. My grandfather was injured and my mom needed to take care of him. My daughter suffered a concussion, and we spent most of Saturday in the hospital. (Thanks to Joe for his well-wishes for my daughter.) I felt really bad about not going.

    Well, it turns out I’m not the only one who didn’t show up. The namesake of the show, Justin Credible, didn’t show up. I don’t know why he didn’t. I was not privy to the conversations or the details of his life. What I know is that according to the wrestlers that worked that night, he no-showed. It’s one thing for a wrestler to cancel at the last minute. While not optimal, it’s still good business to notify them through some method somehow. There’s emails, phone calls, text messages, the list goes on. It’s 2011. You have no excuse for no-showing.

    So fans, understand, if you see Justin Credible advertised, understand that there is a distinct possibility you won’t see him that night. Fans, promoters, wrestlers, take this into consideration before you book Justin Credible.

    Kudos should still be given to PWO. I heard that they had a strong main event nonetheless and brought home a very solid show.

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