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  1. BWF Radio 10: Pintnoir and G form the Wolfpack

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    It’s Sunday, and you know that means it’s time for another installment of Bored Wrestling Fan Radio. This week was a little different than our regular format. ThinkSoJoE was kidnapped, and duct-taped to a chair by Stone Cold Steve Austin, J.T. tore his quad walking across the ring, and DrowGoddess turned face in Toronto facing the Rock. Since Vince McMahon never bothered to ressurect the Wolfpack, Pintnoir and myself did one better. We made the show happen. I’m not sure which of us is Sting or Scott Steiner, but I assure you, neither of us are Buff Bagwell.

    This week we discussed the results of the Royal Rumble, RAW, Impact Wrestling, and Smackdown. We took time to focus on the little things while going through the results, addressing some issues that have bothered or pleased us during the week.

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    See, even when things are not planned, even YOU can record a podcast. Therefore:

  2. I shouldn’t oversleep on Tuesdays

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    I overslept last night, and decided “ah, screw it, I’ll just fake my way through an ECW on SciFi review this week.”  I really wish I hadn’t, because I just can’t do it justice, given that this happened:

    That’s right, kiddies, the Instant Classic, Captain Charisma, Christian has returned to the WWE!  While I’m disappointed that he’s a face on ECW rather than a heel on SmackDown, it’s still exciting to watch!

    I also missed The Miz defeating Tommy Dreamer, Tyson Kidd, who trained in the Hart family Dungeon, debuted with Natalya by his side and defeated local boy Bao Nguyen, and Christian defeating Jack Swagger with help from Finlay and Hornswoggle.

    From now on, I run all my errands on Wednesdays so I can get to sleep earlier and wake up in time for ECW!

  3. SmackDown in Real Time, 9/19/08

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    Tonight on SmackDown, Jeff Hardy takes on The Brian Kendrick, Triple H takes on MVP, and Vickie Guerrero is expecting her apology from The Undertaker.  All this and more, tonight!  You guys know how it works by now, quick results up here, details after the jump, so stick around, Friday Night SmackDown is on the air right now!

    Michelle McCool def. Maryse to retain the WWE Divas Championship.

    Festus vs. Ryan Braddock ended in a no contest when Jesse and Festus wrapped Braddock in duct tape and bubble wrap and wheeled him out of the arena.

    R-Truth def. Shelton Benjamin.

    Jeff Hardy def. The Brian Kendrick.  After the match, Vladimir Kozlov lays Hardy out at the top of the ramp.

    Carlito’s Cabana with special guest Primo.  They challenge Hawkins and Ryder to a tag title match, which is accepted for next week.

    The Great Khali destroyed Scotty Goldman.

    Triple H def. MVP.

    Full details after the jump! (more…)